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To kick off Part 2 of our NAIAS coverage we’ll begin with Hyundai’s new Genesis Coupe. Although much of the recent spotlight has been on a different FR platform – namely the Toyota 86 – the toughened up Genesis Coupe grabbed plenty of attention in Detroit. The new Genesis Coupe will be offered in 2.0 litre turbo and V6 variations, with the latter outputting a considerable 348hp.

It’s quite evident that Hyundai are targeting car enthusiasts with their new line-up, as they also unveiled a Veloster Turbo. Using a twin scroll turbocharger it will produce 201hp, and the 6-speed manual model is significantly lighter than the Civic Si and Golf GTI at just 2800lbs. Hyundai claim a quarter mile of 14 seconds flat. Matte finish paint will also be available.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Shelby will produce a commemorative run of GTS, GT350 and GT500 models. Each is limited to 100 units, available in either black or white with gold striping and a host of exclusive touches.

The production model of the Scion FR-S was on show alongside Ken Gushi’s drift version.

Toyota also displayed the NS4 Concept. Standing for ‘new sedan four door’, the hybrid powered NS4 will be independent to the Prius family. Both the nose and roofline feature some interesting design elements.

The Dart name makes a return to Dodge’s line-up, and will be available with a 1.4-litre turbo or 2.4-litre NA producing 184hp.

Honda also took the covers off an interesting concept: the Accord coupe.

Maserati will soon be joining the luxury SUV segment with the Kubang, although a new name is likely when it moves into production.

Production will be in Detroit as it shares the same platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Maserati have been toying with SUV concepts since 2003, when they debuted the first Kubang.

In amongst all of the cars was the Falcon F7. Dubbed the ‘American made exotic’, the F7 is built by Mach7 Motorsports, who are also known for their aftermarket aero for Dodge Vipers. It’s claimed to cover the standing quarter in 10.9 seconds, thanks to 620hp and a scant weight of 2785 pounds.

– Charles Kha

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that F7 looks pretty darn sick!!! America really do need a new supercar....!

and im sure that the Dodge Dart looks exactly the same as the new MG6....(


moar details on GenCoupe. and Veloster?


The new Genesis looks really bad in my opinion. Argh I wish they just kept the styling of the original with sutble touches. The turbo Veloster on the other hand :)


The hyundai Genesis looks like a Scion FR-S


Seeing the dart concept makes me wish that chrysler/dodge had just accepted bankruptcy. Their new cars seem so 'plasticky' and hollow. Making that car would butcher the darts' heritage and pride IMO.


More on the Falcon F7 for the next post? More info is definitely needed on that awesome looking super car


1800 lbs for the Velostar? That must be a misprint.


Man.....the new Genesis is hideous. What were they thinking at Hyundai?


tho thumbs up for the F7, not bad Maserati looking good.not a big fan of the new genesis.


Why are moat car companies imitating the GT-R's front bumper?


@alfred. audi actually started that stupid trend of the black bumper piece inside the grill...


The Genesis got fugly... Also, the Dart should have just been called the Neon again. It looks and will probably perform like a Neon anyway,


IMO, why are car companies copying one another? Seem like that Honda accord look more like a Ford on the front.

That F7 should be what the new NSX SHOULD look like! Jusayin.


More on the Accord coupe, Genesis and Shelbys please


The most interesting american car?

Chevrolet Tru 140S.


The Kubang SUV... a $100,000 Jeep that looks like a Nissan Murano... Sign me up, lol


Sadly the Accord Coupe is anything BUT interesting. Honda styling has really skirted on boring.


Dart really? Hm...smh

Where's the 2 door charger?


Even though Hyundai has (very) risky styling, I commend them for actually trying to make fun cars..... Dodge would you please take note or go away K thnx.


just what dodge needs to escape the mistakes of the past - another neon


The original Dart was an economy car for its time. It's OK that they revived it this way, and it will be much better than any of the crap that Chrysler has been making since... forever. It's based on an Alfa Romeo, which is good.

The Kubang is very gay, though.


I totally agree, the Dart is just a 2013 Neon. If this is how Chrysler is gonna perform, they really should accept bankruptcy, since the cars they make now are copies of another, and they fail to recognize when they actually have a good idea, like the new Challenger. The old Dodge Dart Swinger was my dad's first car, and I'm sure if he found it, and simply restored it to driveable condition it would CRUSH this thing, totally not worthy of the Dart moniker. New Genesis coupe looks like turd but the Veloster has been sexy from day one...and in MATTE PAINT? The only companies I see offering that are Lambo and Ferrari, nice move Hyundai. As far as the Falcon F7...thing's got 'American' written all over it. Looks great from the front, but someone clearly got lazy at the rear near the engine bay and the tails look like re-engineered Vette lights, plus the space in between just has mesh and some exhaust tips. Looking like most American things these days, half-assed designs with not much thought given to how the end result would look, or scrapping really good ideas for retarded, "cost-efficient" ones. Looks like just another glorified kit car to me. You want a REAL American idea? Check out the Revenge Verde, now THAT'S my idea of an American supercar, being that it actually looks like one, straight out of a Hot Wheels box, I love it. I will say this for the F7 though, the thing looks like it came straight out of a Burnout video game. So it gets SOME kudos. SOME.



No thanks, I'll be buying used.


is there a North American release date for the Veloster Turbo ?