Photos Of The Year 2011>> Casey Dhnaram Pt.2

For my second part of Photos Of The Year I’ve stepped away from Japan’s car scene to focus more on what is in my own backyard – Australia.

Lexus LFA, Lexus HQ, Sydney, Australia

First of all I’ll be starting with a handful of images from our ultra productive trip to Sydney for the World Time Attack Challenge. It was a great privilege to be able to shoot the Lexus LFA at their Sydney HQ.

Mad Mike’s Red Bull Team NFS FD3S RX-7, Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, Australia

Another great highlight of 2011 was meeting so many new and famous faces such as Mike Whiddett. It was great to feature his one and only quad-rotor RX-7.

Nissan 370Z, Woolloongong, Sydney, Australia

We also shot at some gorgeous locations around New South Wales.

Ferrari Cruising, Sydney CBD, Sydney, Australia

We also caught some candid shots of cars as the cruised through the city.

Lexus ISF, Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, Australia

Our other press car was the Lexus ISF which looked gorgeous sitting on the bank of Eastern Creek.

Garage Revolution FD3S RX-7, Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, Australia

This year’s WTAC was certainly memorable. One of the crowd favourites was Garage Revolution.

Mad Mike’s RedBull / Team NFS FD3S RX-7, Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, Australia

It was one thing to see Mad Mike’s RX-7 static in the parking area and another thing altogether to see it smashing off the limiter.

Sydney CBD, Sydney, Australia

This was the view from my hotel room. It really opened my eyes and reminded me of how gorgeous this country really is.

The Beauman Residents – FAT57 Customs, Sydney, Australia

The Beaumans kindly let us feature their garage, Fat57 Customs.

The World’s fastest GT-R testing, Willowbank Raceway, Willowbank, Australia

Just like last year I was out shooting the testing of Reece McGregor’s R32 GT-R at Willowbank in the lead up to Jamboree.

Pac Performance Mazda 6, Willowbank Raceway, Willowbank, Australia

Pac Performance is always a favourite at Jamboree and I think my camera agrees too!

Braden Mace’s Zenki S14, Queensland Drift Matsuri, Queensland Raceway, Willowbank, Australia

2011 was also the first time Queensland Raceway decided to host a Matsuri. It ran over two days with non-stop drifting. Hopefully this will return sometime in 2012.

Josh Maher’s EK Hatch, Mt Cootha, Brisbane, Australia

I captured quite a few gorgeous Australian cars this year; one being Josh’s K20A2 Civic.

Keiran Ryan’s JZX 100 Mark II, Wivenhoe Dam, Fernvale, Australia

Another was Keiran’s JZX 100 Mark II – this feature is yet to be published but will be coming your way in a couple of days!

Seamus Eldershaw’s Trueno AE86 Coupe, Mt Cootha, Brisbane, Australia

Finally, Seamus’ 20V AE86 is definitely one of the cleanest cars I’ve come across this year. I hope you have enjoyed my two parts. Bring on 2012!


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Want this Mark 2 sooooo bad


JZX (:

Fat57 ((:





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YEA!!! australia FTW!


That AE86... I give everything to get one like that!! It's hard out here where I live :/



The World's fastest GT-R testing

Pac Performance Mazda 6


Awesome work throughout the year Casey, as expected! One thing I think Speedhunters as a whole could improve in their photos of the year features is provide links to the full feature on each car? Saves having to fruitlessly search for articles 12 months old.

Keep it up for 2012 and a happy new year!


Keiran Ryan's Mark II ,feature it fast!!! -_____- cnt wait


Nice cars, nice photos.....but my absolute favourite is the LAST picture because of the car & the place! ;)


Blue LFA is definitely photo of the year!