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Come April it's going to be a mighty hard choice for potential owners of the 86 and BRZ. Which car to go for? They are virtually the same vehicle, no major differences except the badges and of course similar prices.  However, once the car you see here hits the showroom it's going to be might hard not to go the Subaru route. STI have been teasing us with modified versions of the BRZ, first at the LA Auto Show with the first concept, and now with this closer to production version that was shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month.

Thanks to the great guys at STI we were able to spend a few quiet moments with the car yesterday at company's HQ in Mitaka.

It was great to see the STI signature blue shine out in the open, a color that suits the BRZ rather well. 

When first announced the whole 86/BRZ project sounded rather strange to many. Some were skeptical about the appeal and potential of the "Toybaru" but I bet nobody is thinking that right now, especially if they have been lucky enough to drive the car! Sure it might not be AWD or turbocharged but the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86 are exactly what enthusiasts have been craving. The standard car is built to be a somewhat affordable and fun package, with tons of potential. And it's precisely this potential that STI have tapped into with their interpretation of the BRZ.

After having built some of the best handling rally cars and road cars in the world, it's safe to say that STI have a very good idea on how to make a great car even better. First up is weight, or rather shedding it. The BRZ drops a few kilograms here and there thanks to nice little details like…

…the carbon fiber roof, which is a great way to improve handling as it lowers the center of gravity of the car, already very low on the BRZ. This is likely something that will make it to the production version as it's become quite a popular detail on limited edition STI cars, like the already sold-out S206.

The carbon hood is impressively light…

…you can lift it up with a finger but if I had to make a guess I'd say it would be far too expensive to be used on the final version of the car. It's built to very high standards and is as beautiful outside…

…as it is on the underside. No FRP understructure here, it's all top grade dry carbon.

Let's move on to the engine. 

The direct injected flat-4 has been left stock, the engine bay spiced up with a nice selection of STI "pink bits"…

…starting off with the oil filter and oil cap…

…the radiator cap…

…and ending with the flexible tower bar, one of STI's most simple, yet great inventions!

This is the coolest bit of accessorizing I've seen in a while, a battery stay that looks like a mini-STI tower flexible tower bar! I want one for my Legacy!

While performance will remain at 200HP the boxer sound is enhanced by this nice exhaust, which sports massive tail pipes with etched-on STI logo.

While the carbon side skirts of the first concept from the LA Auto Show are gone this car retains a few minor aerodynamic additions like the front splitter…

…and rear trunk spoiler. 

It all makes for a very nice and subtly enhanced look.

It's the 18-inch STI multi-spoke wheels that really make the car, replacing those generic looking rims the BRZ/86/FRS all come with as standard. They measure 7.5Jx18 +48 at each corner and are equipped with sticky Dunlop Direzza ZII, 215/45R18 at the front, and slightly wider 225/45R18 at the rear. And yes, those are STI 4-pot calipers at the front, joining 2-pot items at the rear. This looks like the same braking set up as used on the Impreza WRX STI so you can expect this car, which weighs a good 200 kg less, to have serious stopping capabilities! As you probably noticed this BRZ STI sits much lower than stock, thanks to the STI-tuned Bilstein dampers. 

That front protruding lip spoiler definitely adds tons of aggression to the front!

Just in case you were wondering, BRZ stands for Boxer, Rear wheel drive, Zenith

Inside it's all pretty much stock, maybe the final production car will get special STI seats but having driven the 86 fitted with the same chairs, I can't really fault them in any way as they are both comfortable and supportive enough for the occasional track day. And that is something you can't say for the majority of seats in new Japanese cars!

The latest-gen Carrozzeria navigation/audio system from Pioneer graced the double-DIN space in the dashboard, probably something that will be available from the no-doubts vast, dealer option catalogue.

STI branded accessories included the shift knob…

…and the pink STI engine start button. 

The borderless rearview mirror is something the BRZ and the 86 both get, but won't be available in the more cost-conscious FRS.

The main instrumentation in the BRZ is a little different from the 86, with a red on black analogue gauges and more Subaru looking number-design. Only 9 km on the odometer!

The 2+2 layout does make the car very practical when you need to carry the odd friend, although leg room is very limited.

When folded flat they do give a lot of loading space and you can definitely squeeze a set of track wheels and various tools…

…in through the trunk.

So there you have it. It might not be available until the very end of the year, or early next year, but the STI version of the BRZ serves up an even more mouth-watering proposition to the most anticipated car of the year. Question is, if you are in the market for one of these cars, would you wait that long?

Subaru Tecnica International 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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to answer the "would you wait that long?" question: no, because it's the same engine and upgraded brakes. it's already quite a looker in base trim and handles well too.


Yes, yes I would. But where is the turbo?


must be turbo(((


she got the looks! i only hope that they bring it to europe ASAP! can't wait to see a competetive jap car back on our markets.


My issue is always going to be that it won't come factory turbocharged. Even if it was based on the wrx 265hp turbo engine and not the 300hp one. That would just put that car on a different level of performance with the brake/suspension/engine upgrades over the 86. I think they have gentlemens agreement about how they need to keep the cars close together in some aspects. Just a thought.


The first STi without a motor upgrade, too bad. All countries don't have the same flexibility with tuning ...


well i am going to wait to they make th turbo version ;)


All show no go. Since when did the Sti become more about primping up your ride?


No one needs a turbo in the BRZ... but, where is the rear wing??????????


I love it! Who cares about a turbo version!? I don't have enough skill to handle my 320whp WRX... This light weight 200hp car will be more than a need.


Wallpapers please!


So some pink flare and some weight reduction. Without the turbo what is the point of this version? move that battery out back like it should be and there is tons of room for boost.


no engine mods, really???


Definitely on the list for potential next car, that is after my M3 dies though


I'm jealous that the fr- s does not get that rearview mirror. This STI looks great, but what will be the pricepoint? Less than a wrx sti I hope.


To be honest, I'm not satisfied with the STI. I want the STI to be turbocharged and I'm pretty sure everyone else would want to same as well. But at the end of the day, I'm still going to end up buying the STI, even if it's NA, when it comes out here in the US. Besides, the way I see things going, aftermarket companies will come out with a turbocharger for the 86/BRZ soon after the release so I'll be happy. :)


interior gets a thumbs up but damn, that is one ugly car.


oh man, the deal is sealed. this will be my next car.......


Quite possibly, but at the same time it might be nice to start with a very base-spec car. Cost is a major factor on the STi for me.


where is the additional power? don't mean to sound blunt, but what is the point? you can upgrade your existing STI/86 to this spec, without having to wait for it to come out.. an additional 50HP would have been a great addition..


No turbo? C'mon STI you can do better than that! Other manufacturers are turning to turbos now when you are turning away. Car looks like a very well speced version of the standard FRS/BRZ, but are customers going to fork our the extra (10k?) for suspension and brake upgrades....needs a turbo


And how much it will cost? xD


No turbo, no sale for me. STI, I am disappoint. All looks no go.


Regular BRZ NA is absolutely fine. No problems at all. A good call in fact.

But an STI BRZ BETTER BE TURBO. This is a NO EXCUSES MUST. STI is one of the few performance marks left that actually means something. Type R, R, Type S, S SS GT; all of them mean nothing more than slightly less shitty wheels, plastic panels, and a slightly less shitty radio. Just because Subaru's parent company is Toyota does not mean they have to start watering down its product.



I'd be willing to trade my STI for this if they gave it a turbo.


200Kg lighter? from where, the carbon roof and the hood? Any more SPECIFIC insights?


Like everyone else is saying: no power bump = no reason for this car. I really hope they don't dilute the STI brand by leaving the engine stock. But it sure does look good.


Great Article Dino!

I do WANT one of those... If Only I was rich! ^^


they should of made the frs a hatch and brz a coupe, that way it keeps it interesting.


Give Me Boost, or Give Me Death!!

Subyyota, are you listening??


As a correction, the carbon roof will lower the center of gravity, but not the roll center. The roll center is defined by the suspension geometry of the car, and is entirely different from the center of gravity - which is based on the distribution of mass in the car.

Just in case anyone here cares.


Def better loking than 86gt. But i fear big price "upgrade" otherwise would get it over toyota.

Is the exhaust manifold the same as on the gt86? Because of sound, dont like the subaru burble.


yeah i would wait. i would never buy a scion fr-s, just for that scion name it self. i would rather have the Subaru name on the car, or if Toyota would have kept it under them.. i would get the ft86.. i just think a bunch of kids are gonna get there hands on it, and just ruin the car imo.


wheres the turbo???


Dino, could you explain me how it can be if you fit a carbon roof, it lowers the rollcenter of the car? ;-)

that fitting a carbon roof would lower the Center of Gravity (baricentro) of the car i know.. but also a lower RC is new for me :)

As for the question in the end of the article.. i won't wait :( .. here in holland there are mega taxxes so it'll be too expensive for me...i'd stick with second hand.


With out a trubo no way jose


well it's still not done yet so everyone can continue hoping for turbo


Do you have any photo of how the rear spoiler is mounted on the trunck? I'm wondering if this STI spoiler will untilize the OEM spoiler holes.


"...the carbon fiber roof, which is a great way to improve handling as it lowers the roll center of the car, already very low on the BRZ."

I doubt that very much :P Dino, you might want to change that to read "lowers the center of gravity of the car", 'cos unless this new roof somehow alters the suspension pickups, the roll center isn't going anywhere!


Maaan you guys are fien'n for the turbo crack pipe and it's sad. You're missing the beauty of this car. Would i buy this car JUST for the pink sh*t and a CF hood? No! But all of it togeger-200KG LESS, bigger brakes, bigger stickier rubber, tighter suspension, nicer exhaust note with a much lower roll center with all those pieces working together, meant to go together on an already brilliant car? YES.

Can't lie that battery tie-down IS pretty darn cool can't believe we've never seen that before...And I've never really seen the inside of one before, nice...plenty of space when you fold down the rear seats for my skis....yeah I'd take it skiing.


Love the aero on it - not a fan of big wings on street cars.

Just needs a big ol snail under the hood! Subaru = turbo, STI = bigger turbo


I have a Wrx, this doesn't make me want to get rid of it and get this. I like the rwd, but at this point with no turbo I would go C5 corvette or S2k.


It's okay they didn't work on the engine, that raises the cost a lot. I'm happy they worked aero and weight. Simple and easy modifications.


still think they should have changed it a little so that the 86 and the BRZ look a little bit different!


No additional power = NO THANKS! STI has always meant ADDITIONAL POWER! STI in this sense means more options over the base model. Very sad to see this.


And a flexible strut bar is not


what's up with the chick with the medical face mask in the picture? trying not to contaminate the car?


Needs a Turbo and a huge rear spoiler! :-)


Can someone please explain to me why they would opt for waiting for this to come out instead of buying the 86? This is the exact same car as the 86 except for the fact that it has 4-pot calipers and a different rearview mirror. To me, there is no reason to wait an additional 12 months (maybe more) for a car is virtually identical. The fact that its RWD and NA doesn't help either.


It depends on the cost premium it carries over the base model. I might just opt for a few a-la carte options like the suspension and aero, and go aftermarket with everything else. The fact that the STi exhaust adds no power is pointless. Car looks great, though!


I'm glad they left a huge wing off this car, cause I can't imagine how that would make it look better. Now if only I could find the money for something like this


9km and the fuel tank is already empty?? what a gas guzzler!

:P jk

as for the ultra high offset wheels... they do look pretty nice, although I'd love to see some wider and lower offset wheels on it :D .. im sure the aftermarket will be more than happy to cater to this

brz looks stunning as is though.. much more attractive than the standard scion


Nice, but the pink is to much. I would love to find that rear view mirror for my car.


Surely there is going to be further handling and, more importantly, POWER upgrades to this car?!!! So much of this appears to be purely 'dress up'. STi branded oil cap, oil filter, radiator cap, shift knob, start button and pink stitching offer no performance and the enhancements of a carbon roof, carbon bonnet, front lip and nice wheels are negligible. So the only parts that appear to give you any gains are the exhaust and brake upgrade. Our collective perception of STi is that of power, perfomance and aesthetics. Subaru have to seriously tune this engine or this car makes absolutely no sense. (My 5cents)


The price on this STi version will be the make or break. If its cheaper than what I would cost to take a regular BRZ to its spec, by way of aftermarket upgrades, great. But, I don't think that would make me want to sell my Evo for. Coming from an S2000 prior to my Evo, I do miss the front-mid engine rwd and great transmission of the S2K, but I sold the S2K for the power and ease and low cost of modification of the Evo.

For me, no turbo on this BRZ STi, no sale. I bet that this isn't the final version, but just a tease. No STi version of any Subie has left the engine unmolested. I doubt they would start doing that now, especially considering how great this car would be with more power added. Whether that be N/A, turbo, or supercharger.


More I look, the more it looks like an FTO!


Why doesn't it have a hood scoop like the rest of the Subarus?


Looks fantastic, and I love all the small details. As a current STi owner I'd definitely consider one once the final specifications were released, though turbocharging would be a 'must'.


I really want to see BRZs and 86s on the streets already!


such a good looking car, can't wait to get more updates on it as the year goes on.


+turbo-pink elements=new legend


Wow no doubt that I would take the BRZ STI over the ft86 and the scion that concept looks amazing...


Would I buy this car? Hmm... Hard to say. I am so used to the whole AWD and Turbo chemistry that Subaru has had for years but with this new car that they have in mind I am too scared to even invest in this new idea Subaru has cooked up. 4 cyl, RWD, and possibly no Turbo! No matter how many STi badges they try to stitch onto this car it won't feel like a true Subaru.


"Kai said:

No one needs a turbo in the BRZ... but, where is the rear wing??????????"

It must be going on the turbo 4wd version ;)


The turbo is for people who can only drive straigt on and don't know what it mean to drive "fast"...

An old rallyedriver said: "you don't need so much power to be fast"

sorry for my bad english


Dino, can we get some high res pics?


I don't think I want to wait that long,by the time that comes out ill change my mind and get something better,and the brz needs the wing


Yup, my bad. It's center of gravity of course, not roll center. :)


hahaha, that battery tie-down rules :D great :D


Dino, as always, fantastic photography and a great looking car. I'm in Perth, West Australia and I'd love to buy a BRZ/86 in the next 3-4 years once they have come down in a price a bit. Any chance you could make pictures 3 & 17 wallpapers please?


Cost continues to increase for manufacturers. By coming out with a base they can mske it more affordable considering the times the world is in. If you guys don't want this car or the toyota version don't matter thete will be loyalists that will. Guys loyal to subaru and guys lyal to the toyota brand. The makers wanted to make a car so folks will want to modify. And no matter ehat gearheads will always want to do it up. Its been that way since the beginning of cars. Now this also helps boost the auto aftermarket industry. Guys like me are already thinking what parts i can manufacture/produce that appeals to gearheads like u guys and myself. Every forum all i see and hear is negative talk. But i know for a fact thst when the 2 cars available they will sell like hotcakes. Even if dealerships mark up the prices. I dont think any $20k compact ever garneted this much attention andanticipation or buzz. And once folks start modifying themdrive them on streets and the track folks mentality will change. The negative guys can sit at home and talk shitallday but only the true gearheads appreciate whats in storeand embrace it!

d talj


what a waste on the STI name? my thoughts: why waste the extra money the STI package. save that money and buy yourself a cheaper big brake kit, aftermarket exhaust, and strut bar. how disappointing.


I just keep coming back to this article... I love the car. I'd honestly like a more aggressive hood though. Not a hood scoop like most impreza's but side vents or something. I'm all for this car though!!!


Regarding the turbo- I think E30LIFE hit the nail on the head saying it's probably down to a gentleman's agreement between the two companies. If they were to turbo it - expect Toyota to follow suit. I think it would have to be a mutual arrangement between the two companies and they'd launch both around the same time.


"Kai said:

The turbo is for people who can only drive straigt on and don't know what it mean to drive "fast"...

An old rallyedriver said: "you don't need so much power to be fast"

sorry for my bad english"

Your English is fine.

Someone once told me - "there's a big difference between quick and fast" in reference to his starlet rally car and and Impreza that someone compared it to.

In my mind, the Toyota should be "Quick", the Subaru should be "Fast"


reminds me of the "smart"


Not worth it in Australia, compared to the standard WRXs the STI is a massive price hike. It will be the same with the BRZ. Get the standard and spend the extra on mods and you will have a better car.


This year at the Portland International Auto Show we were fortunate to have a BRZ on display in the Subaru booth. Looks awesome in person. Can't wait to go test drive the Scion version once its available ( being an 86 owner already, gotta support my Toyota/Scion love). It will be interesting to drive each one for comparison.


Astronomical power isn't what this car needs or was designed for (at least from the factory...that's what the aftermarket is for); it was designed for handling. A few generations ago, there were David and Goliath stories of small cars with small engines dominating tight-course motorsports; where small horsepower cars were matched with light chassis' and tuned suspensions were running circles around large displacement pony cars. I think Toyota and Subaru's partnership hit the nail on the head with this design philosophy and it's probably just a matter of time before videos of these two variants do the same for this generation


"This looks like the same braking set up as used on the Impreza WRX STI so you can expect this car, which weighs a good 200 kg less, to have serious stopping capabilities!"

I read this as the BRZ STI weighs 200kgs less than a WRX STI. Not a standard BRZ. Right?


Look at all this hate. SMH Although a turbo would definitely be nice, its not necessary. The car stock only comes with 225's out back. Too much power and itll be looser than Katy Perry LOL. Although getting sideways is never a bad thing. ;) [KeepDriftingFun]

Overall not a bad car at all. I dig the aesthetic bits though like that battery tie and oil filter. Seems like itll be a well balanced chassis. Keep it coming Speedhunters.


Desktops, please!


For everyone who keeps saying it weighs 200kg less then the regular BRZ. Re-read the article. The car weighs 200kg (440ibs) less then an Impreza WRX STi. Those cars weigh in at ~3200ibs if I remember correctly, so this car will weigh ~2800ibs.

Now... for everyone complaining about no turbo.. I will agree, I want a turbo.. but "all show, no go?" Your joking, right?

3200ibs / 300hp = 10.6ibs per HP. (WRX STi)

2800ibs / 200hp = 14ibs per HP. (BRZ)

3200ibs / 260hp = 12ibs per HP (WRX..for good measure).

Now, that makes the BRZ seem slightly slow, but then we have to remember power loss through AWD vs RWD. With power loss accounted for, I think the BRZ and WRX will be almost even in performance. And a WRX is not slow.

So... after this whole post I agree. Put a Turbo on the STi version... lol.

(Something to remember tho, is that every HP added to a BRZ is worth more then the HP added to an STi - More of it will make it to the ground, and it has less weight to carry around).


There will NEVER be a turbo because the engine is mounted too far back to fit one according to Subaru. There simply isn't room. A supercharger is still a possibility.


A brand new STi...

...and its the battery clamp that excites me the most! :D How sad is that?!


At least Applehat gets it. Let's not forget this car is nothing more than conceptual though.

My opinion on the BRZ is that unless the car is priced sub $20k, fully loaded, it just isn't worth it. If the STI trim reduced weight by 200kg and received a 260hp turbo engine for a $5k premium, that's a deal.


When I finished shooting the BRZ STI Concept a couple of weeks ago at the STI HQ in Mitaka, I headed


Great collection of real pictures, was searching since so long for these pictures and finally found here. Thanks for the share!
<a href="">Usedautoarena</a>


This is a CONCEPT car. Doesn't mean it's final yet, for the people who have not been reading up, the BRZ STI will be getting a 50 hp increase, but NO turbo they want to reserve that for the WRX STI. STI doesn't mean it must have a Turbo, it represents for Subaru Tecnica International the racing development team. I still think it's an impressive feat once they are able get 250HP from a 2.0L engine making it 125hp/litre.


Hi Dino Dalle! its really nice, only the lucky person will have chance to drive it.


..still waiting for the sti version of this car


..still waiting for the sti version of this car


..still waiting for the sti version of this car


I wonder about  full specification for STI oil filter ST15208ST000  ( for FA/FB engines including dimensions, PSI Relief valve, filtration efficiency, ...)