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Before we continue with the AE86 Matsuri coverage I wanted to quickly show you this cool Trueno I bumped into as I was making my way down to one of the grandstands at Tsukuba. It looked great on its black Watanabes…

…but once I checked out the other side of the car I noticed it was running also running on gold Panasports! Apparently the owner did this only for the Matsuri, wanting to show just how different the car looked with two types of rims.

Of course it wasn’t only the wheels that looked good on this red hachiroku, it was pretty much a spotless example much cared for through the years by the owner.

The engine has been modified by AE86 specialist Kobaden Service in Gunma and sports a recently rebuilt bottom end as well as some trick upgrades for the head which includes wilder cams. Fuel injection has been dropped in favor of some good old-fashioned carbs!

I spotted this interesting looking sticker in the engine bay.

The hood is a rare authentic TRD carbon fiber item. The FRP understructure gives it extra strength.

The owner kindly gave me a little sample of what his carbed 4AG sounded like!

Red AE86 with gold rims

Which side do you prefer? Tough choice!

AE86 roll cage

As you would expect the inside is just as clean as the exterior, the only noticeable addition when you open the door being the roll cage, there to add much needed strength and rigidity.

Stock instrumentation.

Most upgrades have been grouped up in the center console where a variety of gauges keep vital temperatures and pressures in check.

This was quite interesting. Apparently the power window conversion is a period correct upgrade that was offered through Toyota dealers.

The simple, almost stock exterior is what made the car stand out. Simplicity, most times, really does rule.

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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So simple, yet so unique! Love seeing grassroots features like these. Think I prefer the black watanabes with the black trim.


an AE86 specialist WOULD be in Gunma ;) (Initial D reference, anyone)?

I really like the way that the owner's done a different set of wheels on each side, though, makes this little 86 pretty damn unique


Gold wheels are my pick.. Really makes the whole thing pop..


I have a great deal of respect for the ae86 chassis and this is one of the great examples of recent years. That FRD sticker is really interesting and cool to me. Thank you for sharing such a fine example of how to make a car, let alone an ae86, look great.


Such a lovely car.


amazing car!!!! tks dino!!!


liking rims choice, both look well suited. if had to chose i'd plump for the Gold Panasports. - can't beat power windows as a modern touch too. Thanks


Very nice... I think TRD only made like 20 of those hoods.


The black Watanabes look so much better.


Sweet ride. Love it on the gold rims.


gold panasports are pure class. black wats are sinister. both look great! i wish i was a baller and could choose from 2 sets of wheels.


Carb'd? Or ITB's?


I`d use both set of wheels, looks great and different


Love it! Watanabe side for the win!


I'm a hater. I really want to hate on this. But I can't :-<.


The black one here :P looks like a wild animal!


Black wheels are MAAAAD

I like the sleeper look better!!

..but also because BLAAAACK


gotta be the panasports for me....dont normally see those wheels in that colour on a AE86...


Torn between the black and the gold, looks great either way though. Well-built car!


DESKTOP please? Love the third and first pictures with the black rims.. LOVE IT


seriously, i know all these photographers are taking high resolution shots, why aren't they all uploaded to the desktops section in full resolution? would love to see more of these pics end up there


Solid with both wheels. Fine and clean example of a 86.


I really like how spotless this car looks. The owner obviously loves his car.

I would choose the side with the gold Panasports... maybe. It's hard to choose.

I also like the location where you took the pictures. If you took a shot with the NGK Spark Plugs sign along with the car, it would have been great.


Why choose? Gold fronts, black rears, done. Or vice versa.


I'd choose the black side. it matches with the car imo


lovin both wheels..but if have to choose..gotta go with the watanabes..


Black Watanabes are better


wats on the front and pans on the back