Car Spotlight>> Dp Motorsport 911

While Rauh Welt has become known for producing some amazing looking Porsches, there are of course many more tuners that can turn an ‘ordinary' Porsche into a street legal beast. Take for example DP Motorsport, a company that has been on the scene since 1975. Although famous for building race cars, they've also been churning out some tough street cars like this 1973 Porsche 911.

This 911 was built by DP Motorsports to demonstrate their lightweight carbon parts. First they stripped the car to bare metal and constructed a new body-kit. The entire kit is constructed from carbon and includes the front and rear bumper, vented hood, flared fenders and the rear spoiler. 

Here is a close up of the subtle vented hood made of carbon. 

When you open the hood you'll see the new DP Clubsport fuel tank that has a capacity of 70 liters. DP also installed a smaller windshield washer tank, while the oil cooler receives airflow from the vent inside the hood. 

The custom Fuchs wheels fill the arches perfectly and are sized 15×9" in the front and 15×13" in the rear with 225/50/15 and 345/35/15 tires respectively. The car is fitted with DP coilovers with adjustable sway bars. 

The 911 is powered by this fully rebuilt 3.6 liter boxer that is fed by a pair of 50mm PMO carburetors. It produces 310bhp and, thanks to all the lightweight materials, weighs just 870kg. Just think about how much fun that combination would be! 

The interior is dominated by two DP 935 bucket seats with an alcantara and leather finish. This angle also shows the extensive weld-in roll cage.

DP Motorsport didn't simply gut the interior to save weight. Instead, parts were replaced with carbon replacements and then covered in alcantara. I particularly like the transmission tunnel and shifter.

I must say that this is now my favorite Porsche 911. The perfect track tool that just so happens to have license plates.

-Jeroen Willemsen

DP Motorsport

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My MacBook could use a new wallpaper, just sayin'....


I could use some new underwear, just sayin


flawless, on a level so much higher then RWB. I'm sure people won't get it.


Love that


Beautiful car! So clean and simple




sweet car and a neat place to shoot it too.

good spotlight!


Desktop of photo #5 please please please!!!


Damn good creative piece of automotive work!


love it. still like Singer Porsches a whole lot more than RWB though..


So much sweeter than RWB. Performance to match the looks and much more traditional. Though of course some people will hate it because it's not Japanese and doesn't have sick 18s or park bench RWB wings.

12 why paint it? =P


its pretty nice. i think some of you have it skewed tho. this and rwb are likes apples n oranges... itd b like comparing rocket bunny and uras... separate but equal ;)


I love the combination of carbon fiber and alcantra I love that its simple yet effective its elegant doesn't scream hey look at me ..


so clean even y0 grandma wanna rok it


Finaly a awesome oldskool Porsche with new lightweight parts! DP quality!


Whats up with the side mirrors? Are they folded in or just stubby little mirrors?


lil details like the headlamps not sitting more flush on front fender.............but you know, really nice car none the less


Thats UBER clean and well prepared, I'd love a video feature on something like that. Being at an airstrip, I'd have to hope it was run through its gears a few times.


It looks so subtle on the outside. Take a look again and it's like the most amazing street car!


Attention to detail!

This is the perfect Porsche.


Quick everyone! Vincent Brick has a MacBook! How cool is he?!


Nice article and nice pictures with a combination of two of my favorite things, sport cars and aviation. Especially love the last picture with two gorgeous purpose built machines.

The car is much nicer than anything from repetitious Rauh Welt and only thing I would change is a ducktail instead of a whaletail.

How about a spotlight of Singer Porsche 911? Singer is by far my favorite tuned Porsche.


Love rauh welt as much as the next guy but this truly is another level. Then again rauh welt is a body shop and DP actually builds race cars, so you cant really compare. Dig em both regaurdless




Nice and clean. Just how I like 'em :)


That has to be my favorite 911 ever (and that is saying something, there are many on the wish list!).


Much more refined, and at the same time classic, than any RWB. A DP motor sports masterpiece.


Speedhunters seems to feature every car RWB produces which is a mystery to me because they all look exactly the same. The DP blows the doors off of anything RWB has done.


15x13" rear wheels! Holy curseword. This whole car is amazing and I want MOAR.


Amazing workmanship on the carbon parts.


Amazing, favourite Porsche!


RWB all the way!


It looks so smooth... lovely engine, too.




I'm in love. So fresh and so clean clean! A little more subtle than the RWB cars, which I like.


This is a beautiful 911. But why is there a vented hood on a rear-engined car? What is it venting?


I love all the carbon, and this car comes off as more refined than a RWB built Porsche. It'd be awesome to see RWB using DP parts on future cars!


The work on this car is so well done, yet everything is calm and collected. It's nice to see a car that doesn't have a "look at what we can do" feature, just clean mods and fab work, beautiful.


"D1RGE.EXE said:

This is a beautiful 911. But why is there a vented hood on a rear-engined car? What is it venting?"

Le sigh.

"while the oil cooler receives airflow from the vent inside the hood"



on classic porsches it would be an oil cooler. today porsche uses this sort of vent in the boot lid to build up downforce in the front. anyway, the point is, it's a boot lid ...


One word comes to mind when eyeballin'/droolin' over this piece....IMMACULATE


Love that it maintains 15" wheels, that is attention to detail and harmony of design.


now this is nicely complement porsche!!!

this is how porsche tuners car should be...

how a porsche tuners shoudnt be?like rwb!


Beautiful Porsche !!!


@D1RGE.EXE: "while the oil cooler receives airflow from the vent inside the hood."

So, the oil cooler is installed in the front. Kind of strange, isn't it?


Now that's the proper way to tune a Porsche! Not that RWB junk! The oil cooler is installed in the front probably for ballanc reasons.


The oil cooler is installed in the front probably for cooling reasons...

No photo credits?


Prefer that to RWB stuff any day


I love this! So clean. (and yes, I love RWB too)


I think some people are missing the point of RWB, correct me if I am wrong but they mainly do body kits/work and refer mechanical upgrades elsewhere? They do not strike me as being a 'one stop shop' so comparisons made between the two seem odd.


Purely lovely. Compare to RWB, DB is real builder, RWB is "just" makeup artist.


One of couple german porsche tuners that make this sort of quality work, now you can see why i cannot understand that obsession with bodyshop company called rwb.


why all the rwb hate?

both tuners (DP and RWB) obviously show a love for rear drive, air cooled 911s. the cars they produce are simply expressions of their varying influences/back grounds.

if you dont like the RWB style, thats fine, but im sure neither of the owners of either company would show any hate towards each other.

you people here talking shit are just demonstrating your lack of understanding of car culture.


Singer 911 FTW. DP is legit but always look out of place with aero. 911 is just meant to have that sexy butt. Accented only by a duckbill in certain cases or full style gt on race cars.