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My final spotlight from the Tokyo Motor Show is on the BMW 335i-based Alpina B3 GT3. This limited edition model, of which only 99 will be produced, made its world debut at Tokyo. Japan is one of the most important markets for Alpina so it isn't surprising that a third of the production is destined for over here, with 33 cars available.

This track-focused version of the B3 Biturbo is built to celebrate the success that Alpina has enjoyed in the FIA with its B6 GT3, which is why this show version wears a similar green, silver and blue livery. Under the hood Alpina have managed to squeeze another 8 HP, up to 408 HP, from the direct-injected, 3L twin-turbo straight-six, with 398 lb/ft of torque available at 4,500 rpm. This allows the GT3 to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, which is edging on M3 territory.

Special parts include an Akrapovic titanium exhaust rear section, the carbon fiber trunk spoiler above…

…and a serious braking upgrade. This incudes 6-pot Alpina calipers at the front with massive 380 mm discs, with slightly smaller 4-pots and 355 mm discs at the rear. These hide behind lightweight 19" Alpina Classic wheels, 25% lighter than the stock 18s, bringing a 10 kg weight saving. Michelin Pilot Sports Cup + take care of providing the grip. However it's the special height adjustable race tuned suspension that really makes the car. The dampers offer 12-adjustments on compression and 18 on rebound allowing the driver to fine tune the chassis to different tracks and grip conditions.

More carbon up front with the lip spoiler and even a pair of canards to boost downforce through faster corners.

The interior gets color matched trim, and alcantara clad steering wheel…

…as well as adjustable Recaro sports seats. This is an Alpina after all, so the seats are also heated for those cold mornings on the track!

Alpina has always offered luxurious and bespoke alternatives to run of the mill BMW models, but it's nice to see them think outside the box and do things in a little bit more extreme fashion. 


Tokyo Motor Show 2011 coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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looks part, typical Alpina touch's:- stand out enough to be different but still subtle to not look boy-racer-ish - i know BMW don't really show much under the bonnet, but i'd still liked to have seen how they presented it.. pity! plus i like how "they've" re-worked the striping too - Thanks.


Am I the only one who is shocked by the fact this is a B3 and not a B6. I think Alpina completely misses the point by offering a special edition not on the proper car.


An auto? What is the point if its an auto? Such a waste.


I want those seats so bad! Very nice.


i remember when top gear had the alpina z8.

Jeremy said it was complete rubbish.

this thing actually looks pretty good.


not a fan of the colors honestly


recently read a motor magazine tuning special had a tuned 135i vs m3. 135 was no where near this power and it absolutely ate the m3 around a race track and drag strip.


8 more hp and 10 less kg. hold on tight.


I like it but i will still buy a audi rs6


those seat look soooo nice!


Hate the color, love everything else


Nice.. but the colour is too bright for a bmw


congratulations Alpina, for your win and for that amazing road going version !


The colors of the car are nice, I think.


Alpina B6 or B3 ???


A/T??? Why A/T????