Speedhunters Awards 2011>> The Winners Pt.2

The Speedhunters Awards gives our community a chance to voice their opinions, with each of the winners chosen by public vote. This year our Awards expanded to 19 categories, allowing you to vote on many facets of car culture. And now, with 2012 upon us, it's time to announce the remainder of our winners, including the 2011 Speedhunters Car of the Year.

3rd – Event of the Year: 24 Hours of Le Mans

2nd – Event of the Year: World Time Attack Challenge

Winner Event of the Year: Gatebil

Every week we serve up a selection of events from around the world and you, our readers, picked Gatebil as your Event of the Year. The three day festival in Rudskogen, Norway was the clear favourite with last year's winner, the World Time Attack Challenge, slipping to second. In third is 24 Hours of Le Mans, which served up non-stop drama from flag to flag. 

3rd TIE – Champion of the Year: Gaz Whiter

3rd TIE – Champion of the Year: Daijiro Yoshihara

2nd – Champion of the Year: Sebastien Loeb

Winner Champion of the Year: Sebastian Vettel

For a second year running, the Speedhunters readers voted Sebastian Vettel as their Champion of the Year. In 2011 the German backed up his Formula 1 championship in dominating style and continued to add to his growing list of 'youngest ever' F1 records. The runner-up was WRC's Sebastien Loeb, who this year claimed an astonishing eight world championships. In a row. Third place was tied between Daijiro Yoshihara and Gaz Whiter, two drifting champions separated by some 6,500 odd miles. 

3rd – Personality of the Year: Walker Wilkerson

2nd – Personality of the Year: Nakai-san

Winner Personality of the Year: Mike Burroughs

Mike Burroughs is the Personality of the Year. Mike, a founder of StanceWorks, is also known for his Rusty BMW, which was voted the 2010 Speedhunters Car of the Year. Nakai-san was our runner-up. 2011 proved to be a definitive year for the Japanese car builder, with RWB's popularity spreading globally. In third was FD rookie Walker Wilkerson. Finishing in fourth and fifth respectively were Team Need for Speed team-mates Fredric Aasbo and Matt Powers.

3rd – Magazine of the Year: Top Gear

2nd – Magazine of the Year: NZ Performance Car

Winner Magazine of the Year: Redline Magazine

A new addition to the Speedhunters Awards is Magazine of the Year, and our inaugural winner is Redline Magazine. Sadly Redline ceased publication in 2011, but it will long be remembered by their fans. 

3rd – Moment of the Year: Tarzan Yamada lap record at WTAC

2nd – Moment of the Year: Pikes Peak

Winner Moment of the Year: 86 launch

Above is the moment many of us will remember 2011 by. The unveiling of the 86 was the culmination of so many years of hype and speculation, and in the Speedhunters Awards it was the clear winner. In second was this year's Pikes Peak; the last time the course will include unsealed sections. Tarzan Yamada's record breaking lap at World Time Attack Challenge was voted third, scoring just half a percent more than Allan McNish's crash at Le Mans.

3rd – Car of the Year: Touge Factory's Four Six Customs Silvia

2nd – Car of the Year: Fatlace Skyline

Winner Car of the Year: Mad Mike Whiddett's MADBUL Mazda RX-7

And finally we come to the Speedhunters Car of the Year. This award sees the category winners pooled together for a final round of voting, and this year you appointed Mad Mike as the best of the best. His Red Bull / Team Need for Speed MADBUL RX-7 is now in its fifth generation, and arguably it's the best yet.

Of course Mad Mike is no stranger to the Speedhunters Awards, having won three Pro Drift Car of the Year titles in a row. His RX-7 – in an earlier guise – was the 2009 Drift Car of the Year. Last year, it was his RX-8 that took out the same award again.

The RX-7 was comprehensively revised this year, including a new quad rotor peripheral port setup. Although the FD is now cloaked in war paint, it's still immediately recognisable as a Mad Mike creation.

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year's Speedhunters Awards, and thank you to everyone who voted.  

On behalf of everyone here at Speedhunters we'd like to wish you a great New Year!

- Charles Kha



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Happy new year. Could any of you guys score a copy of that redound above. I have been chasing that issue and it eludes me. I'm in Calif classystache@gmail.com. thanks


Congrats to everyone! 2011 was the best year yet!


Idiots! Sebastian Loeb won his 8th world title in a row, making him the most succesful motorsports athlete in history. Another reason speedhunters is a joke. Vettels good but he isnt doing anything someone else hasnt already done.


really? neagative already?

all of the viewers voted, i agree with most. decision made.

good job those at speedhunters


Of course most of the winners have something to do with NFS... Redline magazine??? cover story of that piece of shit Mustang?. lol..Drifting better than time attack???


Steve, the awards are decided purely on readership voting, not by the Speedhunters team


Vettel deserves it. dgaf what anyone says, he's an exemplary driver. 2 WDCs in a row. Even if we forget his RBR portion of his career, he did stuff with a midfield TR car that no one else will accomplish for years to come. Kimi has WDC under his belt, and there is no chance for him to bring Lotus to even one podium in 2012.

Pike's Peak was event of the year. It's going to be all paved next year, under 10 minutes will be the norm for unlimited, and that's sad. Monster breaking 10 min should be moment of the year too.

Nakai-san has created a ridiculous amount of buzz over the past 2 years, he's man of the year regardless of any poll. He didn't cheapen anything, the heart and soul of RWB is still there. He still personally oversees/helps on any notable builds(if not ALL). You can believe that 'hype or no hype' he will continue to do what he does. If he sells 1000 kits, or builds one car next year, it doesn't matter, he's inspirational. I do however think that Promodet tuning -should- be required to carry the RWB badge. (=


aw.. little disappointed that Sunny's 240z didn't rank in the top 3 but grats to all the winners!


To be honest, I absolutely despise the RTR-X. I mean, i think its a vile machine. And it and another Speedhunters "sponsered" car got another award. Even though I love MadMikes FD to bits. . .


Le Mans 3rd?

This site needs some help.


Congrats to all the winners, Go the kiwis taking over the world


Go NZ!!! SO happy to read these results! Congrats Mike, Gaz and the PCar crew! :D


I love it, most of the winners have something to do with team NFS... biased?? yup. Redline magazine.. oh look that shit brick Mustang.. A Drift event beter than time attack.. lol


On ya mad mike. the last of the legends to build drift cars for fun.


Great stuff! How can we get some HD pics?


@ Steve

cool story bro. Why are you here?

@ Speedhunters: Thank you for another great year of pix and articles.


Sorry Steve but WRC is a joke for a long time now.. With only Citroen as a factory team


Cool beans. Not satisfied with some of the winners but I guess it's alright.


I Hate the stupid GT-86. It pointless getting all excited about it!!!


I think that jason richards was the champion of the year. he fought the most aggresive kind of cancer for 14 months and almost won a semi-pro game of golf the day before he died. RIP J.R


@redbeard @pedey @shane

WORD to all you said! Respect to speedhunters, you brighten my day with every article and I'm thankful

Stoked with the NZ results bring on 2012 for automotive awesomeness :) !!


Guys, not to sound like an butt, but does anybody realize that the fan votes will be biased to what the fans are most accustomed to seeing on Speedhunters? They go "Ohhh hey that camo car with the sticky outie filter thing that I've seen a lot" and click vote. Does it take away anything from Mad Mike and his madness? Nope.

And duhh they are going to have the RTR-X cover issue, it's a Speedhunters car, why would they not. I'm surprised you guys are surprised. Who freaking cares, [=


Congrats to all the winners!!!...especially Walker Wilkerson, formulad rookie with his purple, home built car...GO WW in 2012!


Speedhunters is a joke. They've been fading away for a while now and rigged voting only helps to nail the coffin shut. How long before EA games finally pulls the pin on this sad excuse for a webzone??


Sebastian Loeb is the winner for me! He is simply phenomenal! I don't think there will another driver with such a desire to win and keep it cool at the same time!


dodos26 said:

Sorry Steve but WRC is a joke for a long time now.. With only Citroen as a factory team

Well this year there were 3 factory teams! And the cars are identical, because you can't really differ because of the FIA regulations! Look at Loebs driving history and the rest of rally driver histories! He makes the least mistakes of all drivers! He has made same amount of mistakes in his career like other drivers do in one season!

Your facts are a joke if you ask me!!


@Silbeers, how do you know its rigged? UMAD cause your vote didn't win?


"Winner Personality of the Year: Mike Burroughs"

Are you kidding me!?! How could that guy win an award? I guess being a hipster stance-c*nt it's the cool thing these days.


For me, the best moment ever was Pikes Peak Hillclimb event. Epic.


@ dodos26

Yes, WRC is a joke now, but most of the teams are not in WRC because media coverage is shitty & with that there is no sponsorship interest... I personaly want back those Group B maddness days back..

@ all speedhunter haters a short message, leave,don't go to this site anymore and everybody will be happy!


Happy New Year!!!


Dodos26 - Ford and mini are factory teams. They may be ran by msport and prodrive but they're funded by ford and BMW.

And anyone who says wrc is a joke mustn't be paying attention. Go and watch Latvala in the welsh forest and then say that. Its not at it's peak i admit, but it's no joke.


Seriously, you people are silly. Your vote didn't win, stop taking it out on the site and it's users. Because in all honesty, you guys, the ones saying that the site is joke, you're just a bunch of self-centered people who think their opinion stands above everyone else's. A reader's poll is what the majority thinks, not results made that show up in the way to make you happy. If you hate this site, leave, no one will miss you, you're just another faceless person on the internet.

Also, I hope for another great year for Speedhunters.


3 drift cars, not a single actual "race" car, this is pathetic.

How can a car launch event beat out an actual RACE event? It shows just how in-knowledgeable the readers are. The FT-86 is nothing to beat off to, its a low curb weight RWD, gutless "drift" car. The only people that are giving it critical praise are the "drifterz".

More race, less drift...and stupid stance shit.


Congrats to everyone who won and thanks to everyone for getting involved and supporting the site. Even those crying conspiracy based on a mathematical equation decided by the people which simply cannot be wrong. Its really sad how people want to rain on others parades , you know the saying..... Haters gonna hate! The entire RTR-X team is honored to be chosen for muscle machine of the year, thank you all who voted! We will be having some more fun with the RTR-X next year and I look forward to sharing with you all. Happy New Year!


The reason that Loeb wins is that he is damn good and that there is a big lack of money in the sport and there are just those with the money to run the cars that participate, so he doesnt get any real competition... there are 3 big manufacturers running a WRC program and thats ford, citroen and mini up until now. VW will be joining in in 2012 tho, looking forwad to it! but subaru and mitsubishi where the hell are you ?

Well deserved wins to you all tho!

And a drift car is also a racecar wich partisipates in a race called drifting.


Vaughn I'd have to disagree with you, that RTR-X is not a muscle car or muscle machine.. I mean you could classify it as muscle garbage.


SEBASTIAN LOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 ROC (3 SECOND PLACE) 8 WRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEPKPK´WAEG+



Happy New Year everybody!

I am glad Mad Mike won because his car is a beast! Congratulations for keeping the 4rotor and the low stance because drifting is a show after all.

@Mad Mike, come back to Formula D and show to the V8 f@ggotry how it's done.

@Speedhunters, you are doing a great job and I love your website!


Bwahaha, that's HILARIOUS. Speedhunters chose people from within their own little pathetic group of hipster losers for people to vote for. You guys are stupid if you think the votes are rigged. the whole system was rigged from the start. you basically had to vote for someone within the Turdhunters / EA games group.

These people didn't even win anything! Its just pissing rights to say, "ooow wow, look at me imma fuckin' badass - I won the speedhunters award..." wow - congratulations idiots


What did they give away?? Not a single damn thing. What a f##king joke this place is.


@Apple Pie: Umad?


fatlace should be called" buy more tires cause i look stupid" like the cars they picked...mad mike got killed in drifting while in the u.s why is he

so special the car sucks...much like this site....


rigged...sad ass cars


i like the cars they were all good picks....


I want to see you in an actual race event Vaughn, Congrats to your win on driftings, now show your actual potential in a lap/time based race. Not smoke and hooning.


THANKYOU for awarding us magazine of the year 2011, we really appreciate it!