In The Moment>> Does The Scion Fr-s Drift? Yes!

It’s official, the Scion FR-S can drift. Formula Drift driver, Ken Gushi, made a short trip to Japan to test out his future drift car.

He also had his far share of fast laps in the Toyota 86.

Our very own Dino Dalle Carbonare was yet again behind the wheel of the Japanese version, and also hung it sideways as well. Dino is seen here driving the automatic version, which he said was surprisingly impressive. A detailed analyis is coming your way shortly from Dino.

I’m currently at the airport bound for LA, but I’ll be preparing a behind the scenes post on my short 30 hour trip to Japan.


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You have the best job in the world, so envious! haha


So good to see this, I already put my deposit down at the dealership..........dare I say that this is the ITR for the next generation...(i know Its rwd) but just look at the total package.......


Scion FR-S and Toyota 86 similar??

same car but differenta sales area?


I wish japanese manufacturers finally learn how to design nice looking cars... but no. Still same grey mud.

Everythings same, Hyundai, Yota, Nissan... from the same mould.

Design langueges changing all the time so dont know wheter you are looking a Kia, Lexus or Honda??? What's with that, eh???


Could be a early sign of gushi under the need for speed brand for 2012?

What else were you there for larry or just this???


I see a bunch of Go Pros, Where is the video??????


I want to see FRS vs 86 vs BRZ. Would there be any difference?


@ GVK... no


Can we trade lives?


I can not wait! As the former owner of an 85 GT-S I'm psyched that they are trying to capture the elements that made that 100hp corolla such a blast!


the everyday sports car.. nice!


It better drift... is on a wet track!!!

Still UGLY though


Need videos!!!


You mean "Does the Toyota 86 Drift? Yes!".

That's all it is - a Toyota re-badged as a scion. Same as Holden re-badging the Monaro as the Pontiac GTO in the States.


need to see one of these in the flesh.. but they certianly should be able to drift.. looking good so far!


SO NICE!!!!!!! Talked to Ken about this at BUR after SEMA, I'm glad he finally got a chance to drift it. Also, talked to a Scion Racing guy at an LA Auto Show after party, there will be 86s in FD for 2012


so what is an FR-S doing in Japan?



What dealer let you put a deposite down?? I've been trying and talked to management and they said they couldnt take deposites yet..


…All about the handling, as someone put it! Rwd driver’s cars! On par with a Porsche boxster, so I have read. I look so forward now, to seeing one in the flesh, and maybe having a drive. And the hyper revs magazines, and everythink esle in-between, coming out, on items for them, Watch this space for turbo kits, and possible superchargers etc (room for a supercharger, on those boxster engines?)

Yes, not quite so nice as the Concept, I fell for, But decent shape nice looking.

And I imagine, there will be some tasteful TRD cusco, and the like after market bumpers etc.


In the end it looks so plane, so few bodywork details have been left on the car... Blah.. And yeah you can "drift" any RWD car..


Powerslide =/= Drift


Lol, this is coming from someone that doesn't know what design is of course every manufacturer has a language, not every car should look like a Ferrari..!


Norppa... Ease of the pace, mate! There's no need to be angry about japanese cars. Or Koreans, for that matter, since you are confusing them both.


Norppa needs to get laid


@Norppa : If you can't see the difference between these, then you certainely have a problem ... Oh and btw, Kia is Korean.


It's in Japan since that's where its built...


This car has been available for 2 years now, it' called Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

I was very skeptical when Toyota announce they will make a small RWD coupe, and my skepticism was bang on, This FT-86 is not much to look at, it's not ugly nor pretty, just like it's mother Corolla.


ummm...reckon the brz looks better...though still reckon a rwd na subie is weird...=S


It looks under-tired to me...


Has anyone compared this to the S2000 yet? Just because the S2000 isnt made anymore does not mean it wont be a fair comparison. Car looks good on track but man it is funny to see it so high on such skinny tires after so long as a show car being low and wide on those stunner rimz y0!


Well that didn't take long.

FRS will be every where, it;ll be the new civic,lol.

Then kids will drift up and down the ave. Into trees, poles, other cars, and people.

Damn this uncanny ability to see the future,lol


they got some style ques from the LFA i think it looks nice its a great balance of weight and power just gonna be an all around fun car... Kinda like a big go cart




the smoke in the first pic looks photoshopped....


[View:] A few days ago we ran a small teaser showing


I'm so glad that the internet alowls free info like this!