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I like it. It is very impressive and very attractive as it seems to be growing on me. But, I do still love the E60 M5 and its wonderful N/A v10. I feel like you lose that passion when you boost something that wasn't boosted before. Especially a BMW.


I agree with nick...the car is better in every way except the engine, this M5 with the old v10 would have been a masterpiece


Always wary of sites that say: No commentary required because it's normally a precursor to a rubbish video that even they can't think of decent words for!

All I can say about this is WOW! BMW back in the race!


you can keep your na junk and Ill take 500+ft lb of tq so that I dont need to even shift to smoke an e60


Still not as classy as the old E39. Horrible video.


One word.... Masterpiece!!!


Expectations are high, BMW! I hope you don't ruin this one, it has all the ingredients to be epic! And it's not bad looking either, although I still prefer the more discreet styling of the M5 from other times (especially the 34 and e39). I'll be disappointed if this car doesn't kick the rear ends of the AMG's and Audi's equivalent...


You guys are definitely right, but the thing that really irks me is that this is an M series car that doesn't come with a manual transmission, not even as an option! How is driving with one leg sporty?


Ok.. I respect the new M5 because I adore BMW but I miss the old days where the M division was 100% naturally aspirated. It feels like BMW gave it its all with the NA and now has nothing to offer.. Its like the designers are regressing to a simpler design of similarity to, and to keep up with Audi.. that and to keep a performance vehicles mpg down. It feels like all of BMW's character is faltering with the removal of the "all about RPM's" NA motors. With the way BMW seems to be heading.. expect an M3's NA V8 being placed with a turbocharged V6 in the near future. To put it personal... I miss the old M series, I miss the E60 M5 already but most of all, I miss the S85 V10. I can try to deal with the turbocharging but I would've rather prefered to see them turbocharge the V10 rather then to see the new M5 with an X5/6 series engine in it. Hearing that the EXACT motor from the M X series is in the new M5.. just makes the completely UN-exciting. To go from something so incredible like the V10 back to a V8 just with turbo's for a measly 50hp, really takes the air out of the amazing M5 history. I'll get over it with time and maybe grow to like the vehicle but at this moment.. the comparisons between the new F10 and the great E60 leaves me to quandary., Why do we need another M5? Funny thing is that I can see the biggest joke in this cars future being the resale value in comparison to the E60.


Are you sure we are hearing the actual exhaust note and not and audio file being pumped through our speakers?

I don't know why everyone is whining so much. It's not like BMW is crushing an old N/A M car every time a new one rolls off the line. If you feel so strongly about it go buy a used M5, we might be able to afford them now to. I'll take an E39 please!!!


man bollocks to efficient dynamics, i work for bmw and i think the new one is wonderful except for the engine. N/A, high revving motors is what bimmer was about, now its all turbo this and economy that. and take it from a qualified technician, that engine sounds like ABSOLUTE arse, the old m5 sounded WAY better.


not hatin, but sadface for turbo charged bimmer engines...


Great film, but the car looks hideous. E39 M5 is still the king!


This vid is a simple copy of the hungarian Totalcar's M5 test.

You can see:


i'll take a proper hand built m car from the 80's thanks.


I am also a diehard fan of M Division NA motors but something changed my view towards the turbo trend. That something was hearing the 1M they use as the pace/safety car in MotoGP. My god that thing sounds absolutely fantastic! All these new boosted M cars need is a nice aggressive exhaust, some tuning and they sing. Ok, not the screaming octave of the wonderful NA cars, but a lower crackling backfiring ground shaking roar. I'm sure this M5 with proper exhaust and some mild tuning will sound bonkers too. We all know it goes like crazy as it is. 600hp will be easy, but like others have said, the TQ will be insane.

But in the end I am still an NA ///M guy, having owned an Euro E36 M3 (with the real engine), that thing revved to the moon and provided so much driving pleasure. I also owned a reverse manifold front mount boosted WRX, also lots of fun, but I prefer the M3. Like others have said too, now that BMW is putting out their new models, all that means is their NA rev happy cars will become more affordable for us to buy!



Hey, I just wanted to say this too... :)