Speedhunters Awards 2011>>one Day Left To Vote For Your Favorite Cars

Have you submitted your vote for all the categories in our 2011 Speedhunters Awards?

The voting for all car categories will end tomorrow, December 23rd at 10:00am Pacific so we can begin to prepare the nominees for 2011's Car of the Year award.

That means you have one day left to get your votes in for your favorite cars of the year.

To make things easier, here are links to all of the car categories in the 2011 Speedhunters Awards -

2011 Concept Car of the Year

2011 New Car of the Year

2011 Time Attack Car of the Year

2011 Street Car of the Year

2011 Pro Drift Car of the Year

2011 Demo Car of the Year

2011 Grassroots Drift Car of the Year

2011 Muscle Machine of the Year

2011 Rod & Custom of the Year

2011 Retro Machine of the Year

2011 Reader Car of the Year

2011 Rat of the Year

2011 Race Car of the Year

I've had a peak at a few of the current results and let's just say that some of the races are very tight. Every vote counts!

-Mike Garrett



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Posted this on a bunch of different blogs, facebook pages, and sites. So many good categories this year!

So many rad cars - tons of inspiration amongst these categories.


You should of had 'best modified model car of the year.'


So many nice cars, it's hard to decide : )


I voted in all categories and I tell you the truth, it was not too easy because in some categories I had more than one favourite. 2011 was my first year on Speedhunters and I am going to be your fan for ever!!!


When will the winners be announced :)


i've done it man.. lets have the results!!