Photos Of The Year 2011>>california Dreaming Pt.1

2011 has been an extremely big year for me. Not just professionally but personally as well.

In addition to my busy schedule of Speedhunting work, over the course of 2011 I bought my first home, swapped cars, and even adpoted a couple of kittens. I may not have logged the same mileage as some of the other globe trotters on the Speedhunters team, but I found myself working harder than ever to tap into the endless sea of car culture that is the state of California.

Let's take a look back shall we?

(Above) Ford Hot Rod, Fabulous Fords Forever, Buena Park, California

Fabulous Fords Forever is a massive gathering of Blue Oval fans. Of all the shots I took that day, there's something about this flamed three-window Coupe that sticks out. It's such a perfect California scene.

The 57 and 10 Interchange, Pomona, California

Scenes like this are such a big part of my life on the road during Speedhunting trips. In this shot I'm behind the wheel of the 2011 Mustang V6. It might not have had the bark of the V8, but with 300+hp and a 6-speed it was a fun car to put around in.

'06 Mustang GT, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Speaking of Mustangs, this is my '06 GT right after I outfitted a set of Enkei RPF1s. I ended up selling the Mustang over the summer to make room for my 240Z project, but I sure miss it after looking at this photo…

Justin's Datsun 610 Wagon, NFS SoCal, El Segundo, California

I'm used to capturing events with my camera, but NFS SoCal was unique in that I was involved in planning and recruiting vehicles. I was quite happy with the results thanks to people like Justin Hrenko and Yuta Akaishi who drove down to take part. Thanks guys!

Justin Pawlak's FD3S, Gardena, California

My attempt at a rolling shot while following JTP to lunch in his new FD RX-7. I also have to thank him for introducing me to Giuliano's Deli, which is now a regular stop for me whenever I'm in the city of Gardena.

Caffeine Cruisers, Redondo Beach, California

Ah yes, winter in Southern California. This was taken on a bitter January morning with temperatures hovering at a frigid 62 degrees farenheit.

George Marstanovic's FC3S, XDC Rd.1, Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, California

As great as the action is, Irwindale is actually a pretty tough to place shoot. I somehow managed to get this shot of George's V8 FC through the fence on the inner bank during XDC.

Chevy Nova, Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, California

In a scene that's likely repeated every Thursday night, a Nova lifts its front wheels down the eighth mile strip at Irwindale.

Evasive Motorsports Civic, Evasive Motorsports, La Puente, California

It's amazing how just a select group of modifications transformed this run of the mill Civic Si into a daily driver that's also a potent Time Attack machine.

Early Riser Corvette, Cars & Coffee, Irvine, California

If you want a good a spot at Cars & Coffee, plan on being there before the sun comes up.

BMW M3 GT2, Long Beach Grand Prix, Long Beach, California

The pair of M3 GT2s lead the field through turn 10 during the opening laps of the race. ALMS on the streets of Long Beach is always sensory overload.

Donut Derelicts, Huntington Beach, California

Another Saturday morning and another cruise-in on the streets of Southern California.

AE86 RC Car, HPI Racing USA, Foothill Ranch, California

Some AE86 two-door love from the good people at HPI Racing. I quite enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the RC industry.

'54 Nash Healey, Hot Rods & Hobbies, Signal Hill, California

This '54 Nash Healey was undergoing reconstruction at Hot Rods & Hobbies back in February. I wonder what it looks like now?

Datsun Swap Meet, Eagle Rock, California.

Looking through these photos reminded me that I need to get out to the next one of these swap meets. Got a list of parts I'm trying to track down for my S30!

Chevelle SS, Hotchkis Track Day, Streets of Willow, Rosamond, California

This was the first time this badass Chevy had ever been on the race track, and the owner was hooked. Gotta love someone who isn't afraid to throw around their pristine Muscle Car.

Dodge Daytona Clone, Mopar Spring Fling, Woodley Park, Van Nuys, California

Sean's awesome Dodge Daytona clone at the Mopar Spring Fling. It may be sitting on a trailer in this shot, but this car was built for the track.

Bare Sedan, Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona, California

While much of the United States is covered in snow, it's sunny skies and good times every January at the Grand National Roadster Show.

Alex Lee's Toyota Cresta, Formula Drift Rd.1, Long Beach, California

I only made it to one Formula Drift event this year, but it was a good one. It was cool to see Alex Lee bring some old JDM sedan flavor to the big leagues of drifting.

Formula Drift Rd.1, Long Beach California

The skies over Long Beach were so majestic that I couldn't help pondering the meaning of life. I also pondered what I should order at Roscoe's for dinner.

To be continued!

-Mike Garrett

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Some real nice shots there Mike:)

Keep 'em coming


No wonder I want to move to California.


thats an easy answer. chicken and waffles!!


Desktop of first pic!


62 degrees farenheit is winter!!! HAHAHAAHA!!!

come on we get that at summer time some days in the UK, right now the temperatures around 45 degrees farenheit!! and winteres only just started!


George Marstanovic has best drift FC in the states.


YES, legit Canadian drifting, Alex Lee the wonder kid.


That damn song is now stuck in my head.


Drag racing looks so right at night!


..maybe some pictures of your S30 sometime soon? :)


where is this swap meet!?


"George Marstanovic's FC3S, XDC Rd.1, Toyota Speedway, Irwindale, California"

I love that Pic ;)


I'm waiting the second part very much!!!


Good stuff Mike!


the badassery of G-Units FC cannot be denied


The picture of the Corvette is sexy!!


"I bought my first home, swapped cars, and even adpoted a couple of kittens"

Thought my wife and i were the only crazzy ones to do all this but in 2010 ;) Oh and we also got married the same year hehe


cool pics show more norcal stuff car culture isnt just down south here


Woah nelly, how about them appels!


hey Mike, always have dug Speedhunters and we always seem to be attending the same shows. How great was the Mooneyes Xmas party this year? Best I've been to in awhile. I was happy to see I made the Best Shots of 2011 (that's my 67 Chevelle at Willow Springs)


these are some super clean rides! wow...  this is definitely the true meaning of california dreaming! thanks for posting these, i really enjoyed the photos!


Very nice pics, Drooling now.