Speedhunters Awards 2011>> Moment Of The Year

There were so many moments from 2011 that will live long in our memories. We'll look back at some fondly, while others will be sombrely remembered. Which of these was your defining Moment of the Year?

The 86 Launch

It was a long time coming, but finally the unveiling happened at Fuji Speedway. For so long Japanese car enthusiasts had been begging for an affordable, RWD model, and it seems like Toyota and Subaru have delivered. 

BBC and Sky share F1

Although audience numbers were at a 10 year high, the BBC announced they would no longer broadcast all of the Formula 1 races live. Instead, UK viewers who want to see all of the races live will have to subscribe to Sky.

End of Redline Magazine

It was a sad moment when well-known Redline Magazine ceased circulation.

Formula DRIFT Las Vegas

Some hard decisions are made when a championship is at stake. At FD Las Vegas, JTP was handed team-mate McQuarrie’s car, creating plenty of controversy.

Formula DRIFT Irwindale

The FD championship was blown wide open when title favourite Daijiro Yoshihara was eliminated. What followed was an amazing turn of events, with many of the contenders failing to capitalise. When the dust settled, the Japanese driver had enough points to hang on to his championship lead. 

Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix

One of the most audacious overtakes of the year goes to Mark Webber. The Australian ran wheel to wheel with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, mere inches separating them as they ducked through the notorious Eau Rouge corner. 

Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

One of the craziest races of the F1 season was the Canadian Grand Prix, which saw five safety car periods. The chaotic events culminated in Sebastian Vettel's last lap error, which handed the win to McLaren's Jenson Button. Button hailed this as his greatest win yet. At one point he collided with team-mate Lewis Hamilton and then, on lap 40, he had found himself in last position. 

Le Mans

Hearts were in mouths when Allen McNish's Audi R18 was turned in a twisted pile of metal and carbon. Somehow McNish was able to walk away from this horrific crash.

Lewis Hamilton vs Felipe Massa

In Singapore, it happened yet again. All season Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa clashed on track, a magnet seemingly drawing them together. The two collided no less than five times in 2011.

Lexus LFA sets Nordschleife record

The stopwatch read 7:14.64. That's how long it took the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition to overcome the Nordschleife. On street tyres.


The battle betweenTony Stewart and Carl Edwards for this year's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series couldn't have been more dramatic. In the final race, Stewart came from behind to pip championship leader Carl Edwards to the flag. The win tied them on points, with Stewart crowned the champion because of the countback rule. The rain had held off for the race to be completed and, moments after pulling into the winner's circle, the heavens opened.


After being pushed into the wall by Ron Hornaday, a livid Kyle Busch decides to take matters into his own hands. Under yellow flags, he retaliates by deliberately tagging Hornaday, sending both of them crashing out. The incident ended Hornaday's championship hopes with Busch suspended for that round. 

Pikes Peak

This was the last time the Pikes Peak climb would have a gravel section before becoming fully paved.


The Saab saga

Sadly, Saab Automobile joined a growing list of car brands that have bit the dust. Just a few days ago, the Swedish car maker filed for bankruptcy. 

World Time Attack Challenge record

No lap record is sacred in time attack. Shortly after the Sierra-Sierra team smashed through the 1:30 barrier, the Cyber Evo team responded with an all-or-nothing lap. Their 1:28.851 is now the new WTAC record but sadly, the team won't be back to defend it. The legendary Cyber Evo has been retired for good.

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- Charles Kha



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McNish, I still can't believe he walked away from that.


really think jake jones burning someone elses car should be on here hahahaha


I may be biased as I was editor, but my vote goes to Redline!


Nascar? Really?


Redline got my vote also


Miss redline :(


McNish! I saw it live and I'm still getting goosebumps...


id say its pikes peak. bums me out its getting paved. its been a dirt race since 1916. there getting rid of almost 100 years of racing history.


86 Launch, even though alot of others were pretty brutal, that's the one i've been waiting for


Magazines, drivers, series... they come and go.

Pike's Peak losing gravel - that's a truly big moment. The end of a very special race.


I know this will be unpopular with most of the crowd here, but by a significant margin Nascar Miami takes moment of the year.


Marco Simoncelli. /thread


I vote for tony stewart for the impossibleness of the situation that we ended up with . BUT my real moment(S) of the year was Jason Richards (1976-2011 RIP) efforts over the Clipsil, Melbourne GP and Bathurst weekends .To get and 2nd & 1st in the V8 feeder series, 2nd in a non championship V8 supercar race while under going chemo, then to be at bathurst ,let alone drive a classic touring car in anger to 2nd around the mountain after being told that there was not much more there could be do for him was simple outstanding.


Yamada-san cooooooool!!!


why retire a race car? its a race car, what other purpose will it have? if its still smashing lap records then surely its still good to go!


has to be buttons win at canada, to this day i still dont know how he did it!


24H du Nurburgring?


I was sad and disappointed to find out that my favourite car magazine that I'd enjoyed reading and learning from for years was ceasing production.It should definitely be brought back and I know I'm not alone in missing a new issue of Redline each month.


9th pic: that's how F1 cars will look like in the future.


The 86 launch and LeMans 2011 were both pretty crazy, but im going with FD Irwindale just cuz im a dai-hard and i've been rooting for him for eight years now!


I would vote for the 86's launch, but losing Saab... damn GM.


the loss of dan wheldon? not even a mention? that was a big moment for me, losing such an amazing driver. hadn't the event triggered off a few rule changes?


Nascar at miami is the winner hands down.


Nascar at miami is the winner hands down.


of course the 86 launch. we were waiting a long time for it. and we have a good succesor of old hachi


No mention of Dan Wheldon?


i second the vote for jake jones whole d1nz season lol, poor guy




the cyber evo win, and on second the redline closing


Just getting into redline mag and then they go and stop production :(


86 gets my vote, will be ripping the Scion badges off of mine and replacing them with Toyota emblems when I buy mine.


I voted for the Saab Saga.The Ups and Downs the company went this year from hope to little hope, to hope to no hope was a roller coaster ride for anyone who were following. I'll confess I work at a Saab Dealership and well its rough for some long time employee's. Myself I'm not a fan of the brand and had a feeling it would turn out this way. Still many thought Saab would be dead a year ago and they made it this far. The Cat of the Automotive World 9 lives and all! As I told friends.


Pikes Peak no doubt.


Canadian GP, what Jenson did was amazing


@ Pozz: No, the "---, really?" moment here is the fact that you actually contest that a super narrow points race that was decided at the last round of the season doesn't deserve to be in the top moments running. If you're gonna f***ing complain about that, I guess you best complain about the Formula D event as well.


Just imagine a Formula one time attacking on the legendary Pikes Peak. That would ultimately be the moment of next year.


Redline mag. gone but not forgottten


the Cyber Evo driven by Tarzan is like a force of nature! the win for them is the culmination of multiple factors coming together harmoniously, epic win!


I'm surprised and taken aback that no mention of Dan Wheldon made the list...



best momentt, first ADGP event. Australia has a national drift series again


F1 Canadian GP. What a hectic race.


Whoever was at Irwindald for the Formula D final will have to agree that the final was definitely intense and hands down best ever formula d event!


Gatebil rudskogen !!!


Toss up between Pikes Peak and the LeMans crash.


How can you go past Webbers overtake in Eau Rouge?


Losing Redline sucked, thats the one for me


Canadian Grand Prix was monumental!


This was truly the end of an era for Pikes Peak. It's such a legendary hill climb, the fact that there's no longer gravel is pretty sad. At the same time, I'm excited to see what kind of times can be hit with an all tar track.


Yeah, where's Dan Wheldon??

Other than that, my face has been glued to the computer screen over the 86 release, and it sucks to hear about Redline's demise.


Formula d Vegas showed how pro drifting is becoming corrupted


The FD Las Vegas Falken debacle was disgusting, maybe "drama of the year?" @AK I wouldn't say pro drifting altogether. D1NZ is still pure and you never know who will take the next podium. Series get ruined by team/sponsor domination. (ahem Falken)


I had to go with NASCAR, despite all the non true car haters. I watched it happen live on TV, so I was able to see it all happen. It was a tough choice though, there were so many good choices.


Dan Wheldon, Jason Richards, Marco S

Then GM kills Saab.

A sad year all round


Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix hands down for me!!!! that race was EPIC!!!! the reason why i love F1 so much!

to come from stone dead last to take the win on the last lap, in those conditions....! WOW

but so many other event would get my vote as well! BBC & Sky...ARGH!!!! i freaking hate Sky...trying to take over the world!


its gotta be irwindale here... i was pissing myself the whole time! haha


The loss of Dan and Marco will unfortunately be what I remember most about this year, sadly.


gotta be pikes peak...


When Speedhunters danced with the thought of releasing a hardback book?


I need to choose Pikes Peak. It will never be the same anymore.


Redline mag was for the 'chavs' and 'billy-boy racers' it was crap! too many cheque book cars


I wanted to vote for the IndyCar pileup at Las Vegas and Dan Wheldon's fatal crash.