All of these recent Ford stories have me searching YouTube for videos that really show just how incredible and capable the MKII Escort is. Moll’s Gap is one of the most famous Irish rallying stages and is part of the Killarney Rally of the Lakes each year. The MKII Escort is still the car that brings people out to the stages in my opinion. This is what happens when you combine one of the built MKII Escorts of all time, put it in the hands of Colin McRae and let him loose on The Gap. Pure Magic.

Paddy McGrath

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Great, Colin McRae is one of the best's


premier post sur speedhunter et que dire de plus..le maître en action! Tout simplement brillant!


Great post Paddy!

I think that car had an active rear diff with independent suspension.


10.8 miles in 8 minutes 8 seconds = 78mph average. Down those roads. In an Escort. Legendary.


Good call Paddy.


one best rides in escort ever! R.I.P Colin McRae a legend in all forms


I remember sitting down in my own house with good family friend and Veteren Irish rally driver Eugene Donnelly and we watched this on DVD.. He couldnt believe the pace and actually jumped out of his seat a few times over the course of the DVD! Such an Epic driver! the Worlds Greatest rally driver IMO!


Skill and team work AWESOME


Is that video reversed, or am I going barmy? When the nav calls a Left he's turning right, and vice-versa. Not that I'm complaining, its a bloody awesome video.


Amazing, one "touge" race I would love to see is a AE86 vs a MK2 Escort.



As an American rally fanatic, I cannot use four letter words to describe my utter contempt for Ford never offering Americans a proper car.

I CAN state that i've spent upwards of $70,000 on Subaru product. And i will continue to buy and support Subaru products for life. My family drive Subarus, and my children, nephews and nieces will as well.

Your loss Ford.

We would have been blue-oval proud...


Some serious ass puckering moments here. Yikes. Great video. Colin McRae is missed.


I was mesmerized by the "ghost shifter" moving by itself for a good half of the video. Couldn't see the hands flicking any paddles, either...



The navigator is calling the notes for three and four corners ahead rather than the immediate next corner. It allows the driver to know exactly what he's coming up to well in advance.


Awsome video now these ARE REAL drivers. keep it coming