News>> Introducing The Scion Fr-s

With the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ now unveiled to the public, it was time for the Scion version to have its moment in the spotlight. Tonight, in the heart of Hollywood, California, Scion put on an invite-only event to debut the fifth car in their line up, the FR-S. And here is the final production version in the flesh.

The exterior of the car looks very much the same as Toyota's offering in Japan…

…Although there are some slight differences. Compared to the JDM model that Dino sampled, the FR-S didn't have the front foglights.

While the car looks good in photos, in person, the Scion FR-S is even more impressive. It's strange to think that after the months of concept after concept, the car that was once the dream of every Hachi-Roku fan is now a fully realized car.

The FR-S retains the same 17" wheels as its Toyota cousin, the only difference is the Scion badge.

Scion took the interior of the Toyota 86 into Photoshop and mirror flipped it. Though gone are the colored e-brake, shift knob and steering wheel accents of its Japanese counterpart.

At the time of the car's unveiling, the price of the FR-S was not yet released. Knowing Scion's history with cars, the monetary cost to own a car like this FR-S will definitely not break one's bank.

What's more exciting than the debut of this car is the thought of the car in the hands of tuners and race car builders alike! I, frankly, cannot wait. 


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