Photos Of The Year 2011>>california Dreaming Pt.3

The days between Christmas and New Year are always a strange time. In Japan for example, companies have already started shutting down for the big New Year holiday. Here in the US though things are different. For some people it's business as usual. For others it's extra days of vacation. I think most people though aren't quite sure what to do.

If there's one thing this week is good for though, it's reminiscing about the year gone by. Here's the third and final part of my 2011 Photos of the Year.

(Above) '55 Chevy, Billetproof, Antioch, California

For the most part, people are an obstacle to shooting photos at big events. I don't know how much I've time spent waiting for people to clear out so I can grab a shot. Sometimes though, you can work these folks into the frame for an interesting shot.

Long Beach Motorama, Long Beach, California

The LB Motorama is without a doubt one of my favorite events of the year. It's actually encouraged for showgoers to climb into the arena seats to get an overview at the retro-themed show floor below.

Porsche 356, Santa Barbara, California

It's been said that the best camera ou is the one that's with you. I was vacationing in Santa Barbara this year when I saw this beautiful Porsche 356 parked on the street. I didn't have my DSLR with me, but I managed to capture a decent shot using my cell phone camera. Why not?

Porsche 935, Rennsport Reunion, Monterey, California

A portrait of myself at work, as reflected in the aero disc of a Porsche 935.

Vintage Dragster, Eagle Field Drags, Dos Palos, California

Anyone else think that each member of the Speedhunters team should get their own helicopter for getting those special shots?

'32 Ford Coupe, Mooneyes X-Mas Party, Irwindale, California

The simple beauty of a period correct Hot Rod interior at the Mooneyes show.

Mitsubishi Evo, Super Lap Battle, Buttonwillow, California

Do you like my artsy DOF in this pit view at Buttonwillow?

Hemi V8, Billetproof, Antioch, California

There's nothing quite like a big wide Hemi sitting in the bay of a Hot Rod. Details like this are what makes shooting Rods and customs one of the funnest parts of the job.

Porsche 917, Rennsport Reunion, Monterey, California

A Porsche 917 at full speed arounnd Laguna Seca was certainly one of the most unforgettable scenes I saw through my viewfinder this year.

Greddy Scion FR-S, Cars & Coffee, Irvine, California

I have never been more excited for a new car, and I think I speak for many when I say that.

Plymouth Wheelstand, California Hot Rod Reunion, Bakersfield, California

Sometimes shooting is very simple. You aim your lens in the direction of the subject and wait for something cool to happen.

Fatlace/RWB Porsche 964, SEMA Show, Las Vegas, Nevada

The SEMA Show might not be known as a place for great photography, but with a little patience you can always come up with some good results.

Vintage Speed Parts, California Hot Rod Reunion, Bakersfield, California

This year I started shooting with prime lenses for the first time. I especially like how well they work for singling out a certain sections of a car or certain parts, like these old school speed goodies at the swap meet.

Jaguar CX-16 Concept, LA Auto Show, Los Angeles, California

I just had to include an image of this car here – based on its jaw-dropping beauty alone.

Mary Pozzi's Camaro, Buttonwillow, California

The office of Mary Pozzi's Camaro, one of the coolest Muscle Cars I've ever had the privilege of shooting.

'69 GTO Judge, Cars & Coffee, Irvine, California

A simple front profile shot here. The Pontiac brand may be gone, but their legendary vehicles of the past won't ever be forgotten.

Skeleton Dude, Mooneyes X-Mas Party, Irwindale, California

This one speaks for itself I'd say.

Long Beach Motorama, Long Beach California

Lead sled heaven in Long Beach!

Minibike, Eagle Field Drags, Dos Palos, California

As this photo suggests, the Eagle Field Drags are a rather care-free event. That's what I love about it.

AE86, Madera County Foothills, California

My AE86 beater after a drive through the hills. Hmm…I think it's time to fire her up and go for a spin.

Here's to another great year of Speedhunting.

-Mike Garrett

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Dope hachi, i like


I luv evo's, thanks for sharing that pic and puting it on a spotlight.


Your AE86 is beatiful!


I agree with Will, not too happy though, cause I wanted to paint my Notchback red :/ hope I'm not seen as a poser, oh and a levin front end :)


I agree with Will, not too happy though, cause I wanted to paint my Notchback red :/ hope I'm not seen as a poser, oh and a levin front end :)


made my day ..thnx:)


Three numbers... 356


What would speedhunters be without Mr. Garrett? Good stuff as usual, thanks man.