Event>>mooneyes X-mas Party 2011 Pt.4

It's time now for the fourth and final part of my impressions from the 2011 Mooneyes X-Mas Party – and what better intro than the face of Coby Gewertz' amazing "Van Go".

The heavily customized Ford Econoline has popped up at several events after its debut at this year's GNRS. I can never get enough of it.

A pair of Thunderbirds from the Los Boulevardos Car Club. Gives you a good idea of the difference between the customized version on the left, and the stock version on the right.

Thanks to cars like "El Green Pepper" you can see the evolution of a dragsters from stripped down Hot Rods to full-on competition chassis.

She was very cool to see in all of her metal-flaked, velocity-stacked glory.

A flame job does not get more outrageous than this.

More and more it seems the retro custom/lowrider look is growing for cars built in the early to mid '60s.

When it comes to a heavy duty hauler, it just doesn't better than a vintage Chevy COE.

Here's another gangster Shoebox Ford, aired down to the deck.

Now here's a tough question. Wookie or werewolf? You be the judge.

Raw. That's the word that comes to mind when I see this chopped up Coupe.

Few cars can better convey the extravagance of the late '50s and early '60s than this mild custom Chrysler.

It was in the process of having some pinstriping done on the trunk. Always a trip to watch these guys work.

Here's another tidy Roadster on rolling around on some very narrow period Firestone rubber.

Scallops and Supremes.

Now that's a clever way to build a transporter…

A Merc looking tough as nails with a nose-up stance.

Chevrolet, Pontiac, or Ford. As long as it's low and cool, all is well in the world.

Flames or scallops? Why not have both?

I also spotted this Pontiac at the Long Beach Motorama. This time I got to take a glimpse under the hood.

Naturally, it was equipped with a triple carb setup – known as Tri Power in the Pontiac world.

The RAV4 on the right might seat more passengers, but this Dodge Coupe might have more cargo space thanks to its massive trunk.

The Mooneyes trio!

And so another succesful X-Mas Party comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

Thanks to the Mooneyes crew for throwing another great event!

-Mike Garrett

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fun fact oldsmobile was the first car company to come out with the tri power set up back in 57. in there super 88 j2 package that was set up for super high performacnce which came with a 371 cu in with solid lifters and bigger cam to compliment the tri power carbs. only down fall was they were vacume assis rather than progressive linkage so alot of the cars either caught fire or crashed due to the delay in throtle closing due to the vacume assist... anyways amazing cars and love the write ups keep em rolling


There's hungarian license plate on that Dodge Coupe. Weird.


More on the COE!


Votes in on wereworlf! I definitely need to make it out to one of these. great post!


Rad. I've seen more outrageous flames once. I had to change a belt on a HA members FLHX that had tiny day-glo pink flames EVERYWHERE! It was the most insane thing I've ever seen. And I wasn't about to call him out on it. The dude was bigger than Shaq!



The owner has to be hungarian, otherwise what could be the reason to put that plate on

anyway, it was good to see ^^


I'm from Hungary and it's good to see a claccis american car with hungarian plate. Can I have some information about it?


im asian,i see those car without door panel, may i know how do they enter?


The Dodge coupe is technically a business coupe and not the more luxurious and spacious coupe deluxe. That was pretty common for the time.


In LOVE wid de Shoebox FORD...jus Beautifull