Random Snap>> Repco Brabham Vintage Formula

To be honest, I don't know much about this car, other than it looks fantastic. I saw it at the SCCA Double National race back in July and snapped a few pictures of it, but no owners nearby. From what I can tell, it could be a Brabham BT21 Repco, I'm sure one of you readers knows something more about it? Here's your chance to educate us all.

- Carl Jarrett



boost me till i burst
boost me till i burst

probably not relevant but one of the best days of my life was when a friend and work mate went to Cadwell park to watch a friend race a Lola T200 when we got there we wondered round for a while trying to find Ian but to no avail in the end I just asked another team where Ian Ashley was "over there mate" (it so simple when you just ask some one clever than yourself) when we saw Ian the team was a little busy, bits of race car every where. "hi Ian every thing ok?" the answer short was a dead engine and very little time to swap it out. " Can I be any help?" ( my work mate and I are motor vehicle technicians by trade) "yes thanks" says Ian....... end of the day we just got the car finished, first time it fired it went straight to parkfermay then to the start line ready   set    GO!!!!! I forget his start/finish position but he made one or two positions. Plus we were aloud to stand right near the start line and watch (being part of the team;))   BEST DAY AT WORK EVER I was in some of my better gear now totally oil/sweat soaked but grinning from ear to ear....... still grinning. sorry to bore any one reading this but the pick sparked a very special memory.