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With so much hype around the new Toyota 86/Scion FR-S, it seemed fitting for me to pay a visit to an impressive example of the original AE86. Owned by Australian Seamus Eldershaw, this Trueno coupe has received plenty of tender loving care over the years.

The gorgeous Toyota chassis was purchased in Japan just over 12 months ago on Yahoo Auctions and imported onto Australian soil.

It’s previous owner had garaged the Trueno for its entire life, so it was certainly a good base for Seamus to start from.

Under the hood, the stock motor was replaced with a hybrid 1.8 ‘7AGE’ using AE111 pistons, new rods and the original 20V head.

The independent throttle bodies with 70mm trumpets have been left unfiltered.

The ported blacktop 20V head has been upgraded with Kelford 284/278 9.3/8.5mm cams, Kelford valve springs and an adjustable exhaust cam gear. Seamus went to great lengths to retain the VVT with this setup. You’ll also spot 1ZZFE coils.

These custom 4-1 high rise headers were made by Seamus in his garage…

…And feed into a full 3-inch exhaust. To keep temperatures in check Seamus has fitted a Koyo radiator and oil cooler.

This Trueno runs an Altezza’s J160 6-speed box, which features a modified bell-housing. A new tailshaft and gearbox member were made to suit.

The interior is just as well manicured as the exterior. The complete original trim, including factory carpet and dash remain unblemished. Some aftermarket additions were the Nardi Deep Corn and A’PEXi gauges.

What makes this particular chassis so special is its odometer. Just 68,000kms have been clocked.

Although the passenger seat is OEM, the driver’s seat was upgraded to a Bride Zeta III.

In terms of suspension, the front comprises of Tokico HTS102R shocks, 8kg/mm springs and Tein camber tops. The same shocks are used for the rear and are mated to 6.5kg/mm springs. Front and rear TRD swaybars have also been added.

The front brakes have been lightly upgraded with Project Mu HC+ pads and slotted rotors.

The AE86 came into the country with a full set of 14″ Watanabes, however Seamus repalced these with 14-inch Longchamp XR4s that are 8-inches wide at the rear…

…And 7.5″ at the front. Bridgestone Potenza RE001 tyres are used all around.

The setup sit nicely flush with the white and black Trueno lines.

All in all the car, panda scheme and wheels make for a gorgeous and authentic Japanese package.

It was quite a remarkable location we chose for the AE86. I don’t think we could have picked a nicer day or a better location for the shoot.

I will leave you with this one image of the Trueno fading away from the camera through the moody, green forest.


AE86 with 48km on Speedhunters

More Toyota AE86s on Speedhunters



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86 all the way!


Clean car! But someone please explain to me the point of the design of that exhaust manifold. . .


I agree with you, Casey! This is a perfect place to shoot some pictures about a perfect Trueno.

I would like some wallpapers please!!!


I think I'm in love.

The perfect coupe!


@-- M@ My geuss for the design of the exhaust manifold is for certain flow and back pressure? I dunno I would like to know too I have recently have grown more interested in the AE86's myself


Honestly I´ve never seen a nicer Trueno than this one! Win all the way!


the manifold is a 4-1 setup with equal length runners for flow in high rpm.


The header optimizes mid range torque.

Very nice 86. If mine was that clean, I would have left it bOne stock.


hrm... i could be wrong.. but he may have fallowed the TRD design on the header...


Could you please add some of these as wallpapers? Pretty please?


Please a desktop or hi res image. Would love this as a background. Loving the last 3!!!


DESKTOPSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


A perfect example of a fantastic machine


Desktop any of them! Absolutely amazing car and photography!


Exhaust manifold HAS to be created in that way to force a certain back pressure to help emission. pretty much if you have flow through type exhaust manifold, you wont pass the emission's testing.


So sick I love that car?


plain perfection, thanks Casey :D


A stunning car and an equally beautiful location! If you could do a desktop of the second to last image that would be awesome.




Just Awesome!!!


You Ausralians are so lucky for those clean JDM examples you've got.

Impressive car & road & pics ; )


I want to sit in and drive around with it.



I'll never understand why people build such awesome engines, then don't put air filters on them.

Cool car otherwise.


Perfect example of how keeping things simple can have the best outcome. Desktop request!



I would assume the long-tube header was built to achieve the power/torque Seamus wanted. Different header designs change the way a car can be tuned.


Its not 20B .. not perfect ... but an awesome one !!


coat the headers to help stop melting your windscreen washer bottle!


WALLPAPER - 2nd to last PL000XXX


Make all the photos as a wallpaper pls...


Rad. I'm feelin this.


fresh and clean


As the japanese man from Fast&Furious 1 would say: IT'S AN AMAZING MACHINE, God bless Toyota


Arent thats a Vios not a Zeta?? I might be wrong. Anyway, AE86 FTW!!


Give is some wallpapers please.....!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful car. I love the Nardi Deep Corn, I have the exact same one in my E30.


the perfect ae86 coupe... i wish i can still see those when i have my driver's license...


Please desktop! Love the pictures :D


Secund to last is teh best!

This car made me think.. In 20+ years, will we think the GT86/BRZ look this good?


It's indeed immaculate. Every detail is almost perfect.

Great looking car!


Absolute CAR !!! Absolute amazing CAR !!!


Not having a desktop of this car is a crime.


The design of the pipes looks like he's just trying to maximise the primary length (I'm guessing there isn't heaps of clearance to put the collector too far back under the car?)

Definitely close to perfection on an AE86! Bit low for me but probably just adjusted it down for the photo shoot which is cool. Loving the mint original interior and the 6spd conversion. Engine bay is sexy, stance is nice. Love it


Simply gorgeous hachi, almost like a time capsule machine


Why cant everbody mod cars like this instead of ruining them


@ andre daniel jeanson



Best car feature on this site ever... Nice work Casey, keep that shirt tucked in :)


desk top please


This is a very nice coupe. I wish my 86 was as complete as this one. No 86, no life.


maadddd! wallpapers please?


Thank you for my new inspiration! DESKTOP PREASE


Can I have a desktop of like every picture lol!


this example looks sweet.. some really sensible additions to a very sound base. one day i'll have one of these beauties, though i doubt it will the low mileage this one has.. great feature, excellent location and the pictures were top notch - Thanks


Anybody have more information on this car? Suspension? More pics? OH, YESSSS, DESKTOP please!


absolutely fantastic. :)

great car, location, and photos. good work to those involved. :)

14th shot down is pick-of-the-lot for me.. the front 3/4.


Wallpaper time!


What happened to the Trueno that was untouched in that one garage... I know, my "details' aren't helping, but it had like 4k in original miles only. UNTOUCHED! Now that was perfect. Sick 86


This should be the same car on Dyno!!


Wow! Please deskop!!!!


Can i get the photos? i really love this car. (cuz of initial d) I want to use one of the photo as a desktop.


This 86 was garaged for its entire life before being bought Mr. Eldershaw? Is this the 86 that I read before that the previous owner kept it in an underground basement in his house?


this car is a perfect example of a classic tuning. this 86 will never go out of style. and its flavor will last for ever. long live the ae86.


nice clean how the interior were keep stock..well.most of it...n the the 2nd last photo..


damn, super clean ride. 7ag20v! sweet. once day, my coupe will look this nice..lols


Nicely done 86. This 4-1 hi rise headers are reminiscing of many jdm headers and danstoy here in Cali makes one very similar to ones on this 86. Good for top end HP and useable in mostly hi rpms. Either way beautifully done 86! I have yet to see one in such an excellent condition.


Really nice! Wallpapper format pls!!! ^^


wow this thing is perfect. Aside from keeping the Watanabes, this is exactly how i would probably build one. Mega props to the owner for the creativity of modern parts meshed perfectly with the most timeless Toyota ever, Great shots and perfect location!!


true love, 86 all the way


Trueno coupes look great, I used to dislike them when I owned a hatch, but now a lot of clean examples setting the standard.


I am in love with this complete project, that gearbox and those wheels just seal the deal. NICE WORK on this one! ayeeeeeeeeeeee!


this should be car of the year or retro ride...or whatever...clean and functional...non of that illest fat lace crap..


nice..action and nice HACHI..