Car Spotlight>> 2012 Sats Supra

With the 2012 drift season rapidly approaching, a few of the new cars are starting to break cover. Historically, in the UK anyways,Team SATS are usually the first to unveil their intentions for the forthcoming season. True to form, they revealed their 2012 team car at Autosport International.

The first change I am sure you have noticed is the colour. The white base to last year’s design has now been replaced with an eye opening yellow / gold whilst still sporting a similar livery as the 2011 car.

Although the overall shape is the same, under the skin is quite a different story. Weight saving was top of the agenda and has been executed by replacing the doors, bonnet and boot with Seibon carbon fibre items.

Traction will be handled with a combination of Volk rims and Maxxis tyres.

Drift veteran Mark Luney will be taking the driver’s seat again for 2012.

The colour and body changes are just the tip of the iceberg, as the core of the 2012 improvements lie under the bonnet.

A new GT42 RSXR turbo with custom pipework and twin waste-gate manifolds and a full titanium exhaust system top off the fresh 2JZ motor. Actual power figures are being kept under wraps, but if last year’s 800BHP with the potential of over 1000BHP depending on the event is anything to go by, the 2012 engine will be monstrously powerful.

They lost the 2011 British Drift Championship by just a few points, so SATS are rolling out the big guns for 2012. It’s gonna be an interesting season for sure.


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And look at the angle of that wing!!!


that's one hell of a beast!


Power doesn't win you trophies.


damn, big juice!


Why can't US pro drift cars look like this?


Historically??? The good wood festival of speed is historic. Pro drifting series in countries other than Japan aren't even ten years old yet. You can hardly call that historic lol!!!!


Thanks to all the Speedhunters Team and the Speedhunters Fans, I know that the car might not be to everyone's taste on the outside, but as a small Team from Northern Ireland we have worked hard to get the car to a level that can compete at the top of UK and hopefully European Drifting in 2012.

We are working with our sponsors old and new Like Seibon, Maxxis, and Titan Motorsports to name just a few, to make the car even more competitive by saving even more weight and gaining more power over the next few months on the build up to the new season.

You can keep up to date with our efforts on the team website and Facebook over the next few months and also have a look at our other projects like the SR86 build and our Triple Rotor Turbo FC RX7.

Thanks Again Speedhunters for the support and we hope to see you all at events soon!!!


The goofy angle of that rear wing looks terrible. The English + japanese import style are not a match made in heaven.


Ahh I see the moderator is cutting out any negative feedback. Classy stuff. I think the obvious Top Secret styling ripoff will not need to be pointed out to anyone though. God that wing looks awful. Beautiful engine though.




what a waste on the facelift-headlights....


angle of the wing equals lots of resistance being planted downwards on the tires which results in the 800bhp supra throwing a lot of smoke! :D


I think they forgot the biggest weight savings, the driver.


Paul Walker's ride?


Not only "power doesn't win you trophies" but even the stout 2JZ requires a lot of maintenance if pushed to 800hp. Meaning, reliability will be severely affected.

These days you hear everyone talking about "a reliable engine is crucial in racing to be competitive while it saves some money that could be spent somewhere else", maybe those folks don't follow that philosophy....


I hate car people, nice JZX80 kill it for 2K12.


are they still sponsored by Cosworth i dont see any Cossie stickers on it?


I liked it more in white


Historically :with reference to past events ,i see no problem with the use of the term .Car people in real life are the coolest people ,unfortunately in the comments section on speedhunters and youtube they are dipshits unfortunately .


why is there hate for the wing and it's angle? I personally don't like wings for styling, but this is all business.

As for an 800hp 2jz, I personally know multiple people who have 600hp 1jz's. The only thing unreliable about big power in JZ motors, is the owners balls making them up the boost slightly until the engine makes more power than it can contain.

What needs maintenance at 800hp? Lot's of DDed 2JZ's at that level.

As for no Cosworth, is that because of Titan Motorsports taking there place?

So much hate on this car for no reason. Good luck this year guys.


Sorry for slamming the styling so hard. As for the car itself and the build quality i am sure it is top notch and wish you guys all the best. The wing though... At that angle its not aerodynamically efficient at all, and is not producing downforce, its just becoming a big airbrake. Maybe all the turbulence coming off of it will cause some cool things to happen with the tire smoke.