Event>>cars & Coffee 12-10-11 Pt.3

It's always a pleasure to visit Cars & Coffee, and I'm glad my coverage has been going over well. With it's vibrant mix of cars, there's literally something for everyone, nearly every week of the year.

Here's one more batch of photos from my visit to C&C last Saturday.

Martini colors on a street car are always cool. If I'm not mistaken I also spotted this 911 in Monterey during the Historics.

The '57 Chevy is perhaps even more American than the Bald Eagle itself.

The uniquely Italian face that could only mean an Alfa.

The cultural background of other cars is a bit more ambiguous – like the British Sunbeam Tiger with its American V8.

The Scion FR-S wasn't the only car at Cars & Coffee with a Subaru flat four…

This '70 Road Runner was doing a fine job representing Team Mopar on Saturday. Widened rallye wheels with BFGs look oh so right.

A very swinging Aston Martin DBS…

…which gets its power from this velvety smooth twin cam six.

Southern California is one of the only places in the world where you can easily drive a car like this Mercury all year round.

Here's another view of the elusive BMW 1 M. Never has a more compact car looked so muscular.

Or maybe the dual quad setup on this Plymouth Barracuda is your idea of muscle.

I spotted this Evo X pair while walking through the spectator parking area.

There were at least four or five '69 Camaros that came out last weekend. This was another.

A Porsche 356 in a deep moment of reflection.

At first glance this looks like a fairly basic fourth generation Camaro Z/28.

But it's actually powered by a fully built turbocharged LSX that makes 1,000 horsepower to the wheels.

Young men check out a machine from the past. A great Cars & Coffee sight.

If only you could have heard the lopey idle of this Chevelle as it pulled out. Music to the ears.

That will do it for this edition of Cars & Coffee. Until next time!

-Mike Garrett

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Wow...i seriously loved this series of posts, wonderful!


Thanks for some 3rd and 4th gen Camaro love ;-)


I really wish we had meets like this up in North California. It's nice to see a variety of cars in one meet.


What defines the spectator area? Are certain cars not welcome inside, or is it moreso that it gets full very quickly, or do people just choose to not drive in to the main area?

I'm not usually a fan of Wats, but those gold/polished lip ones look great!

A 356 needs more coverage than a shot of it's hubcap, tsk tsk! ;)


Im not a huge muscle car fan, but that 69 Camaro is dope!


Great Pics. That 4th generation Camaro is absolutely rediculous. Almost a sleeper...


One day I'll cross the pond and make it to one of these events


More Cars & Coffee meets in the future!!

btw, GC8 <3


Love everything on Speedhunters but this IS Speedhunters.


Great shots! As a fellow 4th Gen F-body owner, I loved that Camaro!

I am always a fan of a clean engine bay that also sports good, clean fabrication work. Wish we had a cars & coffee meet here, but our local car scene ebbs and flows with the population of university students...


Anyone know what body kit that AE86 sedan is sporting? (first pic)


nice.. quality coverage! Honourable mention goes out to the nice looking Red '69 Camaro.. car of the post!


Great coverage,such a wide selection of cars,love the two Evo X's


Really good event!!! I would like desktops about that red Camaro Z/28 please!!!


"Here's another view of the elusive BMW 1 M. Never has a more compact car looked so muscular."

The Shelbys from the previous part beg to differ.


Hey that 4th Gen Turbo Camaro is mine! Thank for taking some awesome photos of it! If you have any more i'd love to see them! Please let me know, my email is jforster1015@yahoo.com. Thanks!


We have a weekly event sort of like this here in Oak Creek, WI only they try to keep it all classic cars. That's fine and dandy, but I want more variety! Can we see more coverage of these events?