It’s not an easy decision to pack up your belongings and move to the other side of the world. You leave behind everything you love – your family, your friends, your home – and step into the unknown. At the beginning of this year, Fredric Aasbo did exactly that to chase a dream.

Leaving Norway behind, Fredric moved to the States to join the Team Need for Speed ranks. Although Fredric always met the fans with a smile, I’m sure there were many hard moments behind the scenes. Out of the car, Fredric had to overcome the culture shock and language barrier. In it, he had some big, Tanner Foust-sized shoes to fill.

Will Roegge and Skylar Smith edited this video that sheds some light on the driver known as the Norwegian Hammer. A special thanks to Will, Skylar, Linhbergh, Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala for the amazing shots.

– Charles Kha

Team Need for Speed

Fredric Aasbo’s FD Irwindale comic

Tandem of Die



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You can tell Aasbo's a good dude, one of the most likable characters in FD


I'm a fan!!!!


Aasbo! Go for it!


Great guy and love both of his cars


scions are suchhh peices of junk they need to leave the drift world alone no one will ever drift one uless backed by $1021390291 factory support, no one is going to be like "dude omg did you see that scion in FD i totally need to get one to start my drifting career"


Great driver, great car, great video!