Photos Of The Year 2011>> The Spread Of The Stickers

As we wind down the last of our 2011 stories, I thought it would be fun to put together a different type of themed gallery, which focuses on the much sought after Speedhunters stickers.

Whenever we attend events, Speedhunters team members around the world are normally more than happy to give out these stickers. You just have to come up to us and ask!

We estimate that over 20,000 of Speedhunters stickers have been printed since the website began, perhaps more.

As a result, we often encounter our own SH logo in a wide variety of unexpected places…

… from phones…

… to die cast models.

We also make a point, of getting our friends and collaborators to rep us. This is Tommy Milner’s HANS device as spotted at the Dubai 24Hs in January.

The dashboard of the Team NFS Schubert BMW Z4 shows the special Dubai 24H sticker we did up for that event.

Here’s a logo adorning the custom carbon dash of Filippo Pirini’s MX5.

And in the classic headlight position.

A large pile ready to be given out from Team NFS base camp at Mondello Park in Sept care of Touge Automotive.

Stickerbombing on a Nissan S14a

Side window S15

24hrs Nürburgring shed…

Edward Sandstrom’s helmet after the 2nd place finish at the Spa 24Hs.

Home made Speedhunters sticker at MIVW in The Netherlands.

Speedhunter’s audio composer, Rob Bullough’s bike in Amsterdam

Headlight Nissan Stagea

Miniature Touge Automotive Speedhunters sticker on a Matt Powers RC replica.

Sticker on the base plate at the Mini Mobil World RC day

Frederic Ferreira’s E39 supercharged M5 drift car rear wing shot in France,

Bas Plugge’s drift 350z in The Netherlands.

Yves Stocky’s ex-Sumo Power drift 350z from Luxembourg.

Suguru Ishiai and Manabu Mitsumori at Tokyo Auto Salon

The ALMS Falken Tire Porsche RSR.

Iwai-san, driver of the H.D.O. D1 KP61 Starlet

A different use for the Touge Automotive mini-RC Speedhunters sticker.

Happy New Years everyone! On we go to 2012.


Touge Automotive X Speedhunters products

Fatlace X Speedhunters products

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So far in my area I'm the only one to have a "SpeedHunters" sticker. Have had several "OMG NO WAYZ!" moments when people see 'em. I've also had a few "whats speedhunters dot com?" and I've led them to your site. I'll rep you guys till you only cover NASCAR then I'm out. haha!


I'll be going to Tokyo AutoSalon in 2012. Where can i meet the good folks of speedhunters, so i can take some stickers back to Australia, Sydney!!


I Like, and i want one !!!!


I need to get my hands on a few of these, I have some great places for these in mind!


I'd love to get one just to stick on my laptop, steezy. Too bad I live in Australia!


Places to put the Speedhunters sticker:

1. On your car

2. On your bicycle

3. On your camera

4. On your glasses

5. On your face

6. On your tongue

7. Around your hair

8. Semi-hidden in your man-beard

9. Around your fingers

10. Painted on your finger nails

11. Wrapped around your eyeballs

12. On your di...............shwasher


"Iwai-san, driver of the H.D.O. D1 KP61 Starlet"

He seems to focus on his job. Funny man :D


where can i get a sticker, anyone ?


where can i get some of these stickers in aus if that helps


Great write up

Perhaps you can have a competion for best placed speedhunters sticks

Cheers for the great work guys


maybe the SH team should come down to Malaysia to do some car hunting or cover major events like the FD so that i can ask for the SH sticker. :D yes it can be custom printed but that won't be authentic. just my 50 cents. Happy New Year. \m/


Is there any other way to get/purchase those stickers then via Fatlace or Touge?


Now where can i get one?


I rock Speedhunters on basically all my cars in Forza :D


i want one for my laptop.....Hopefully ill spot one of you guys at Autosport International!!!!!!!!!!!


I need 4,2 for both laptops,1 for my car and 1 for my phone!


Here in the Philippines....

Uhm, yeah.




The illest sticker I bought for my laptop doesn't stick well, so I'd love to put a Speedhunters on in it's place, how can I get one? Can you guys get a mail order thing going, cause I'd happily pay.


There is nowhere to buy speedhunters stickers in america. I want to buy some.


where can you get the sticker if you're from Malaysia...


Yeah! I actually want to print Logo on Shirt.

Please Speedhunters print them on Shirt. Please Please Please!

Happy New year to all of yoU!


I got mine at

Don't know if they still have them.


Mann i'll have to wait till you come down to Australia for WTAC till i can get my hands on one!!!!


why don't people just go to touge website and buy them? i did.


I'd like to get some original SH and an illest stickers too but I live in Hungary.


Aah nice, my car made it to the post :D happy to rep you guys ;)


I look for yall every year at Formula D ATL and I can never find :/


i got Speedhunters stickers and i stick it on my Tamiya Mini 4WD Carbox.

im so proud to Rep. it.:)


Where can you get those speedhunter stickers?! I own a Mx5 Turbo. And it would fit nice on it :-)


touge automotive sell them, and seeing as they're affiliated with speedhunters im pretty sure theyre the proper ones.


where can i get them? i look everywhere for the stickers but i never see them


you can make em, you can buy em, but there would be nothing like getting one from Camile ((: but i'll be more than glad to get some sent to me! lol (;