So, how many of you guys are set on buying the Toyota 86/FRS/BRZ when it goes on sale next year?

I’m personally among those that have been considering picking one up, and have been devouring all the media released about the car over the past few days. One of the best videos I’ve seen so far is this clip of Manabu Kawaguchi driving the prototype version of the 86 at Fuji Speedway.

You can hear the engine and exhaust note quite clearly, and it seems the engineers have nailed it.

Take a listen for yourself.

-Mike Garrett



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That music theme reminds me a bit of TXR:Zero...

Anyway, the sound is not bad, but I still prefer a naturally aspirated I4 over a NA Flat-4. But either way, I'll wait until I see tuners putting new exhaust systems on these.


Seems like it would be a really fun track car!


I'm buying one. Putting money down and ordering one the first day I can, then taking a week off work to drive the nuts off of it (after a gentle break-in, of course!).


Did anyone notice that they're driving a left hand drive?

I hope that the Frs gets those sexy red accents, and you gotta love Yamaha's work on the exhaust


Is it just me or does the indicator stalk/wiper stalk turn with the steering wheel?

Wont that make it hard for aftermarket steering wheels and potentially get in the way during "spirited driving"?


i cant wait to trade in this crapy scion xd!


The smile on his face as he slides the 86 through the corner says it all. It ooks like a fun car, I'm sold.


Wow, That engine note is beautiful from the sound of this video. I might be checking out one of these, perhaps the Subaru version to keep everything matching.


That actually sounds very similar to a 4age :D just more refined.


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES this is so exciting


- Lots's of oversteering and to me sounds just like a normal 4cyl, Not quite like a boxer engine would sound, look at the driver's face. This car looks like a Hyundai. -


lol sounds like a 4ag motor in there...


Sounds fantastic! I think Toyota has finally returned to its roots

For me personally I think this will replace my aw11 sc mr2 and continue the lineage

I for one am almost certain I will but it. I only wish that Toyota kept it Toyota in north America, but a quick badge swap will fix that. This car is theist exciting thing tO come out of Japan at a reasonable price for Over a decade


This car is the car all the young drivers needed for such a long time.


I love how similar the sound is to a 4ag.


Judging byt the looks of the car and how high it sits I would say that is a US based prototype. The silver one they showed did not sit near as high. I have to say I am sold. The car is everything it needed to be and sounds great. Should be a great platform that truly lives up to its name unlike some others.


Doesn't seem like too much to make the back end step out. At least it seems very progressive, and not snappy.


alil lite drifting action going on looks like fun to drive just as advertised sounds good also


Engine's sound is music to my ears.


Sounds great and close to the 4age in my ae86

Still I've noticed from the Scion press release photos of the FR-S, the exhaust seems to be different.

The 86 has a larger tip while the Scion has a much smaller muffler tip with a chrome surrounding.

I'm curious if they will both sound the same


I'm anticipating the release of this... this is the first ray of sunshine in the bleak automotive world of today. Just about every other modern sports car in the last... ten years or has only evoked "Meh, it's cool, I guess." reactions from me. The 86 is the first new car I'd actually love to own.


Beautiful sounds, very nicely done.


I'm in love. I don't know what version I'll get yet, but I'll get one as soon as you can get one for under $15k USD


Do I have an illness? Why did some of those sounds make me smile / giggle / laugh. Do I need a shrink?


Wow, it sounds just like a 4AG! I'm glad they have remained faithful to the original but added some modern touches to it, very cool.


In other news:

Nissan just released the Leaf and Honda just released the New Civic Hybrid!

Fierce competition within Japan's "Big Three".


I agree, first thing I though of was TXR: zero!!

Is there a video of Tsuchiya thrashing one of these around Tsukuba, or Suzuka yet???????????????


Let's get a vid of the Drift King and his impression on the new 86!