Event>>cars & Coffee 12-10-11 Pt.2

Besides all of the craze over the first US public debut of the Scion FR-S, there were plenty of other cool things to be found at Cars & Coffee last weekend.

Here’s another batch of photos I grabbed on Saturday morning.

A clean and mild example of a kouki S14 with some choice JDM parts outfitted. Actually now that I think about it, it’s pretty rare to see kouki S14s that still have the original USDM front bumper…

Another rare sighting in these parts – a mint and tastefully modified third generation Camaro.

Classic BMWs are another big part of the Cars & Coffee experience. Here’s a beautiful 3.0 CSi sitting alongside a 2002.

This mild Mercury was a nice appetizer for what I’d be seeing a little later at the Mooneyes show.

Despite the huge numbers of old Porsches that are at C&C every week, seeing these cars just never gets old. Oh how I want one…

This ’69 Camaro looked like it was ready for buisness.

A rear view of the ’69 with copius amounts of lens flare. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

It’s funny to say, but a tuned 911 Turbo is actually a pretty standard ride by Cars & Coffee standards.

This heavily modifed, V8-powered Volkswagen was one of the day’s more outrageous vehicles.

An S197 Mustang looking tough on Air Runner suspension. I’ve always been a fan of Ford’s “Legend Lime” color.

It’s always cool to see unrestored machines at Cars & Coffee like this Triumph TR250.

Porsche 914-6 in full race trim with Lufthansa livery. Awesome!

I was extremely impressed by this ’69 GTO Judge coated in signature Carousel Red.

The Judge was 100% original, down to the factory Hurst shifter on the floor…

…and Pontiac’s iconic hood tach.

It’s isn’t too bold to say that clean FD RX-7s like this one will soon be classics. Some might say they already are.

Some Christmas spirit from the owner of this Ford Woodie.

The unmistakable tail end of the 458 Italia. Looks good in yellow, no?

Time to wrap up part two. Back soon with one more batch of shots from Cars & Coffee.

-Mike Garrett

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The beetle... wow. automotive gumbo anyone?


love the TR 250.


favorite posts of this month Mike, keep it comin!


Kouki s14 = sexiness


Clean FD... beautiful!


Camaro on BBS LM-R's as it appears, wow what a meet. I wish I lived down there in Irvine.


I like this coverage!!! There are many cars what I love to see.


Anymore pics of the 3.0 CSi? Or that red e30 m3 in front of the ferrari?

The judge is by far the best car there, hands down


Anyone know the wheels that are on the white FD ??? ... Love them on that car !!


That V8 Beetle needs a feature!



They look like SSR GT2s.


the s14 is sweet, but we need a spotlight on that bug. god damn, look how far back the steering wheel is and the back seats are now the front/drivers seats. its now a 2 seater. sicccccckkkkk!!


I love these cars and coffee posts, when i go over to the states i've got to go to one of these.


where is this!?


looks like it was another well attended outing for some fine bits of machinery.. liking the V8 Beetle and the Ferrari.. yes they look good in Yellow - Thanks


Anyone else want to see a full feature on the V8 VeeDub?


I saw you there! :D


I agree with MBcivicman, love C&C coverage, it should be more often.....and I also want to get to one next time I'm in the US.

While not being a fan of new Mustangs, that particular one looks great in that colour, very retro-modern! I also love the Cosmics on the Triumph!