Behind The Scenes>> Tas 2012 – The Set Up

Seeing a show as big as the Tokyo Auto Salon materialize in front of your very eyes is an indescribable experience. As armies of contracted workers erect complex booths, the year's most anticipated demo cars are driven into the vast Makuhari Messe exhibition center. For me nothing beats the few hours I spend every year roaming though the various halls as everyone rushes to set up. Seeing all those new cars for the first time, the latest parts unboxed and of course catching up with so many people that make up the JDM tuning world. 2012 is definitely off to a great start, the quality and sheer number of new cars is going to make this show one to remember. Take the Trust widebody GT-R in the opening shop. My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I first saw it, the BenSopra aero making it one of the most in your face R35s in the world. The best thing however is that there are a total of three GT-Rs wearing this same kit! But more on that later on.

I was expecting to see a hell of a lot of 86 yesterday, and well, I sure wasn't disappointed! This half Falken, half Dunlop colored 86 is similar to the DrooP Up Garage 86 Hibino is going to be driving this year in the D1-GP. If rumors are correct he will be joined by Taniguchi and an HKS tuned 86. Unfortunately I left the show before I could see the HKS car…but not to worry, I will be taking plenty of shots of it today!

It's official, the guys at Street Special Garage Yawata have all gone mad! Remember their widebody BNR32 we saw at the Tsukuba Super Battle last month? Well look at it now! The RB26 now runs two monster turbos, a Trust T78 bolted on to the exhaust manifold and a larger Trust T88 mounted onto the exhaust outlet of the T78! To fit the crazy set up the hood was attacked with a hack saw. Now we are talking! This is exactly the wildness TAS has always been known for! 

And on the subject of wild, here is the RE-Amemiya Super NA7. You have got to give it to Ama-san, he certainly has some very unique ideas when it comes to transforming FDs!

Under the elongated hood is a naturally aspirated 13B, built with lots of Super GT and other racing components. No idea on power yet, will have to find out today.

Let me introduce the "Spearmint Rhino," Nakai-san's latst "drop-top" creation. Maybe Nakai was somewhat inspired by a certain club during his trip to Sema a couple of months back? 

I knew Toyota was going to have a few surprises when it came to the 86. First up the TRD version of the car, aimed at those that want a more precise driving tool, with sharper handling…

…more powerful brakes…

…and hopefully a little bit more power.

For a car that isn't even on sale yet the 86 sure is generating a lot of interest!

But wait it isn't over yet; Toyota also had the Modellista kitted version with an altogether different look.  

By the time the car hits dealers across the world there are going to be tons of parts available for it. Above is just a little selection of what Toyota will have on offer!

Here is the Dunlop side of the 86 we saw earlier on. The car is riding on new Gram Lights 57 Xtreme wheels and if you look a little bit closer you can see that the stock brakes have been replaced by massive Endless monobloc calipers. For a car that weighs 1,230 kg that is a lot of braking power!

And from the 86 the next logical step is Subaru's BRZ, or should I say the STI BRZ Concept! STI's approach seems to be even more extreme than TRD's, with a carbon hood…

…carbon roof…

…and a few more aerodynamic additions like the front and rear spoilers.

STI 18-inch wheels and big STI brakes replace the not so impressive stock items. I'm not yet sure what, if anything, has been done to the engine.

We've seen the GT300 BRZ at the Tokyo Motor Show but one more picture won't hurt!

If the STI doesn't do it for you then the Prova Black Edition BRZ will be the better choice. This car has a center exit exhaust system!

S & Company always seems to bring some unique creations at TAS and for 2012 they have gone with an AMG SLS.

The car is wrapped in custom vinyl, even the rear lights are covered with an opaque film.

The SLS's interior looks like a very nice place to be in.

Another big surprise at the show was Mad Mike's new D1-GP quad-rotor FD built by Total Car Produce Magic on display at the Rays booth. Can't wait to see this beast in action. I hope Mike will be attending every round. All of a sudden the 2012 D1 series has gotten very exciting! 

Of course TAS wouldn't be complete without copious amounts of wildly tuned exotics, from luxury sedans like this Maserati Quattroporte…

…to the Auto Veloce F430…

…and 458 Italia.

The new CLS63 AMG has only been out in Japan for a month or so, yet I counted at least eight at the show!

BenSopra's GT-Rs were probably the cars that waere attracting the most looks today. You know you have created something special when half of the tuning industry drops by to check your rides!

This champagne colored version was joined by the main white demo car. I am not going to show you any shots though as it wasn't yet fitted with the appropriate wheel spacers when I wen to check it out. I wouldn't want to show you an unfinished car, so you will have to wait until later on today to see it properly. I can however mention that it is built around the old Blitz RWD R35 that Nomuken was supposed to be driving in D1.

More GT-Rs…

…this time from HKS Kansai Service…

…and Phoenix's Power.

HKS has obviously devoted a lot of time to the VR38DETT. This 4.1L stroked version is good for 1000 HP and sports an all-new intake manifold with bigger throttles. Crazy stuff.

The Tommy Kaira NSX. Thoughts?

This little Mira from Car Produce A.K.R. in Hiroshima has been transformed from FF to FR and its little 3-cylinder turbo motor rotated 90º into a longitudinal position. 

Mitsubishi GTO specialist Pit Road M from Hyogo-ken brought this beast to the show! Would love to see this out at a Time Attack event.

Coolest S13 of the moment, the R.Y.O. Odyvia. 

Mixing JDM with Euro rides can create stunning machines like this Varis/Sunbeam M3. Glorious.

Finally I got to see a 1M! This Studie tuned example was riding on new lightweight BBS RI-D 004 rims.

Back at the RE-Amemiya area later in the afternoon and a lot more colorful FDs had appeared…

…but if you want the ultimate rotary, nothing comes close to the mighty 787B. You really have to stand there a while and admire this legend.

Seriously. Honda should have never bothered coming up with a new design for the next-gen NSX. If the HSV-010 isn't it, I don't know what is!

VIP specialists K-Break came up from Osaka to show the Kanto guys how it's done. Even little Kei-vans can be made to look this good.

And finally a couple of cars from Liberty Walk!

There is a ton of coverage coming from TAS, so sit back and enjoy what I have lined up over the next series of posts.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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BRZ with carbon roof? Ill take 2...


looks like an exciting show is going down :)


I agreewith you that those guys who put another turbo on a waste gate went mad... The throttle is closed when that waste gate is open the reason why no ones done that before is that the waste gate if the second turbo better be open too our else you get compressor surge. Just saying homie. Thanks for all the amazing coverage


WOW!! Excellent pre-coverage of TAS2012!!

Can't wait for the event tomorrow!!!


i would love to see a spotlight of the Car Produce A.K.R's mira. ;)


Unreal coverable guys - loving it!!


"The Tommy Kaira NSX. Thoughts?"

Yes, it looks pretty good!

And man, that R32 is crazy. I would love to hear it!

Oh, and the FR Mira is just awesome.


The only car that was totally ruined, is the RX-7. its just wrong and hideous/


@Dano A wastegate opens to "waste" exhaust gas pressure and control boost. You are thinking of a blow off valve or compressor bypass valve which is there to prevent compressor surge. Personally I am curious about the power curve with that setup.


Spearmint Rhino... HA! Thats hilarious! But i love the GT300 BRZ


"For a car that isn't even on sale yet the 86 sure is generating a lot of interest!"

And the understatement of the year award goes to...


WOW!! Excellent pre-coverage of TAS2012!!

Can't wait for the event tomorrow!!!


Love the Mira.


"Take the Trust widebody GT-R in the opening shop."???? You meant, "opening shot?"




sexy pics Dino. lots of 86's there.

have fun and looking forward to more!


"For a car that isn't even on sale yet the 86 sure is generating a lot of interest!" You meant, hype?


Subaru and Toyota has some impressive BRZ/GT86 swag


STI BRZ looks just about perfect! Love that champagne colored GT-R also.


TAS never fails to impress!


Other than the rims (and bigger brakes perhaps?) I would do horrible, ungodly things to get behind the wheel of that Tommy Kaira NSX


@Dano - Likely to be compound-turbo installation. They're quite common, just not on Skylines. You'd be more likely to see them on diesel or aeroplane engines.


Please please please more info on the Pit Road M 3000GT/GTO!


@DANO the turbo on that 32 is running off the exhaust of the first turbo so will work fine and waste gates only open once the turbo is producing too much boost ie. when the throttle is fully open. I think you may be confused between a blow off valve and a waste gate. BOV releases boost pressure after throttle closes and waste gates release exhaust gas to prevent over boost. The only problem I can see with the set up would be that the 2.6L capacity of the engine may not produce enough exhaust gas to get both the turbos performing optimally. It would be a sight and a half to see running though good on them I say its definitely a unique modification.


drooling over RWB Porsche...


It's cool to see that this year is real underground modification and not only the biggest shops.


i love the nissan e32 with the turbo chager sticking out of the hood that is so dope


yeah fo shoe


I bet Revolution RX-7 will win this year TAS... No Cyber evo so...


About your comment on the next gen NSX and the HSV-010.....Preach it my brother!


The new NSX should have been modeled after the HSV-010...

But I guess Acura did a great job on designing the MR sports car!


more feature on that FR Mira please!


I am seriously begging you guys to do a spotlight on that little mira kei car. Please!


My my my, this TAS 2012 is full of surprise. The Garage Yawata R32 is just insane !

I can't wait to read your next articles.


more of this Mira, please ?


To those commenting on the R32's twin turbo setup, I suggest you google 'compound turbo setup' and you'll find you're answer to why a setup such as this is being run on that car.


I wish I could go this year! I went two years ago and I heard last year was even better.


The only way to improve the RE-Amemiya RX-7 is shoving that front against a wall. It will make it look better (wild and good looking are not synonyms). More, please someone stop with the silly paint/exterior finishes on supercars- I'm sure modding is supposed to improve the car, not making it worse or just stupid.

Other than those situations, I see a lot of good stuff and I'm already salivating for more...


Always wanted to get the pit road m gto on the track never managed to find a video of it tho :(


the Greddy 86 is the best tuning version up to now.


Prova Black Edition BRZ is starting to look alot like Prodrives P2. If only it had the same sound and anti lag system!!! We can only dream!


Ama-san how could you NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! you have given us such beautiful cars and now this, something you let your wingman handle WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!!

FYI the HSV-10 was modeled after the new nsx, then the economy tanked and they shelved the completed car. The new one is going to be based on a shared platform and drive train to save development costs unlike the old protoype.


Tommy kaira nsx ....I'm in love


Omg move over 50 cent it's a gold Lamborghini And that brz looks more of a drifter than the hairdresser looking ft 86




I think the RE-Amemiya Super NA7 front looks like a TRV personally.


The champagne-colored GT-R looks like an angry beaver. Phoenix Power's, on the other hand, looks exceptional. Great coverage!


Please leave out pics of crap euro cars in part 1! more jap!


Omg move over 50 cent it's a gold Lamborghini And that brz looks more of a drifter than the hairdresser looking ft 86


Awesome! Hope you can make more than 5 parts for TAS. I love this event!


This year's Tokyo Auto Salon certainly had a few surprises up its sleeves. As you probably gathered


Detskops of Ben Sopra's GTRs Please


Detskops of Ben Sopra's GTRs Please


NA7 & gold Lambo lovely!