Speedhunters Awards 2011>>wanted: Reader Car Submissions

Last year we added a new category to our yearly Speedhunters Awards – Reader Car of the Year. We are continuing with it this year and once again it's time for you guys to submit your vehicles for consideration. Please keep in mind that we are looking for cars that are truly worthy of the award – high quality builds that are tasteful and unique. You can take a look at last year's nominees to get an idea of the caliber of car we are looking for.

If you think your car has what it takes, please send some photos and \details about the car to speedhuntersmike (at) gmail.com . We will go through the submissions and select the nominees for the audience to vote on later in the month.

Last year it was Antoine de Cardaillac's 280Z that won the vote. What will it be this year?

-Mike Garrett



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I didnt even know my car was in the running last year!


i think when it comes down to it the illest rwb porsche is going to win haha that car has more coverage on the internet then any other ive seen


What I wanna know is how this 280z took first last year over hose other cars........


Nice i dindt even know a guy from my place won last year :D


Please consider my car! Link http://www.douro-oni.com/memberView.cfm?ID=1 It's never had a feature in any media outlet.


wishing all the nominees luck!!


nice dodge!


Hope someone enter a very nice jdm


seriously. every one of those other z's is better than the black one. not to mention like 90% of the other cars.


Whats the last date you can submit a picture


Wow I feel sorry that I won last year... I still think that I was in right to participate even if you think that an other Z or an other car is looking better (or is built better). I mean, the speedhunters mods are filtering the entries so maybe some of the team was thinking that my built worth to be in the challenge after all! Anyway, this wasn't about your opinion but about opinions of a majority, thats how the speedhunters end of the year challenges are working... Don't know what's so nice about taking the time to write a hater comment, hope you feel better now that you said what you was thinking about my 280z.

Can't wait to see this year entries! And thanks for the last year opportunity (always great to see some love for something that you built from your hands)


Yea i dont understand how this 280z won over the other 280's that were...no disrespect whatsoever but there were some clean cars like Beck's Cuda, Hu's s15 that i drool over everytime i see it, and Bauers 73 240z


@Antoine de Cardaillac It's always like this. Everybody has his own taste and most time only haters wants too write a comment.

Nice car won last year, but i think the Eric Bauer's '73 240Z was better :P


How did that 280 win?? Looking at the comments on last years nominees it appears Paul Harrison's 72 Corolla should have taken it away easily...


I'm glad someone from Quebec won the last year challenge,

we have so interesting people and builds!

Vive le Québec! :-)

can't wait to see this year nominees!


How do u actually submit a pic?


Doesn't Beck's Cuda not actually fully exist yet?

Just wrote off the car I built so I guess it ain't eligible any more :(


the cuda is being rebuilt, that photo was an old one of how it used to look i think


So many incredible cars! I need to put in work next year to get mine in the running!!




i like the car well done man


Thanks for introducing a ltilte rationality into this debate.