Car Feature>> Brock’s 345hp Sr20det Datsun 1600

This diminutive Datsun 1600 may appear relatively stock, but looks can be deceiving. Owned by Australian Brock, it has seen a host of modifications that transform the 1600 into a rather serious street car.   

Beneath the hood you'll find a late model SR20DET conversion. Brock has fitted Stage II camshafts, valve springs, rocker arm stoppers and 740cc injectors.

Hanging beneath this 6Boost manifold… 

…Is a low mounted GT2871R, which helps this 1600 produce a healthy 345.2hp at the rear wheels. 

The heat-wrapped manifold leads to a 3-inch mandrel-bent exhaust.

To one side of the engine bay is a custom catch can.

Managing the swap is an Autronic SM4 ECU, located in the passenger footwell.

It's quite obvious that Brock has a lot of pride in his 1600's presentation. The door handles, grill and bumpers have been re-chromed, complementing the flawless blue paintwork. 

The paint is known as Ford Blueprint blue and has been mixed with a red Xyrellic pearl clear coat. 

Minor things such as the rear vision mirrors have also been upgraded to ones with a little more chrome.

An NPC clutch and lightened flywheel have been paired with the SR20 transmission. At the rear you'll find a KAAZ two-way LSD, 240Z axles and custom 27" spline shafts.

The front suspension features R31 strut coilovers with KYB shocks and springs. The brakes are from an R32 Skyline with a Datsport brake booster. 

Brock chose a full set of 16" Superlites.

The interior has also been modified. The door cards have been retrimmed in suede and the winders swapped with polished versions. 

Three Defi gauges monitor water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperatures.

The factory handbrake was binned in favour of a hydraulic system. 

Adjustments to boost levels can be done via the Turbosmart e-Boost 2 controller.

There are some small touches to be finished off, but overall Brock's built himself a rather tidy street car that mixes classic charm with late-model performance. 


Mercury Motorsport

Mercury Motorsport Shop Feature on Speedhunters



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chingonsisimo el datsun


@Nick Mav: "Flawless"? Really?


badass... is their one with an LS motor in it?


Exterior is sweet, can't say I'm a fan of the mirrors though


I saw a S13 gauge cluster xD


Not a late model SR20DET. Doesn't have the VCT bump (from s14 and s15) in the rocker cover.

Please stop posting things that are only 50% accurate. That and the not uncommon spelling mistakes really let down the quality of the site.


S13 gauge cluster :)

sooper clean datsun


That car is off to a great start.


Being a dedicated DATSUN/NISSAN fan- this car is fantastic!- I love everyhting about it, blue being my favorite color even more! Im going to get one one day and only hope mine is asflawless and beautiful as this!!!! :-)


Nice 510. There are a few tasty bits that are very distinguishing.


Man this car looks great - I bet it pulls like a schoolby too. Love it! Well done


seeing examples like this give me hope on building up my first car, a Datsun 510 wagon. this is one beautiful car, clean and to the point.


??????????? ??????)


Nice 510. Has nice little touches that distinguish it quite well.


@Chris. It may not be flawless to you, people are however, allowed a personal opinion.... love it!


dude that is clean as hell!


that stance is pretty terrible, not well thought out.


This is surely now some sort of inside joke, right? Lets rename the site "MERCURYHUNTERS"........why so much air time for one of the least liked workshops in SE QLD? Aarrrrrrrghhh!


When I read Brock, I was thinking Peter Brock of BRE. Lolz. I figure not. Awesome clean 1600!



That is from an s14/15.

Note the slope at the back of the rocker cover. S13 are flat to the back.

Also the inlet manifold has the chamber at the top and runners below, S13 sr20s have the chamber at the bottom and runners above.

Sorry if any of that terminology is incorrect.


@Ray - Don't correct things when you're wrong.. It's quite obviously an S14/15 SR. It has the slope at the rear of the rocker cover, the plenum is not 'bunch of banana's' style like on an early model and it has the bump at the front.


Nice car!

Caleb- the Ls v8 Datsun 510 is owned by Marcus Fry who drifts in in the Thunderdrift pro am series in Nirthern California.


@leboe - it's a work in progress, modifying is about taking steps to improve the car as you go along -it's never finished. Why give a negative comment? Appreciate what has been done and give some respect where it's due. Kudos to the 510 good to see the legend lives on. Leboe you sound like a keyboard warrior that drives a Kia Rio


looking good all round.. kind of surprised by the choice of wing mirrors, i couldn't call it an 'upgrade'.. but i like the look of it. very clean indeed.


Why all the 'clean' comments? The ECU is 'located' loose on the floor, no attempt has been made at routing the handbrake hoses and the engine bay is covered in rusted paint chips.

I consider my car a total dog but its in better cosmetic condition. I hope 'small touches to be finished off' means these will be fixed, none of them are hard, its just lazy.


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Tinted Windows don't belong on a car like this! That aside, very nice!


Clean, tasteful, understated but packing a serious wallop under the bonnet. All in all, the perfect sleeper!


Engine start button... wow haha


@Beefy355 - you moron, if Mercury was that bad then why are they the BIGGEST performance shop of their kind between the top of Oz & Sydney???? Having like 14 staff members - in 2009 they only had 7 effing LOLLL!!! They have world recognition with a number of the cars they've built, can't say that many other Qld workshops have that can you? You MM haters are so big & tough behind a keyboard - why don't you pop down to MM & tell them why you're a "hater"??? Bet you won't. Bet they haven't worked on your car!!!!!!! Keyboard warrior... LOL


The ECU was put back in its place after the shoot lol... It's usually tucked away in the l/h quarter panel.


So its a Datsun 510, which came with a 1600cc engine...stock. So why call this example a 1600? Nice car, I'm just a fan of the classic 1600 screamers!


I love this 510. I like that you have preserved its classic look and that the intercooler is well behind the grille.




Goodride SA-05. lol


The CLEANEST exterior ive ever seen, then again with the laws in Australia, you kinda have to be if you know what i mean.



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So much info in so few words. Tosloty could learn a lot.


Beautiful car!


Beautiful car!


Its great to see a well built legendary car.
Brock you have done an amazing job and I can see many years of full blown enjoyment from this cult Datto.
Baz and I are proud to be a little involved with this great machine.
Owner - Datsport