As if we needed any more teasing about the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S, Toyota has released a new official trailer for the car. It includes behind the scenes development footage, some cool Toyota diecasts, and even a couple shots of the production FT-86 towards the end.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

-Mike Garrett



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Very good (be nice to have the AE86 somehow homage in the design/name, or the like)!


Honestly, with all the hype these guys are generating they had better be backing it up with a friggin' unreal car or I'm going to be very disappointed.


I can't wait to see the official release!


awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for this! great looking car


Cant wait for the first 2jz swap


i hope the hype can live it's name. loving it very much.


Is that kid at 0:07 playing with a 200GT? Cool!!!!


Can't wait to test drive one!


More like: "Devoted to INCOMPLETION".


Soon please.


This car has long been approaching vaporware status.....release the damn thing already!


Morcos, I understand your angst. However, keep in mind "unreal" is not in the spirit of the original 86. I would expect "unreal" in fun but not in actual performance numbers. That will follow in the aftermarket!


it had better have damn good weight distribution . As for the power plant.. I dont know what it had to compete with. STI? EVO? 350z .. R34? ? a platform like this in this day and age will compete with a mazda miata?? can some honesty explain to me where this car is suppose to sit?.... i feel as if its set up to fail.

ok .. how well did the 240sx do stateside in 1989 do here compared with a zo6 comaro ..ok maybe thats not a very good analogy .. It better bring its A game... right? thoughts?


I'm not a hater but can any body tell me how much of AE86 does this car have in it ? did subaru really have a need in toyota to make this car ? It"s just a subaru with the toyota badge, How is it a return of AE86 when it has a flat engine ? It's like putting a toyota badge on 370z saying HERE IT IS A MODERN VERSION OF AE86... yet I love toyota but will never buy this SCION ft86, also flat engines are garbage when it comes to being reliable and HAVING NO PROBLEMS WITH HEADGASKET.


^ I agree all the hype they putting behind this car it had better be super nice. And as of right now it seems like everyone and they momma gonna have one.... I don't know if I want a car like that !!!!


the final product looks luch more placid and mundane than the concept. I was looking forward to those angular lines.


And here is the other great Toyota release


Can't wait for the first dumbass to drop in a 2JZ or an LS1! ( screwing up the car balance and light-weight chassis).

This car was designed to handle great, not to put down 1 gazillion hp!

If you're c0ck is too small, get yourself a lifted Ford 350.


Toyota doesn't make cars any more. They just make press releases.


The ae86 was an affordable compact no bullshit platform. But again that was the 80's. A different car market in a different world. For me to sit here and hope it has hand crank windows and and GTST TWIN CAM across the door jam would be stupid... I think the thing we cant do is expect to to replace the AE86 platform. at 29 years old im not very exited about any car or truck thats newer than 1995... Thoughts?


its gonna handle very well, i can already see. plus its built by a rally championship winning company and a company that has won JGTC/Super GT on multiple occasions.

what i REALLY wanna know is more about the engine/output. if its a nonturbo EJ25 then it will probably have around 160whp which sucks. i hope they come with the same engine from the WRX STi


They need to pull that kid off that go-cart and put that thing right into production. That's the closest thing they have some to a production model of a real car in this whole fiasco.




Nope didn't catch it. It's too long with low attention to the car itself, i got bored at 35th second and hoped i would finally see the car itself, but nope, i didn't. Any video promo is supposed to make me want this thing, and me as a man and a car lover as well, won't be influenced by KIDS (use kids, kittens and plush toys to make your advertisement popular), but i would rather be more into this when seen something wonderful about the car itself (which i see as just another modern car).


I am anxious to see the actual car in person and get behind the wheel, before I make my mind up about it. They gotta try and sell me on this, being that I own an AE86 and it's an amazing little car that handles pretty damn good and is fun to drive.


I love seeing the design and development of a new car like this :)