Poll>>brz Or Ft-86?

As we get closer and closer to the release of the Toyota FT-86/FR-S and the Subaru BRZ, a lot of potential buyers are debating over which of the two cousins they will purchase.

We'll have to wait until the final specs and pricing are released for each, but we are curious to know whether you guys are leaning towards the Toyota or Subaru version of the car at this point.

As of now, which version of Toyota-Subau FR project would you be more likely to purchase?



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Neither. They both harness the Subaru flat four, which sounds like a Harley Davidson.


In memory of old AE86, only Toyota.


im thinking this will be a debate between awd and rwd


Just based on price the Toyota


a-town, both versions are rwd.


For me its based on looks, the FR-S looks better IMHO


If the Scooby keep the ricer wing I would go Toyota!


The ONLY reasons I would buy the Ft-86/FR-S over the BRZ is because of price, and because I think it would be cooler to have a Scion version, which I don't think will very popular.


Logan, I agree. Think of how popular this car could've been if it were a Toyota. I love Toyota but I have to pick the Subaru since it would hold its value way better than the Scion. I would get the STI version.


I'm with Ruben on this.. I would much rather have the Toyota-badged version, but i don't have faith in a Scion branded anything holding it's value like the Toyota would. I'll be holding off until the next model year in case of an STI announcement.


Neither! For the money that they will probably be asking (think Japanese Yen x-rates) I would get the much more powerful and tune-able turbocharged Genesis coupe. Especially with that new face, it's sick!!



I really dont know. I want to see how they will perform and actually look.


What's the BRZ supposed to look like? If it's like the photo above mos def the FT-86


there are actually better photos of the subaru out right now, but it's looking down right proper.


I'm gonna go with the Toyota =] Simply because the original 86 was a Toyota!


Definitely the BRZ! The car looks ace, specifically the rims and the spoiler.


subaru. boxer+turbo+rwd= a sweet ride


I vote for neither. None of them have a turbo or AWD.


Buy a toyota. It'll have a better resell value in the long run. the fact that a 25 year old toyota can still demand a price of 3-5K sorta shows how valued that brand has become.

even less sought-after toyotas have a high value. cressidas, starlets, peanuts, mangos, celica etc all have out paced most other car makes in terms of current value vs original cost ratio.

subaru sadly isn't the brand for enthusiasts. it's the brand for back packing families. it's the brand for adventuring singles. Subaru has the WRX which arguably is their only good car. yes they do awd performance well and cheaply, but that's a small market of the enthusiast crowd. toyota has far and away proven itself to the performance and enthusiast market. factory TRD even for their old models (you can still by TRD for the ae86), plenty of race involvement (drag, F1, drift, rally). and even as they had recall issues the company handles it responsibly.

I don't own a toyota, and I'm definitely not in the market for a new car, but if it was a toss up between the BRZ and the FT i would have to go with the FT


Fr-s because the new tail light design for the brz/ft86 is awful. Just praying the frs has the concept lights


^ Exactly what i was about to say, regardless which car, what i think it will do is to merge the two companies fanboy/fangirls together... TRD & STi Party? haha




@a-town, they're both rwd...


Ill never forgive them for building this with subaru,why re introduce one your cult all time cars and let some other company barstadize it with their ideas and engineering it loses all of it character that made it what it was, flat four YUK!!! , they may as well teamed up with vovlo or sangyong, never will I own a subaru or any thing they have had a hand in making...... so my answer is neither, shame on you toyota....


Is this the III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV.............................................................?????????????????????????????????????

When it ceases to be a prototype and has a sale sticker on the window, then ask the question. Until that happens, this whole subject is a massive waste of time.


I'd say the BRZ but wait till the STi model is released.


the toyota version would probably be the cheapest. I think more people will go for the toyota and wait till some aftermarket parts come out.


For the AE86, definitely Toyota.


I would choose the Scion version over the Scooby simply because If I want a Subaru, I want an Impreza or Legacy. The Scion will be a lot different than any other of their line-up, and hopefully bring some good name to the brand among performance enthusiasts.


"...which sounds like a Harley Davidson"

Oh, I would want that Harley Davidson. :D


It's the spiritual predecessor to the ae86..... I think Toyota. They need it more than Subaru right now.


Subaru has given us a fun car every year for the last ten years. When was the last time that Toyota gave us one?


The BRZ is going to be around 220hp rear wheel drive, subaru already announced if buyers wants big horsepower, they have the GRB STi, they're doing this so BRZ wont conflict with the sales of GRB. That said, I'm still looking forward if they do come out with a STi variant of this.


I would prefer the Toyota / Scion, but last i heard the Scion will be the only option in the states, as the Toyota FT-86 will be a Japan only Model and the Subaru will be Japan / Euro Only. Plus the Subaru looks like Dik


I would prefer the Toyota / Scion, but last i heard the Scion will be the only option in the states, as the Toyota FT-86 will be a Japan only Model and the Subaru will be Japan / Euro Only. Plus the Subaru looks like Dik


Stage... I don't think the Genesis will be more tunable considering the fr-s/brz were designed with tune-ability in mind


I'd still buy a used s15 and spend 20k on it before i bought 1 of these...


FRS all the way, it would be bad ass to get an FRS, change all the badging to JDM FT-86 emblems and sit it right next to my AE86 :)

Oh and what about the FT-86 hatchback? The AE86 hatch is probably the most iconic version of the hachirokus

Oh even better, how about a levin and tureno model FRS?


@86 fan - you do know the original engineers from the making of the original 86 didn't make either cars? So when things change your saying that's no good and the cars are being bastardized? Toyota can hire bad engineers just like any company. Subaru has many championships and leads in sales. I'm not trying to convince you to change your mind. Just letting you know that the magic your claiming should be there has no possible way of being duplicated. This has better and newer technology. This is faster. This was made in a more sports car minded sense were the original 86 gave up some of it's performance for daily user amenities. Toyota use to make most of there engines with yamaha back in the day and they made this one with yamaha and subaru. Toyota owns a huge stock in subaru and the two camps play very well together. So what's good for subaru is good for toyota is good for everyone. Open your eyes to the real world. You can't be so closed minded always.


i go for toyota, a little less of subaru but not that scion crap version !!!


The Subaru looks simpler than the Toyota Version, but if there will be a TRD version of the Toyota then I'll choose toyota.


Would EA Sports and Speed Hunters like to disclose their advertising income from Toyota Motor Corp.? Funny that they are not listed with the partner links, since it is obvious there is an organized ad campaign going on in the content of the website.



Looks better, probably will perform better as well, and I prefer the Subaru brand over the Toyota brand.


Subaru, because I could never bring myself to buy anything labeled a Scion. Label it a Toyota in the United States and I could swing either way.


Subaru all the way, when is people going to realize that Subaru is a much better make than Toyota, Toyota's quality has gone down the drain, and has nothing to offer the high performance crowd, for now at least.


BRZ.Reason-power.Toyota will have around 220PS,Subaru around 300.Only speed matters,I don't really care about past and looks.


I chose the BR-Z because in America, the car is branded as a Scion. I'd rather just get the BR-Z and not complain. Subaru is awesome too.


That's a really bad render, suprisingly...

I'd go with Toyota and hope they throw some freebies for AE86 owners.


The BZr is said to be turbocharged so therefor BZR


You're absolutely right about the relationship between EA and toyota/Subaru. It makes sense though. The manufacturers know who their buyers are and speedhunters forum gives them a ton of feedback. We've played in to it this whole time. Everybody say "hi Toyota/Subaru!" this car is confusing and I thought it would either have been out by now or they would have pulled the plug. Is it an ae86 predecessor? Is it scions flagship car? Or is it subaru's departure from their norm? This is what they should do if they wanna make everybody happy and make the most money at the same time. The whole jdm and oem plus parts themes is real popular because it allows us to have the ideal version of our car. I wanna see this car sold as a kit. There should be a base version brz followed shortly by a brz sti. since most scion and Toyota dealers are connected there should be a way to allow customers to have either or. For example they can sell ft-86's alongside the scion frs version. The ft86 should be the more premium version as a toyota. The scion should be more value oriented. However all parts should be interchangeable and available through dealers. Why? well If I were buying this car I would order a scion frs but replace it with ft86 body panels so I save money on the scion but easily look like I have the ft86. I would spring in the engine dept. Though and I would want sti parts fitted to my base motor. As time goes on I slowly replace scion parts with Toyota or Trd parts. Maybe I'll get a Subaru badged part just to be quirky! A lot of money can be made with individualized and interchangeable parts! Here's my car-

2014 scion frs.

"panda" white paint with black textured accents

ft86 body panels and badging

Trd instrument panel,steering wheel, pedals and shift knobs.

Optional recaro seats from the sti

Trd track suspension with brembo brakes

Brz textured mudflaps

Turbocharged flat four with Trd coldair intake

Sti intercooler and intake manifold

That's how I'll take mine. Just wait till sema 2014 these will all be bagged on Lexus wheels....

"panda" white paint with black textured accents.


@OMGFAIL imagine if the new mini was corroborated with audi and they made it 4wd, their would be an uproar of if the mustang was re released with honda engineers and they made it fwd the designers would be turning in their grave and their would be hatred flowing in every forum online... with re released minis, fiat 500's , mustangs, impala's , challengers you can clearly see the style and features of it are based on the old models, having owned over 15 ae86/ae85s i dont look at any of the new concept drawings and I can not relate the new one to the old one, in my mind they are clearly just using the name in order to gain sales and hype. Subaru have not and will not ever release a car that has the cult status of the ae86, see toyota didnt hire bad engineers when they built ths ae86, thats my point they had good engineers then, having seen subarus name turn to mud here in NZ and seeing their cars basically been giving away in NZ markets due the public's hatred for their cult unreliability and poor resale value only backs up my fears that this collaboration will be a massive flop.On the flip/flop side what is bad for subaru is also bad for toyota.......


the BR-Z is looking like a mini r35gtr


It's got a Subaru heart. Gotta be a Subaru. Having a different sticker on the hood is silly.

Anyone who cares about the original AE86, will buy an original AE86.


The Subie. Yes, please, I'll take the extra 100 HP.


Too soon. only when both versions are out I can make an opinion - which will be based on facts. For now, I can't choose neither


you fucking idiots know scion IS toyota, both cars are shit, only around 200hp for a 2011 car? bullshit, a gsr integra will be faster, save your money kiddies


not feeling the toyota too much. both are rwd. you can never go wrong with a subaru ! but to be honest id probably buy neither


SUBARU!!!! Ftw if it's not a honda then subaru comes in 2nd place toyota has been a "leader" in automotives but like they said before when was the last time they build a car for tuners?? Stopped the celica the closest thing is the new "supra" which is almost 200k or more.. Also they been focusing more on their lexus brand.. Subaru is for the tuners always did always will.. Toyota has been all over with faulty brakes and other issues.. Stick to what made you your money convetional everyday cars and toyota prius sh!( boxes..


Since i heard both the Subaru and the Toyota will be RWD, i would buy a Toyota. Because the way I am, any Subaru i buy should and has to be AWD. Plus I am a Toyota guy because i own one now.



A GSR Integra? Really? Throw both of those cars on to a winding mountain road and watch the GSR dissapear in your rear view mirror in a brilliant display of under steer. The FR-S / BRZ is built around the same philosophy as a Miata. Moderate power, light weight and unmatched chassis balance, not top speed or straight line performance. Telling people to buy an Integra? Really? This wasn't built for people to slap on a 4 inch fart can and neon lights and troll the McDonalds drive through. This was for people who want a real drivers car, something you clearly don't quite get. Try using that lump 3 feet above your ass next time before posting this ridiculous garbage.


The name FT-86/FR-S is much more appealing than BRZ, BRZ sounds like a drunken slur of a name. Since I'm here in the states, I guess if I were to get it I'd have to purchase the car under the name FR-S.

Why on earth won't Toyota sell this as the FT-86 stateside?


I can't believe I'm actually complimenting the styling of a Subaru but, it looks better.


it's smarter to buy the cheaper version, then put the best parts on it from there.

sti exhaust not freeing up enough horses? run a trd exhaust.

toyota brakes not stopping as hard? get them subaru-brembo calipers.

either way, both companies oem parts are generally of great quality, but now you can decide if you want to get your 30,000 mile service done at a toyota or a subaru dealership.

point being, oem > or = aftermarket.


if i had to buy new, i'd get the subaru. not really liking the scion brand. regardless, for the price of one, you could get a used 370z or STi.


Rich1458 said:

"What's the BRZ supposed to look like? If it's like the photo above mos def the FT-86"

Like he said... Man, Subaru really needs a new team of designers or something... Every design keeps getting uglier and uglier. Just when I think they've hit the lowest of the low, they drill down a little deeper with the next generation (Impreza is a prime example) looking even uglier! If the BRZ looks anything like the picture above, its Yota all the way.

I'd get the BRZ just because if it's already got the Boxer engine in it, why not go with the brand of that engine. I liked Jon Sibal's rendering WAY better!


One of the special cars that will be making an appearance today at the LA Auto Show is Subaru's BRZ