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Sometime during 2012, we will clock our 2.5 millionth mile traveled for the sake of Speedhunting. That’s the equivalent of flying around the world 100 times.

Last week we tallied up some stats, and it spat out some interesting numbers. In 2011, the team racked up 1500 miles every day.

As each week went by, our photo archives increased by five terabytes.

During the past year, our camera shutters blinked 559,896 times.

And all of that was done to keep you in touch with car cultures from around the world.

There have been some subtle shifts in our editorial direction over the past 12 months. We increased our emphasis on taking you behind closed doors.

We scoured the earth for rare or unusual findings…

…And cranked up our car features and spotlights.

We brought you many special features, like the 20 Things to Do Before You Die

…Did some left field things…

…And took our cameras to a wider variety of events.

We assembled panels to discuss the topics important to all of us…

…And sat down with others for one on ones.

That’s just a small sampling of last year’s 2061 posts. And looking forward, this year is even more promising.

We have some exciting things planned for the next 12 months as we delve deeper and explore the car world. It’s all hush hush at the moment, but we’ll be revealing more in the coming weeks.

For now, let’s open our January chapter.

Today is, of course, the start of our S-Chassis Festival, where we celebrate one of Nissan’s most popular platforms.

There’s always a buzz around the industry as Tokyo Auto Salon draws closer.

However this year’s TAS has a certain type of ferver that’s only seen when a new car is released. In previous years it’s been the Z33, the R35 and even the ZF1.

Will this year’s star attraction be the Toyota 86? Already there are various rumours on what the Japanese aftermarket have in store for the 86/BR-Z, and we’ll have Dino on hand to grab all the scoops.

Our Tokyo Auto Salon coverage wouldn’t be complete without a look through the endless parking lots that surround the Makuhari Messe. And usually it’s here that you uncover some real gems.

Of course, I don’t think our readers would forgive us if we missed the HKS Premium Day. Held at Fuji Speedway, this mega event sees some of Japan’s greatest demo cars pushed to their limits.

Mike Garrett, the original Auto Otaku, will also be making a short trip to Japan.

Mike will be making a beeline for the JCCA New Year meeting…

…So you can expect some Japanese classics to be heading to your browser.

Before jetting out of the States, Mike will be bringing you an insider’s look at Canepa Design.

With almost 30 years of experience, this amazing facility caters for race cars, classics, exotics and everything in between.

Along with the enormous shop floor, we’ll also take you through Canepa’s jaw dropping museum.

Over in Europe our team is gearing up for Autosport International.

As Europe’s largest motorsports show, Autosport International covers a broad spectrum of racing genres…

…And will have a special Ayrton Senna tribute, with a selection of his former race cars on display.

Along with a selection of car features, we’ll shine the spotlight on this mint IMSA 240Z…

…As well as this genuine Ford GT40.

Here’s to 2012!

– Charles Kha



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Is that 5TB a week for 52 weeks? cause thats HUUUUGE!!


Thank you!!! Keep it up! Amazing work.


Keep it up!! You all are the shiz and my reason for coming to work!!


Thank you for everything! Keep up the amazing work. You guys deserve all the best in 2012! Here's to YOU!


Damn I love speedhunters! I am one of your readers from Indonesia..


some seriously impressive numbers there!!!!

and im not the only one that says keep up the good work guys!!

and your not joking about '...And will have a special Ayrton Senna tribute, with a selection of his former race cars on display.' at autosport??!



Speedhunters globetrotting in 2011!

The variety of car scope is why we time after time keep coming back for more.

Keep on dirving!


2500000 miles.............FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU*********

5000000 megabytes a week........FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU***********



2012 is looking good guys! Keep up the momentum!


This is why Speedhunters is my start page for firefox. Feed us with more motoring goodness!


Thank to all the team to keep us on the first row always. I dream I can work with that team one of these days!


Awesome!! Looking forward to TAS and JCCA very much! Really wanna see more wagons thrown into the mix though, random and obscure from Volvos to Bluebirds to Escort Estates!! Hope you find some!


Is that Adam Corolla's 240z?


can i have the wallpaper of macbook pro (the one in the third photo) ???

thanks ... ;-)


I just wanna say thanks to everyone here at speedhunter since i found this site ive been on it allmost every dayu guys do an awesome job :)


Canepa Designs is down the street from me. I remembered a couple years ago when they were putting all the cars into the building and there was a small crowd of people watching from the street as legendary race cars were brought in. I've probably been to the museum at least a dozen times and have seen 959s come to and from them at least 20 times over the years. There's nothing quite like walking the dog or going for a bike ride down the main street in town and seeing (and hearing) a Canepa 959 idling at a red light.


Those stats. are nuts...hahahaha keep up the great work team! 2012 is lookin' good!!


I think a great one on one for Dino would be someone from HKS at the premium day. Ask them why they decided to close HKS USA and what they intend to do with the market and it's customers.