Gallery>> North American International Auto Show Pt.1

Detroit is abuzz today with the world’s press descending on the North American International Auto Show for the Media Preview. One of largest car shows in the U.S., the event officially opens its doors to the public this Saturday.

This year’s NAIAS sees an interesting mix of concepts and new cars breaking cover.

Mercedes-Benz debuted the new SL, which features an almost all aluminum body. Slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, the new SL will be powered by bi-turn 4.6l V8 producing 429hp.

Smart consept

A new addition to the Smart Car line-up is the Smart-For-Us.

Audi showed off the latest S4…

…While Bentley gave the Continental GT V8 its world debut.

Red Bentley Continental GT V8

Featuring a new 4 litre V8, the AWD Continental covers 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds.

Here GM’s Mark Reuss presents the Chevrolet Code 130R. It’s apparently inspired by the classic Datsun 510 and BMW 2002, and is powered by a turbocharged 1.4 litre motor.

Back in August Porsche unveiled its new 991 generation, and in Detroit they took the covers off the Cabriolet version.

Volkswagen E-Bugster Consept

The E-Bugster is an interesting concept from Volkswagen. Featuring a distinctive chop top roof, it is fully electric with an 80% recharge taking only 30 minutes.

Like most manufacturers, BMW focused on hybrid technology, with their ActiveHybrid 3 and ActiveHybrid 5 line-ups as their main focus.

Green Camaro Inspired by hot wheels 1968

You may remember this green chrome Camaro from SEMA, which is based on one of the original 1968 Hot Wheels cars.

The sixth model in Mini’s range will be the Roadster, which will include a John Cooper Works version producing 208hp.

Lexus LF-LC Consept

The Lexus LF-LC styling has drawn mixed reactions. What’s your thoughts on Lexus’ latest concept?

Acura displayed three new vehicles, all in silver. These included the ILX Concept (above), the new RDX SUV…

Acura NSX consept

…And one of the most anticipated reveals, the Acura NSX concept. It will be built in Ohio, with a production version expected in three years. It will feature an evolution of the SH-AWD system and will be powered by a direct injection V6 and a hybrid motor.

– Charles Kha

Photos by NAIAS

North American International Auto Show



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Finally, something good from Ohio.


I don't really understand what's wrong with people's taste.

In a car market in which designing means copying others ideas, the fresh design language of the LF-LC is getting everyone's critics and complains, as if they expected MORE.

Seriously, what do YOU know about designing a car?

What will it look like?

What is your personal idea of creating something?

I'll tell you one.

Todays people can't judge beauty cause they don't know what they want, don't have a clue of what they are criticizing and most of all they are boring.

No one noticed how annoying is the NSX concept: it will get old before they are able to sell it.

And that front end...come on how in hell can't you see it's screaming MAZDA!


The nsx looks good...with the exception of that Acura-esque grill


The NSX concept's proportion does look like the HSV-010, why not just tweak the front end of the HSV some and call it NSX? instead of making it looks like a Mazda??


The old NSX looks so much better imo. I just hope they bring out a Honda version which does not feature the Acura angled-plate grille.


Ugly cars EVERYWHERE. The LF-LC is the only decent looking car there.


Just to clarify, design for the Acura brand is done here in Southern California and the engineering will be in Ohio.



I Love How The Acura NSX Looks,Also With The Lexus LF-LC


The NSX concept looks to have stolen plenty of lines from the Audi R8


Not digging the NSX concept. Wish it resembled the original, wasn't AWD, or a hybrid.


Just a small correction: The new Audi is the A4 (S4 to be exact) not the A6. But since they look exactly the same, you're forgiven!


I guess the colors of this year are red and silver! Yet again, a Smart that looks incredibly stupid! And I'm so happy to work for Audi right now; can't WAIT to drive the new S6, S7, S8, and RS5 when they arrive!


I was hoping the nsx to be an evolution of the original. A lightweight rwd pure supercar. Not and heavy awd hybrid, no matter how good it looks (other than the grill and lights) it is not an nsx for me


What is with the chevy chopped top?

I like the idea of chevy getting back into the market that the solstice left. The reason that the imports do great for support is the aftermarket. If an aftermarket was put behind some of these cars they would do amazing.

To the NSX get a new front end. I have hated Acura's "signature" front end from the beginning. It is like they were lazy by putting that wide strip up there. The NSX was amazing as a first generation and still has a great following, don't mess it up.

The new Lexus design, I understand it is a concept, but The grill in the silver isn't doing it any good, and the front grille design (silhouette) needs to be modified some. More pictures would give me a better idea of what I think, but it follows as another "LF" car by the body. It is clearly evident.


ehh...the NSX. i guess it LOOKS good, though

I'll miss the NSX that was still produced by Honda, made back in its homeland, fueled with a gasoline heart, and powered by only the rear wheels...:l


nsx...ABOUT TIME....thanx honda

maybe a 91 nsx will become affordable now


V6, direct injected, vtec, + honda engineering


Lame cars from chevy, as usual....


AWD V6 NSX?!? I was hopin for a RWD V8 NSX :(


um...diggin the 'CODE 130R'...=D


I like the direction lexus is going. radical styles will produce more aggressive cars for their lineup. Good job lexus!


Curious about this Chevrolet 130r......


Dont half mind the NSX, but te grille looks a bit too much like an Accord. This may be a hangover from Acura's usual 'sensible' styling. Hopefully the Euro model is a tad more aggressive. Absoloutley love it otherwise.


You better put some more information on the Code 130R. Like how it is RWD. Seems like GM is trying to go against the FRS, and BRZ.


The LF-LC is just ugly as hell. That grill is atrocious, farrrrr worse than the Acura beak on the NSX. The mirrors also look bolted on half assedly and the lines are not flowing like the LF-A in the front


The all wheel drive might not have that bad to put up with, but hybrid in a NSX? really? That would be just like making the new 86 hybrid too


nsx looks good but wish it looked a little like the previous one instead of changing drastically and dont like that it will have a hybrid motor thats gay


i dont care what people say about the LF-LC...its freaking gorgeous, heres hoping it doesnt turn out like the FRS in terms of "toning down" for production


That's so sad how the future will looks like :(

I wanna stuck on this what we have got now!


the nsx just made me throw up a little


I think Acura is heading in the right direction. I don't like the beak and they obviously aren't going to get rid of it, but at least they are toning it down somewhat. The ILX looks fantastic in comparison to the current TL in terms of design. It is much closer to the RL which is a much better looking car. I was worried that they would try to make the NSX fit into their current design scheme but it seems like if you use the ILX as an example, they are going to be changing their current scheme to fit the style of the NSX. I'm sure the front end is going to get a major revision before it hits production, if it ever does.


Don't get me wrong the nsx concept is good looking but I just they made it look like I can be and nsx ya know


You better put some more information on the Code 130R. Like how it is RWD. Seems like GM is trying to go against the FRS, and BRZ.


You better put some more information on the Code 130R. Like how it is RWD. Seems like GM is trying to go against the FRS, and BRZ.


Poor design on the NSX concept. Very disappointed. IMO that looks..... eminently forgettable.

The orignal NSX has become a legend, and Honda must honour that by making it's successor every bit as ground-breaking in its design as the original, with a pure race-bred chassis, engine and power plant.

Should NOT be a hybrid; should be pure race car. IMO should be RWD V8 or V10.

Should NOT look like a Mazda at the front. Should NOT look like an R8 at the mid and rear. SHOULD develop in form from the styling of the HSV.

It's not hard to get it right, Honda. C'mon, you've been in the game long enough and have the brains and funds, so sort it out, us fans that have been waiting for so so long for a real NSX Mark II deserve a lot more than anything even partly resembling that..... epitome of bland design that is the above concept.

Please. You can do better.


Euro's rule!


@ St. Anne, what about Joe Walsh?


@ St. Anne, what about Joe Walsh?


the lf-lc is on the right track , it just needs a few aesthetics changes ! 3 out 5 stars


the new LF-LC is awsome!!!


the nsx sounds like it will be awesome...woulda prefered it to be rwd though! oh well,.


I sling Audi's...I like the current S4 design more. I Never liked the GM design architecture. "Art and Science" my ass, the Camaro looked like a blown up hotwheels car-immature. I've loved the Bentley Continental since I saw it parked at a Audi dealership for cold weather testing in Boulder Colorado in 2003 BUT SH*T GET A NEW DESIGN ITS BEEN ALMOST 10 YEARS! NOT COOL! I usually hate on Hondas n thought the new NSX would suck much like the last but I can't wait for this new one...


NSX doesn't look like NSX at all


that new lexus concept looked soo nice from the side....but now that ive saw its not so sure!

and is it me or is everyone starting to copy each other..... 'Code 130R' - BRZ/FRs

the headlights on the new SL (which are fugly!) - the audi headlights ( like the 2009 A3)

ugh some compaines are being to get a bit dry in design.....


Acura NSX concept is a shameful disappointment.

Acura should have kept it the mid engine rear wheel drive platform and stylized it very similarly to the HSV. it's nothing like the legendary NSX they are attempting to pay homage to. Aryton Senna is probably turning in his grave.


A interesting trend I notice is that practically everything needs a utterly huge grill. The faces of these cars have more wrinkles than a centenarian! I think that most automakers are focusing way too much on the styling of the front of the cars in a so called search for brand identity. Some manufacturers always had a stylistically defining grille, such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, and Bugatti. It seems other automakers are needlessly trying to copy that, often with bad results across the board. The corporate grill is one of the major failings of modern automotive design as it limits designers visions and ability to make the entire exterior design work. I say down with the corporate grille, and work on styling on a car by car basis.


I hope and pray that GM is taking that 130R seriously. That is a beautiful concept.


honda is WAAAAAAY behind in the supercar realm.


front grill on the lf-lc is a little too much besides that looking good. more pics of the nsx pleas


It seems Honda is not up to par with the rest of the auto industries, when it come to new design. Not digging any of the new Honda/Acura.


i like the idea of the 130r it looks pretty good and if they focus the look of the entire car to match the car's front end ide love it.


That code 130R is awesome. Not my favorite looking. But RWD, ~$25k, and a turbo.

No pictures of the Tru 140S concept?


Lol @ truhidden's comment. With a new NSX coming out maybe I can afford an older one now! Love the Lexus' design. When a manufacturer makes a bland mashup of current trends we complain. Now Lexus has gone its own way making a truly cutting edge design and we still complain. -_-


To kick off Part 2 of our NAIAS coverage we'll begin with Hyundai's new Genesis Coupe. Although


I love Honda but the NSX is a huge disappointment. Hybrid? That's stupid. AWD? That's stupid. It doesn't even look that good honestly. Honda/Acura used to make good cars. Looks like I'll be saying that for a long time.


I love the grill on the Smart-For-Us, it's really well integrated into the car. The LF-LC looks killer in my opinion, though I wish the grill weren't so large. As for the NSX Concept, I think it is too far in the angular, sleek, concept stage to really catch my eye, a little more refinement and I'll be sold though.


what the hell was mercedes thinking when they styled the new sl ? disgusting ! it looks like the new slk. dissapointed.. and the new hundai genesis coupe is another mistake. the original looks wayy better.. what are these manufactures thinking ? do they not have eyes? or are they running out of ideas.


what the hell was mercedes thinking when they styled the new sl ? disgusting ! it looks like the new slk. dissapointed.. and the new hundai genesis coupe is another mistake. the original looks wayy better.. what are these manufactures thinking ? do they not have eyes? or are they running out of ideas.


so many good looking cars coming out. I like that :)


Have to say to giuseppe that yes, nsx concept is.. , well boring, but in this case i dont think it will in any angle looks like that when they release it, I think this mazdahondaacura audiR8 concept is just one way to keep people exited about future models and especially NSX. And what comes to Lexus concept i think they are in right path:)