News>> The Subaru Brz Concept

One of the special cars that will be making an appearance today at the LA Auto Show is Subaru’s BRZ Concept – STI.

While Subaru are keen to stress that this is a Concept, the 2013 BRZ model is expected to be unveiled in Japan at the end of the month.

The BRZ of course, is a departure from Subaru’s AWD standard and will use a conventional FR layout.

Last week we ran a poll asking our readers whether they preferred the FT86/FR-S or BRZ, with the votes split 60-40. Do you think these latest photos would sway opinions?

– Charles Kha

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I dont know,i love the cars i think the brz is a nice car but im a subaru guy, my first car was a subie. i just dont like that there looks like there is almost no subaru inspiration in the car other than theres a spoiler and the rims.


only one thing is on this car from subaru......colour


god it's so sexy!!!!


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats lame hahahah wish they keep like there old Subaru's :/


The side mirrors are too small if they are suppose to be side mirrors.. but other than that the car looks amazing. Tail lights look like camero on the 3rd photo on the bottom.


it would look even better if it was a little bit wider..


I'd love it without the wing

but the scion looks best imo, if it's gonna be released the way it was shown on sema

but I'd buy any of three

sweet cars


For my eyes, it looks really odd, it's just like a FT-86 based car but with Subaru's design, front lights, etc, etc.

I don't like it at all.


Gosh dangit car companies. I love you subaru, but we have enough nissan/mazda looking cars. This probably sounds ignorant but this just doesn't stand out to me. Aren't we supposed to be progressing???


I hope this STI model is available in germany too.

To the question: no, i dont think the photos will sway the poll :)


its a the side mirrors can be as small


Will these cars come out already!! Im ready to buy and test drive them!


Really not impressed. One of the tamest "concept designs" I've ever seen. Frankly, the car's boring. There is nothing that says Subaru at all. The whole concept is "un-Subaru." Subaru makes fantastic awd cars. Why they would stray away from that is beyond me. If they want to make an rwd car make an rwd Impreza STI. Oh wait, they're getting rid of that. Sigh.....


looks like they just slapped some s15 headlights on it


Nice looking but it's got a crappy motor in it! Subie motors suck and they don't stand behind them.


What roman numeral is this one?

Since they are supposed to be car manufacturers: How about they stop building concept cars, and start building production cars.

Less pixels, more steel and glass. Time to make something tangible.


Not a fan of the front end. I am however stoked that theres going to be more options as far as FR layouts though. Definatly was a void in the market as of a couple years ago


No AWD? Hmmm im not sure


Being that this is a concept car, I believe the production model will have a more fluid wing. That being said, I'm anxious to see the full specs on this bad boy. It looks much more aggressive than the FR-S version.


I can't wait to see how the cars come out and how well equipped they are. Then, and only then, will I make my decision.


Looks pretty damn good! Now... to trade my 08 STi in or not and turbo this....?


First good looking Subaru ever.

Love the fact that they did it the oldschool (FR) way.


i like more the 86, they were going to reborn a legend! so now the hachiroku ll still being an old fashion..


Rear 3/4 looks like a current generation 1 or 3-series BMW. But I like the overall design, aside from the wing (come on guys, you could have done better).


...that's what I call sporty. Rememebers me of Burnout, in a good way. A fast, smoking, sometimes sideways way.


Those are some teeny tiny side mirrors :)


if it wouldn't have the spoiler and the widebody kit it would look like a ford to me


Hope the wing is an option. Slick looking ride i must say.


At least it doesn't have those huge ass wheels lol.


i take that one over the FT. Not a big fan of the wing tho..


hell yeah, bout time Subaru sells another coupe! can't wait.


... Looks like a Nissan....


The front end looks like a Mazda (RX-8 for example). They could have made it look more like a Subaru, I'd go as far putting some Impreza-style front on it to make it look right.


Naa it'll still be overpriced compared to the toyota.


I'll still stick with the Impreza


Car manufacturers needs evolve, they can't just stay in one place and always look back

we don't know this BRZ project will lead them to a good or bad way,

but certainly, it's a new page to Subaru.



subaru engineered the whole didn't have a whole lot to do with it other than there redesigned body work.


Only one thing? What about the engine? Both ft86 and brz will use the Subaru boxer engine..


Rear wing is ugly, it needs a Rocket Bunny-esque duck tail. Awesome looking car though!


From the wheel arches to the silver insert on the fenders, I see lots of Subie influences that hark to the current STi.

Color me intrigued.


The FT86 and BRZ are both concepts, I need to see how they look like and the available equipements on each before I can choose.

For the moment I still prefer the FT86 : RWD and I think it will have more options to choose than the Subaru.


I think it rocks. The hating I hear sounds just like rotary haters when they see an LS1 FD. Car is hot. And it probably won't get made, but I certainly would consider it.


Oh oh what's that Subaru?

Audi tail lights;)


If this was AWD making it separate from the Scion + in STi trim, I'd sell my EVO in a second. As an FR, it is no different than a Hyundai Genesis.


the spoiler doesnt go with Subaru to me, maybe a small lip or something more subtle


I honestly do not like anything about the BRZ styling. I'm all for a change up with the FR layout, however, in the process Subaru lost its powerful image and true styling.


I thnk the front of the BRZ and the FT-86 are strangely similar...but FT-86 all de way..


looks kind of like a scion... nice car! just not on my christmas list


As far as the mirrors go, my assumption is that they are video cameras that will display a live feed on a in-dash display...


Take the spoiler off and that's one stunning looking car.


I love the new design of the Subaru BRZ STI

I think it is sweet would like to see it be built and put on the road.


I really don't care at this point whether it is a subie, a scion, or a toyota. I think it is great that someone is putting out a compact FR at an affordable price point(hopefully)


Will change idea if Subaru take off the ricer wing.


would have liked it more if Subaru added MORE of that Subaru styling, hard to explain but its looks TOO simular to the FT86...and yes i no there are pretty much the same car but would have liked it was differentiated a little more.....


I prefer 4wd layout better


Subaru engineered the car, Toyota did the styling. That explains why it looks nothing like a Subaru, but it is everything like a Subaru underneath (minus AWD, of course).


I want some 10k+ RPM japaneese straight 6, Not flat 4.


that last picture is just ridiculous!!! Looks sooo good.


its about as exciting as burnt toast


It's about as different from the Toyota as an Olds Ciera is different from a Buick Century in my opinion. Subaru should make a Brat off of this platform, that would be Subaru!


With Motortrends claim that these will be in the 2500 Lbs range, should be a great car. Haven't heard if its going to use a Boxer engine, but that should keep the center of gravity down even more. I'll take the BRZ.


Looks like a mini GTR


the wing - No

The tail lights - No

The Rear Wheel Arch Curve - Needs work

Overall excellent concept...would buy one


Talked to Dai earlier about it! Soooo sick.


This car is HOT! If these go into probuction I am buying one ( Toyota or Subaru)


Well, seeing as its going to wear the "STI" badge, I'm sure its not going to be underpowered at all. 300hp most likley. Thats gonna make this thing the quickest,affordable, modern FR sports car you can get, compared to the Genesis and Mustang.


Ditch the wing and put a duckbill or nice lip spoiler


Front side = GT-R 35

Back Side = MIX lancer 2012 & Camaro 2012 tail lights COPY :-/


It looks like one of those noname cars in video games that can't afford license for normal cars and have to remake them in something ugly. The wing makes it look dumb. I hate this car)) It doesn't have a soul.


wI would buy it ONLY if it's available in AWD, which I doubt.


it would be better if they actually looked like a subaru, and if they had made the subie awd just to make it different than the others, instead of painting it wrb and gluing a subaru emblem to the front


This is the STi version of the BRZ, which means the standard will be without the wing and the wide body kit. Curious to see what that will be like.


True Enthusiasts say: "who cares how it looks! It's a proper track car! Hooray!

Non-Enthusiasts say: "blah blah blah, AWD brand blah, color, power, blah" (see pointless comments above).


This is not a very pretty car... I don't like.

Strangely enough I love the FR-S though...


bimmer goes turbocharged, subie goes rwd...WAT THE HECKS GOIN ON WITH DA WORLD?!


Ironically, I feel like the BRZ looks more like what a new Scion would be...and the FR-S looks a lot like a Lexus, for obvious reasons. Based on that, same power train, and I'm sure lower price, I'd go for the Toyota/Scion. Plus, doesn't feel right labeling a non-AWD Subaru as an STI...who came up with THAT idea?


i figure the brz would be a better buy mainly because they are looking to focus on it as their new super gt competition car, so it may be the better of the 2 as far as tuning and upgrades go. but i agree ,for the most part. it really doesnt have the geart of a subaru


hmm, so this is as close to a new impreza coupe they will allow me to go. well, at least they decided to disconnect the correct pair of wheels from the drivetrain....still awaiting the return of the 2door imp!!!!bring it


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Wait and see how many of these things will have their spoiler removed after launch.