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On Saturday as I was walking through the parking lot at Irwindale Speedway, I spotted this Ford LTD Wagon.

At a glance it looks like just an old wagon with some big wheels, but besides the set of Cobra Rs, I also noticed Wilwood brakes, Sparco seats, and a full roll cage.

I have no doubts about the potential of these Fox platform cars after seeing several at this year's Fabulous Fords Forever show, but this might be the most extreme example yet.

It's also an amazing sleeper to boot. Anyone have more info on this beast?

-Mike Garrett



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Really this car is looking very ordinary like other Ford cars. But if this care has these things like eilwood brakes, sparco seats, and a full roll cage then obviously this care is very different from others.


Would love to see it being drifted


@ Mike Garrett: you know who would have more info about this car (other than the owner)? YOU !

If you cared so much about this car, why didn't you snap more pics and stick around for the owner to show up, so you could ask him all the questions you want?

As usual, it's on US that we do have to research. Remind me again who is doing the "hunting"?


And here I thought I knew about all of the modified LTDs in SoCal. That's a new one on me. It's had some body work, too. All of the original side mouldings have been removed and holes filled. Roof rack has likely been removed too.

And it's either an LTD with Marquis marker lights, or a Marquis with LTD tail lights.


Oh, and if you look carefully you can see the front wheel is not centered in the wheel well. That means he's got an aftermarket K-member of some sort. I want to hump this car.


As a fellow owner of a So-Cal LTD Wagon built with the twisties in mind, I highly approve of this fine ride. Hope to see it in person someday.


One of Pastranas buddies was whipping one around fairly well at a RallyCross event last year in New Jersey. Not as clean as this one though, but it was rocking the cobra wheels some better braking a full cage and mean dual exit exhaust...it was one of the more interesting oddities there.


Wagon with rollcage = love.

I always dig sleepers.


Looks to me that it has a aftermarket k member, looks like the front wheels are pushed forward a bit, I would definitely drive it though


Was it an LTD or a Marquis?? My '85 Marquis was identical to this car besides the lack of roof rack. A quick shot of the grill will say the difference... I'm building an '83 LTD right now with a bored 351w and some other goodies. There's a video on YouTube, search LTD 351w longtubes.