Photos Of The Year 2011>>california Dreaming Pt.2

Ah yes, the life of a Speedhunter. I can't think of another job in the world where you can be shooting beat up drift cars in the desert one weekend, listening to rockabilly music at a Hot Rod show the next weekend, and on another be rubbing elbows with the wine and cheese crowd in Monterey.

My Speedhunting adventures in 2011 included all of that and more. Here's part two of my look back through the year.

(Above) Ferrari GTO, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, California

If I had to pick my favorite event of the year, it might just be the Rolex Historics at Laguna Seca. The sight of multi-million dollar classics going at it on the track has a tendency to stick with you.

All Star Bash, Streets of Willow, Rosamond, California

Besides the scorching heat, the biggest problem about shooting All Star Bash is staying focused on "work". I've never been to an event where fooling around is more encouraged for the drivers and media alike. Word is next year's ASB will be in the fall, so at least the heat won't be a problem. The goofing off will still be there though…

LA Roadster Show, The Fairplex, Pomona, California

Flames and louvers on a Hot Rod at the LA Roadster Show. It's all in the details.

'72 Datsun 240Z, Clovis, California

In July I sold my Mustang GT and took on a 1972 240Z project car. As of now I've yet to make much progress on the Z, but one of my new year's resolutions is to really get going on this thing. I've got some cool ideas swirling around in my head…

The North American Honda Collection, Torrance, California

An incredible slice of Honda history can be found in a top secret warehouse in Torrance. What a treat it was to get a tour of this place.

Mercury Comet Gasser, Mooneyes Open House, Santa Fe Springs, California

The Rocket occupies some prime real estate at the Mooneyes Open House. Summer or winter, in Japan or the US, the Moon crew knows how to throw a party.

EK Civic, Eibach Meet, Corona, California

A little rain didn't stop the waves of Honda fans from coming out to the Eibach meet. Unless you've been, you can't imagine the crowds that come to Eibach.

Shelby GT350, Sonoma Historics, Infineon Raceway, California

Likewise, an early June rainstorm didn't stop the driver of this Shelby GT350 from putting on a show at the Sonoma Historics.

Nissan Fairlady Z432, JCCS, Long Beach California

Nissan's legendary S20 at home in the engine bay of a Z432.

Picture Car Warehouse, Northridge, California

Have you seen the film Drive? If so the Picture Car Warehouse should look familiar. Several scenes in the movie were filmed here.

Toyota Celica, Toyotafest, Long Beach, California

I can think of no better car to represent Toyotafest than this first generation Celica. Timeless.

Kruisin' Nationals, Santa Maria, California

A couple of Chevy sleds on the grass at the Kruisin' Nationals. There's a reason why people from all over the world venture to Santa Maria every year.

Mazda Miata, Nisei Showoff, Los Angeles, California

Nothing says summer in LA like the Nisei Showoff. The owner of this Roadster gets bonus points for the cool rag top.

Blu808, Campbell, California

An LS9 V8 wedged into the bay of an S14 drift car at Blu808. Is there another piece of aluminum that could generate so much debate?

Rolex Historics, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, California

Another image from the Rolex Historics. I certainly took home a new appreciation for the Jaguar brand after my time in Monterey this year.

LA Roadster Show, The Fairplex, Pomona, California

It might be called the LA "Roadster" Show, but I'm gonna go with a shot I snapped of a Ford Econoline van. Why? Because vans are awesome.

Drift Union Soarer, All Star Bash, Rosamond, California

Another memory from this year's ASB. Hanging out with the Drift Union crew from Canada. Super cool guys they are.

Nissan Bluebird, JCCS, Long Beach, California

This 510 Bluebird found in the parking lot was one of my top picks from this year's JCCS. Dig that stance.

Porsche RSR Cockpit, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, California

Vintage race car cockpits calm me. Everything has a purpose – no fluff here.

Ford Model A, Starlite Rod & Kustom, Torrance, California

This is my idea of window shopping, thanks to the boys at Starlite Rod & Kustom.

Hope you've enjoyed this look back. More to come in part three.

-Mike Garrett

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Hey Mike - what rims are on your S30 in the trailer pict? Thanks and pass me a build thread if you have one hiding somewhere. Good luck and can't wait to see the outcome!


Desktop of the GTO at Laguna Seca please!

Serious question, why doesn't Speedhunters post all of its photos available in desktop size?



Nice S30 you picked up. My dad has 4 immaculate Z's in all his favorite colors. 70,71,72 and 73. Looks like you got a nice clean example.



14" SSR reverse mesh maybe. Just a guess by the little you can see


still hoping u make a desktop of the sr20 please


Mazda Miata, Nisei Showoff, Los Angeles, California

That Miata is so nice


"Because vans are awesome." +1


wallpaper request for the pinstripes-over-louvers pic please. Fan-fuhken-tastic


Hey Adam,

I believe they are an old Appliance wheel, 14x7. I haven't had them off the car yet to check for markings.

I did a Car Life post when I first picked up the Z. You can check it out here -


After reading many of your posts, Mike, one can only assume that your Z will either have the restored look or the insane JDM look, riding a millimeter off the ground(maybe not that low), haha. You'd probably have your own little thing to it too. Japanese RPF1's on an American Mustang....what are we gonna see in the future from the Z?