Event>> Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show ’11 – Pt.2

I’ve literally been bombarded with events here in Japan lately, so I have to apologize for the delay in finishing up the coverage from the Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom show. But as they say, better late than never so let’s return to the vast halls of the Pacifico exhibition center in Yokohama to check out the cars that stood out the most, starting with this super clean 1967 Mazda Luce. These are extremely rare, in fact I only ever see them at Mooneyes events, but it’s the first time I’ve come across one quite so customized, with a fully shaved exterior and smooth matte bronze paint.

The stock engine gets nice chrome details for presentation.

What a superb looking ride.

This 1935 Ford truck based Hot Rod is one many of you may remember, the Pumpkin Sally. The name has been scratched away from the doors and the car has began its transformation into something slightly different. The shop that built it, which goes by the same name, actually lists the car in its for sale section so I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see it.

It was accompanied by many other cool ‘rods on the “Rat Island” part of the show…

…all sporting their very unique style.

Check this thing out, loved the brushed stainless steel details.

The Purple People Eater drag racer was shipped all the way from the US to appear at the show. They turned the engine on for a little sound demo and I swear it literally blew my ears drums! My ears were ringing up until the next morning. It was worth it though, as I managed to grab a short (crappy) video of it!

The Bean Bandits racing team brought over their classic Bonneville Salt Flats speed machines. I can’t imagine what it would be like to drive these cars at 220 mph!

The number plate says it all!

I gave you a little glimpse of this very rare Isuzu Bellel Special in the preview post. The car was recently rescued from an old factory where it was stored in for the better part of a couple of decades.  The new owner has not touched it in any way, allowing its patina to emphasize that “barn-find” look.

Engine is all stock, but was fixed up here and there to help resuscitate it back to life.

The only thing that was done to the car was to slam it to the ground with shorter springs.

I bet there were a couple of tommy guns in the trunk of this Chevy!

The Japanese take their customs very seriously with tons of attention to detail on both the cars…

…and even the displays.

By the end of the afternoon the show floor was pretty much all finished up.

The sheer number of cars and how they are all tightly lined up and displayed next to each other is sensory overload…

…as your eyes and brain are continuously trying to take in all the details.

As ever the JDM section is one of the most exciting as you always come across cars you may have never seen or heard of before.

There is always a lot to learn at events like this, despite hot rods and customs not being something you may be in to.

What is really interesting to see is also how cool vintage rides or customized vans and trucks are people’s daily drivers, or support vehicles for their workshops and businesses. So on top of the show cars there is a lot more to see at the back of the exhibition center like this El Camino, which had just unloaded a ton of bits and pieces needed to build up a display.

And we can’t obviously forget the trucks, always an important part of any Mooneyes Japan gathering.

Low rider alley!

And as always, it is the station wagons I can’t keep my eyes off!

I’ve got a final part coming from the event, a look at the show from Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith’s eyes, as he gives us his thoughts on the very first Mooneyes Japan show he has visited.

Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show 2011 coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Dino, my heart sinks every time I check Speedhunters cause the part two of the Nismo Festival ain't posted yet. :(


the luce is great! good selection of photos overall as well, some really nice rides in there


Kevin...there are 2 more parts coming!


4th last photo. There's a HotWheels sign. Anything interesting there?


I'm feelin that bike in the last shot. Rad.


What is the car's name? - over the Ford Anglia?


I can't stop looking at that Luce. Such clean lines!


It's so cool how the Japanese have a growing American-style theme, and the American's have a JDM-style theme.


so the owner of the isuzu found it, made it run and lowered it. is it just me or is that hardly any effort? surely show cars are ment to be showcasing your talents so you can get customers? any mechanic could do that surely? I don't want to be negative so could someone shead some light on the situation?


woow my dad love chevy and ima represent for chevy and his moto is "HEAVY CHEVY"


What is the car next to the "yellow hopper" sign?


next time round i think a short Video Roll would be in order.. so much to take in - wicked


@Rasputin, Yellow hopper is a Mazda Carol.

@Gvk the HotWheels "card" had a Hot Rodded Daihatsu Midget on display and on the floor in front of it was a

Subaru 360 body sitting over a VW chassis...

That rare Isuzu was probably hidden in a barn all them years from embarrassment. LOL It was a very bad seller for Isuzu back in the day, which makes it even more rare.


MAZDA's FTMFW.....Luce and Carol are super cool! That Bellet is pretty dope too.

I have to ask though, with all the US customs, rods, lowriders etc etc in Japan, are they simply imported as is, or do the Japanese build them themselves???????


That incredibly sweet kustom Mazda Luce has been around the best part of the last 10 years, and showed here at the Mooneyes show a hanful of times. Is there a similat bodystyle from Nissan by any chance?

The Isuzu bellel is awesome too. I would roll one proudly. Wonder why it didnt do good. It has nice lines and could have been Isuzus take on the Crown. I can see this on bags, or juice, w/ a treatment like the one of the Luce= show stopper.

@ Henry. Thats Junichi's bike, same builder of Rod-riguez and the galaxian, and many other bad ass japanes kustoms/lowriders. Check his blog, his shop name is Paradise Road, and it is in Nagoya.

@ Frans. Cant see no Anglia, i suppose you refer to the Mazda Carol, which has a c pillar that can remind of an old Anglia.

BTW, in another site theres a pic of the Carol w/ the trunk open, and it looks like it has an aircooled VW motor.....


that car you've never seen before isn't a car, its a datsun 620 pickup, with the roof and other windows added to make it look/function like a car. its very nicely done and hard to pick.


Thanks this coverage!!!


Strangely, the late-model Dodge SRT-8 weels look right at home on that wagon. Love the "Yellow Hopper" Mazda Carol!

That Harley "Ironhead" Sportster bobber in the last pic is beautiful! Custom vintage bikes are always a pleasant surprise on Speedhunters, keep 'em coming.