Speedhunters Awards 2011>> Vote For The Car Of The Year

The winner of each Speedhunters Award was determined by you, the reader. They were all elected as the best of their genre, and when combined they become a mouth-watering line-up of contenders for the 2011 Speedhunters Car of the Year. Who will be your champion of champions? Which one car is the greatest of 2011? 

Beauman Jones' FAT57 Chevy truck – Rod & Custom of the Year

Fatlace Skyline – Demo Car of the Year and Retro Machine of the Year winner

Jaguar C-X16 – Concept Car of the Year winner

KRB Audi – Time Attack Car of the Year winner

Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7 – Pro Drift Car of the Year winner

Red Bull Racing RB7 – Race Car of the Year winner

Rob Daehn's Cheetah BMW – Rat of the Year winner

Sunny's 240Z – Reader Car of the Year

Team Need for Speed RTR-X – Muscle Machine of the Year winner

Taavi Toomara's BMW 2002 – Grassroots Drift Car of the Year winner

Touge Factory's Four Six Customs S13 Silvia – Street Car of the Year

Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S – New Car of the Year winner

Remember, this the final award so please take a couple moments to cast your vote below. Let's also hear the reasons for who you voted in the Comments!

- Charles Kha

2011 Speedhunters Awards



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Sorry but after the white 6666 customs rocket bunny, for me the one and only is the Touge Factory's Four Six Customs S13 Silvia.

Best from Germany!!


Touge Factory's Four Six Customs S13 Silvia - yeahh. sooo nice


I really wanted to vote for the NFS RTR-X because it does so many things so well and it was truely a huge step forward for the muscle car industry in terms of setting new standards for build quality and overall performance. The reason I passed it up and voted for the Fatlace Skyline is becuase it is an extremely well built example of a perfect daily driver than any one enthusiast can enjoy no matter what the occasion is. The rarity factor also plays a huge role ;-)


I'm guessing the RT-R or the 86 will win...I voted Touge also, I've had a desktop from that feature since it was posted! Just a menacing looking car even sitting still.


My absolute favorite isnt in it... in fact all of the cars are kinda meh to me... They have won there individual prices, but i dont think i can point "THAT" car out of the list


I just have to put my faith into the GT-86, it's gonna be an interesting year for the tuners once it comes out.


Touge Factory S13 is an easy choice for me. Hands down will be inspiration for a lot of people for years to come. Especially now that they are the exclusive wholesalers for the kit!


It was so easy to vote in the other catagories, but now it's like, I have no idea... so I just went with the one car that I would absolutely love to drive and know I have no chance in hell to be able to, The Red Bull F1 RB7...


For this one a had to vote for something I can have... 86 for the win!


My vote undoubtedly goes to the 86/FR-S. This car has received so much hype from the media, and the potential of the car and it's potential impact on the car culture is immense. We've already seen that the car can drift, we know the car was designed to be easily modified, and we've already seen that the car can drive like a true enthusiast vessel. It is obvious that this car was made for the driver, and as a driver I give it my vote.


Team Need for Speed RTR-X . Because i'm a huge V8 fan and looks badass. Greetings from Estonia.


Did Mad Mike compete this year?


Sunny's 240Z !!


i'd vote for the 86 because its something that seems like has been missing from the modern market for a while. inexpensive, simple, fun & has good potential as well as flexibility for each owner to change how they want for whatever purpose.... & its rwd!


Poll closed?


I had to vote for Beauman Jones' FAT57 Chevy truck. It's just ticking all the right boxes. Some of the other cars are awesome, but you just can't beat a 50's ride slammed to the ground.


KRB Audi - Time Attack Car of the Year winner


It has to be the 86! Most influiential, groundbreaking, innovative car of the year!!


what wheels are on the bmw 2002??????????


For me it has to be Mad Mike's RX7


The CX-16 of course.


Toyota 86 of course :)


I picked the Fatlace Skyline, because out of the cars in this list, this is the car I'd want to own and drive every day. The RTR-X is a close 2nd and Rockey Bunny 3rd. I'm a street car kinda guy, so although the track only cars are awesome, I enjoy seeing a perfectly modded street car, especially a vintage one!


Sorry but after the white 6666 customs rocket bunny, for me the one and only is the Touge Factory's Four Six Customs S13 Silvia.

Best from Germany!!


What it means to all in aotodome grassroots racers tuners and street freaks.


All amazing cars, each deserves the win, but that fat lace hakosuka just takes the cake for me.


If the RTR-X wins then this is a fix....


man that 2002 just defines what a drift car should be


I love a rocket bunny kit.

Would've like to see Anthony "Scotty" Scott's sil80 rocket bunny in the drift car category that kit with the ps13 front is just unreal.

Out of the cars in the list, it has to be the Touge Customs 6666 S13.


Fatlace Skyline.


touge factory's onevia, for sure.


This year was truly the year of Japanese classics, and I think Mark Arcenal's KGC10 is the definition of cool. That gets my vote.


Touge Factory or Madbull? That's a tough choice. I can't believe I'm voting for a Nissan Silvia again, lol



My favourite car is the "Team Need for Speed RTR-X" . The reason is simple. I love the old muscle cars and I liked playing the Need for Speed Shift 2 and I drove this car often in the game! :D And I think this dark & green color combination looks great on this car!!!


FR-S/86 has got to win this one, it's affordable, alot more affordable than the other cars on this poll, it's a car the entire car community has been holding their breath for (from a prduction point of view), it's a throwback to the greatest drift/touge and most influential retro that us Americans can get a hold of and the aftermarket for this art in motion will be phenomenal. That and I happen to have a Notchback in the drive way :)


If I could vote for Sunny's car 100 times I would. but I know either the RTR-X, the 86, or Mad Mike are probably the more popular choice. S30!


Jaguar cx16 for sure, sexiest car on the list , some of those cars shouldnt even be on the list


Polls are CLOSED?!?! after 3 hours?!?


why are the polls closed already?


Mad Mike's 4rotor Redbull Mazda Rx-7. Car of the year!!!!!


Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7 just great set up to be a drift car.... Protruding from the hood are two large-sized air suction cavity which has a filter. Through it, the air will enter the Quad-rotor 26B engine. Also it was trimmed the front and back of the car. "The body is cut Front-rear". After the main bracket mounted on the front, then the pair stayed an additional bracket to hold the open-close RX7 lights, oil cooler from Redline Performance, and patrol lights to stylish, the back is also trimmed and fitted with a bracket to hold the body. After that, the position of the gas tank reorganized. In this way, the car becomes lighter.


WOW!! I cannot believe what i have seen on this page just now. I truley thought that my fellow speedhunters fans would have had better taste in cars. It pains me to see the winners that have been selected. You should all be ashamed and I hereforth renounce my title as speedhunters fan. I shall continue to frequent this site and marvel at the cars that actually deserve my attention but if asked i will deny having the same taste in cars as you people.


it'd be cool if i could vote ya know......




This is a very hard poll to pick JUST one car from, and due to the veriaty of cars this mames makes it near impossible. But if i were to take a stab and make the choice it would, without doubt be the ft86 toyota.

I mkae this choice due to the fact that this will be tsunami of revolution in the tuning industrie.


Why is the voting over already!?!


The 86, because this car will potentially win some speedhunters awards in the future ;)


Either the fatlace skyline or the KRB Audi.


Voting for the RX-7, simply because it's the best car there.. What a machine, have seen videos of it and it sends a shiver down my spine everytime I watch it..


Yeaa mad mike!!!! repp nz wat?!??! Chuuuur yeyyya go mad mike!!!!


why did this close so quickly??? :((


Vote for Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7 - Pro Drift Car #tooooeasy!!!!


MAD bull for nz :P


Such a lame list filled with "trendy" cars.


mad mike for sure, repping NZ!


Need for Speed Muscle gets my vote!.. i hope?


Need for Speed Muscle gets my vote!.. i hope?


RTR for sure. I think, it is the most impressive car here, cause... First of all - it is a muscle car.

And it is a great modified muscle car. A lot of work had been done. Great


Touge Factory all the way.. that S13 is phenominal!! I've seen it in person and it is a brilliant car with an LS1 Corvette engine under the hood.. it sounds and moves as good as it looks..


touge s13 silvia


GT86/BRZ/FRS!!1 It's the return of the affordable RWD sports car and it's the sign that Toyota is for the first time in years, thinking of us enthusiasts!!! May the best car win!!


Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7 - Pro Drift Car # tooeasy


iv gota rep the best nz drift car eva !! land of down under thats where its at !!


maxwell, those wheels on the 2002 are some random DOTZ polished alloys in the front and 16" steelies rear. Also, it`s worth a mention that seeing the car in action is something on the wild side. Unbelievable driving by Taavi, and the car... well, you`ll just have to see for yourself. The boosted BMW six-banger will probably be swapped for a 2JZ this season, no V8 swaps here :). Also, the Wisefab guys have made some new drifting parts for BMW and seeing Taavi is one of their test drivers the 2002 will probably be sporting some new suspension goodies front and rear.


Went with the ft86... I'm sorry, I just love it.


Mad mike all the way come on vote


MAD bull for nz :P


no doubt mad mike´s rx7


The KRB Audi Quattro. Just look at it!


mad mike ftw


Mad mike allday!!!


Mad Mike it's yours!! NZ bey!!


It has to be FR-S/GT-86. Just as the 2005 Mustang marked the return of American muscle, this car will mark the return of affordable, rear drive Japanese sports cars.


how can the fat lace skyline even count have you seen car in person and engine?...tallk about someone that just bought a car and slammed it ....didnt even do the suspension right the rearend is toed out from not slotting crossmember the engine bay looks terrible all they did was take the bumpers off and slam it. out of all the cars that people put work ...you guys picked that?..the car was getting laughs when it was at the queen mary jccs...must be political here....i feel bad for skyline owners with cleaner and more well excuted cars.....


The 86 and RTR-X are a little over-hyped on this site, great cars, but I sometimes have the impression that sponsors and personal favorites get a step ahead of the rest,...


MADBull , gotta love the rotary


FT86 for sure!!! Greeting from Malaysia.


man that was hard!!!

for me three of the cars that i voted for won which didnt help! a close fight between the C-X16, the Fatlace Skyline and Sunny's 240z.

but the only car that i really fell in love with at first sight was Sunny's 240z, just soooo dam sexy its unreal!



If it aint white it aint right.

It aint cool if it aint old school

None but ourselves can free our mind


I never thought I'd say this, but that s13 looks damn good.


The 4 6 s13!

That grassroots driftcar shouldnt even be in here, nothing grassroots about that.


Kiwi Pride, Mad Mikes RX7 for sure!


MADBUL RX7. Great looking car. Love the Pulse Performance quad rotor. Huge power, lightweight, flamethrowin' beast, oh and the F*CKIN' SOUND!


TF's S13 is one of the best executed car out of the bunch. Unique in many ways.

simply put.... and just seems like a car you can have at any venue, and will turn heads!


hell has to the best


mad mike all tha way


Mad Mike hard


+1 for the hakosuka. Beautiful vintage japanese engineering right there.


well,Touge Factory nissan for sure best car out there..boom


GO MadMike...!



I voted for the Skyline! But the KRB Audi and Rob's Cheetah 2002 were so good as well!


86, it is the future


Touge Factory's four six customs silvia FTW!!!


I vote for Rob's BMW 2002


Mad Mike's MADBUL RX-7. Got the looks, power backed up by a 26B 4 rotor, got the menacing F1 sound, spits fire which would put a dragon to shame and yeah team NEED FOR SPEED should be the TEAM OF THE YEAR


The photos really do make the award in half of these cases, not the car.

Epic year though of Speedhunting!