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With the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ now unveiled to the public, it was time for the Scion version to have its moment in the spotlight. Tonight, in the heart of Hollywood, California, Scion put on an invite-only event to debut the fifth car in their line up, the FR-S. And here is the final production version in the flesh.

The exterior of the car looks very much the same as Toyota's offering in Japan…

…Although there are some slight differences. Compared to the JDM model that Dino sampled, the FR-S didn't have the front foglights.

While the car looks good in photos, in person, the Scion FR-S is even more impressive. It's strange to think that after the months of concept after concept, the car that was once the dream of every Hachi-Roku fan is now a fully realized car.

The FR-S retains the same 17" wheels as its Toyota cousin, the only difference is the Scion badge.

Scion took the interior of the Toyota 86 into Photoshop and mirror flipped it. Though gone are the colored e-brake, shift knob and steering wheel accents of its Japanese counterpart.

At the time of the car's unveiling, the price of the FR-S was not yet released. Knowing Scion's history with cars, the monetary cost to own a car like this FR-S will definitely not break one's bank.

What's more exciting than the debut of this car is the thought of the car in the hands of tuners and race car builders alike! I, frankly, cannot wait. 


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This is exactly what the world needs. In my opinion, the orignial Corolla GTS (AE86) was the last affordable "sports car". Lightweight, balanced, affordable, overall fun to drive. That is exactly what Toyota/Scion and Subaru have brought with the soon to come GT86, BRZ, and FRS. 200HP isn't an impressive for todays standards... But 2600lbs is, for a sports car. This car is going to be unreal in mountain and canyon roads, I can't wait for this car.


Why no fog lights? I think that's why this looks like the US got the short end of the stick, again.


Nice to see a proper sports car back in the Toyota lineup! Now only if Mazda came back with a new RX and Nissan with an S-something that was along the same lines, we'd have a hootin good time!




I wouldn't be suprised if this car gets less sales then the Subaru BRZ-FR just because this is under the banner of Scion.


Wow.. Cute brake rotors.


the rims are fugly as hell. Well I appreciate that toyota is bulding a new sports car. But the concept looked way better than this! Also, I don't understand why they didn't turbod it. With around 300bhp, this thing would be damn quick.


this looks like a really cut back version of the ft, and the scion pioneer head unit they put in it screws up the flow of the dash


The brits already told us the price...28,000$

Why would you buy this car and not a used Z?


Ohhh my god! This Scion is awesome! I wanna such one in my garage! Engine around 300 bhp... cool!


Leave it up to Scion to "kiddy" up the interior. Hope Subaru holds steady.


Looks like you'll need to spend another $10k to make it proper. Why can't someone build something exceptional from the factory for this price range?


LOVE the interior!!


I never thought I would be so excited about a Scion! This is the enthusiasts car, no matter what badge is on the bumper. I can't wait to get behind the wheel.


I think it's funny how they're trying to establish it (the toyota, the scion, and the subaru version which i consider one car) as a classic just by putting it next to other classics (GT2000 and the AE86). Idgi..


Scion is a let down, overall made the car look like a 1998 year design




As an owner of original ae86's I was thinking this would carry the Toyota name :(


I'm guessing price point will be around $23k-$25k. I do like it though.


I totally agree with you, i simply can not wait to see this car and look forward to owning one as well.


I can't wait to purchase this car.... And then immediatley completely remove everything with a hint of Scion and swap it all back to Toyota.


I actually think the Scion's styling is cleaner and more resolved than either the Toyota or Subaru. Lack of the bonnet ridge, no fog lights and making at least half of the rear lights red and not clear helped dramatically. Unfortunately, living in Australia means we won't get it. That being said, they're pretty easy mods to make.


the ruined the rear, the tail lights on FT-86 were amazing!


I will own this car in a few years. Mark my words. Or will I have the BRZ? We shall see :)


This is exactly what the world needs. In my opinion, the orignial Corolla GTS (AE86) was the last affordable "sports car". Lightweight, balanced, affordable, overall fun to drive. That is exactly what Toyota/Scion and Subaru have brought with the soon to come GT86, BRZ, and FRS. 200HP isn't an impressive for todays standards... But 2600lbs is, for a sports car. This car is going to be unreal in mountain and canyon roads, I can't wait for this car.


This is exactly what the world needs. In my opinion, the orignial Corolla GTS (AE86) was the last affordable "sports car". Lightweight, balanced, affordable, overall fun to drive. That is exactly what Toyota/Scion and Subaru have brought with the soon to come GT86, BRZ, and FRS. 200HP isn't an impressive for todays standards... But 2600lbs is, for a sports car. This car is going to be unreal in mountain and canyon roads, I can't wait for this car.


Sigh....this is honestly ruining the novelty of the car in my opinion. The AE86 is my favourite car and I'm glad Toyota decided to revive it...but three different emblems isn't helping. It's like they've gone overboard and taken the joy out of owning one. It's taken me long enough to get used to the new look....and now i have to suck up three different versions. :( Toyota-Subaru-Scion.....86;BRZ;FR-S..... :( This all makes me very sad....i hope someone tunes the 86 up nice enough for me to love it again. Until then, i'll my old hachi thank you very much.


Aasbo better be in this for next year!

Man, I hope Steph P is working his magic on one as we speak


buy one and just slap the jdm badges on it. i personally like this front end the most out of the three.


Very excited for this car to go on sale. Because Test Drive!!! Saving my downpayment now. No more coilovers for my WRX. LOL


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll buy one the next day I graduate!!!!!


yup i don't want no scion so ima jump on subaru.... it would have been better if its toyota in the US but i guess there building up scion. I'm pretty sure there all the same handling wise and HP.


Interior looks so cheap compared to the GT86 and BRZ. I hope the price reflects that.


Well, as unhappy as I am with the choice to badge it as a scion, I am overjoyed that we get taillights that don't look like fast and the furious rejects. One almost satisfied Toyota enthusiast here.


now i am still excited about this car, but geez, scion really hacked some of the substance out..... no led driving lights, no digital climate control, terrible blaupunkt looking stereo, no cool switch panel, rear seats look like styrophome, no pushbutton start, no fog lights, no cool tires like the RE86's, etc, etc..... hopefully tho, scion has a few options available at purchase that bring it closer to the toyota/subaru variant. but even if it doesnt, as long as the aero option is still a possibility from factory, this will still be a winner.


The interior needs alot of work. NO ARMREST? and RADIO is SHIT. I mean Scion TC's dash is alot better... SIGH i expected more from a TOYOTA/SCION. However, Exterior is GREAT!!! The concept rims are alot better though.. and only 197 hp... why not add the extra 3 haha jk.. Power to weight itsnt bad!



I dunno. that's kinda dumb. I feel like those little things gave the interior a nice flair. and no foglights... lame. we get stupid plastic things now.. yay..


By far the best looking version in my opinion. Front end/bumper looks real good.


Linbergh - Please tell me why most if not all American cars have red indicators? I was in Chicago in 2005 and it was so god damn annoying when you see a red tail-light flashing! On the other hand, all European/Japanese cars sold in the USA have amber indicators?


Scion is still a stupid name. First thing to do is replace all logo's with toyota badges.


Along with the red production model , Scion also unveiled a modified version of the FR-S. Built by GReddy


OMG ITS THE SUBARU BRZ!!! oh wait......


I really wished it had kept the red accents that the jdm version has, i LOVED them.

let the JDM obsession commence!


I'm glad Scion finally gets a car that can perform as good as it looks and for those complaining about stuff that's lacking on this car from the Toyota version, buy some to make your car different from everyone else. They gave us a base car to individualize instead of giving us everything we could possibly want. If they did, our cars would all look the same like Vipers and Corvettes.


You'll pass on this car because you're offended by the curve of the HEADLIGHTS???

zomg uberfail..


Its not turbo'd because for sure the BRZ is going to be as an STI version so there cant be that competition. But NA can be much more fun then turbo in my opinion especially on a car that is also a daily driver and you do mountain roads and autocross which is what i do. Plus N/A brings what is the lineage of the Hachi-Roku too, light car, high revs, it was not the power but the drive-ability of the car i would have disliked if it was turbo. I do like how a lot of the red accents were taken out of the interior and given red stitching much more clean, but the A/C knobs changed which are not as nice and no push button start but the pictures on the website show the pioneer deck in black which does make it look better but not great :( But really excited to get behind the wheel of this long awaited car :)


And so yet another Tokyo Motor Show comes to an end. Well for us folks that are part of the press at


ME RIKE THE FOG RIGHTS! Question is, why have 2 different manufacturers sell the same car?


lol watch and see people swaping out the usdm parts for the jdm part


So it gets to the point where we are paying for the name now? I'm a bit confused, can someone enlighten me; are we getting all 3 here in the United States? I know we are use to having 2 different models from all the major companies, but I have yet to see 3 at one time! Hence my confusion!


Alright, now I just have to wait until some rich kid gets one and gets scared driving it in the rain. Then bam! Instant 5k discount. First mod, toyota badges! Then let ams borrow it for some product development ;)


I hope Subaru will keep the dark headlights. Psssshht, damn U.S. safety regulations.


What I'm wondering is, how will this hold up to the turbo Genesis coup, price/performance wise.


This car will fail.

Not because it's an inferior product, or bad marketing.

It will fail because people are lame.

This is suppose to be a genuine car fan website and here they are complaining about foglights, headlights, brakes and wheels.

Things that can be BOLTED-ON/OFF in a few hours at most but even the most inexperienced weekend wrencher with some hand tools and a single driveway.

Toyota/Subaru as produced a car that real fans have been asking for for over a decade and some guys that could'nt even drive when this car was still a concept are complaining about foglights and under what banner it's being sold.

I hope it doesn't fail... but if it does. I know who to blame.


Why is it that so many of you guys focus on only negatives? For instance, the guy who complained about the fog lights and it meaning we are supposedly getting the short end of the stick, really guy? The car is what it is, buy it or don't, but why cant you appreciate the good things about it? Its not as if this car has had no thought put into it. They used the boxer engine to keep the center of gravity down, its light, a lot of design time went into balancing the weigh, etc, etc. Stop your complaining and enjoy it for what it is and not what you wish it was.


I can't wait for the first LSX swap! :D


This car willl fail because every new Toyota Tacoma truck had catostrophic failures the first 2 years after 2007

my 2007 Tacoma was falling apart before it's first oil change,,, the ABS brake made it not stop at all,,, and the clutch fell apart at 10k miles

If I wanted a sports car I'd get a S2000 or a Nissan ...... . Toyota has made some very reliable trucks for the last 40 years, now they stopped

.. .. those 94 Supras are enough to make me to spend $28k on the NEW attempt .... yeah right


Not sure why everyone is getting so excited about this car? It has no power, looks bland, and honestly, they bastardized the whole subaru engine.. i hope they keep making meh cars like this.. that will keep the resale on my STi at peak levels for years to come!

This has been done before... think hyundai genesis coupe, which IMHO is a better car, has more power, and the bugs have been worked out already.



What is all this talk about the AE86 being the last affordable sports car? Are none of you familiar with the Miata?


Hmm... I can't see the diff with the 86 other than the lights that u mentioned


First thing i will do is find the part numbers for the TOYOTA emblems and order them from japan.


Love this thing for so many reasons. Im a huge car enthusiast and i like retro cars or what some might call mosern classics. Personally I have a 6th gen GTI that I love beyond words but if this car were around when I was in the market I would have definitely given it a test drive and pulled some hairs out over the decision. You've got to appreciate the nod to the original AE86/Corolla GT-S. I think its cool that Toyota and Subaru pooled resources. Thats going to result in a very well built vehicle with lots of character. My only criticism is the Scion badge! I know they are trying to bolster Scions image, but I think Toyota needs it more personally. Im just not big on scions brand image. The TC is about as agressive and sporty as I think that brand should ever go. This belonged to Toyota :( If I got one I would definitely be swapping to a Toyota Badge. Then I would turbocharge it.


Performance-wise, it's amazing. Aesthetically? It kinda sucks. What I originally meant was: compared to the Japanese and European editions, this is cheap. Just look at all the differences in this one and the others. Why woyld they change so much? I suppose I have no room to talk since I don't have the money to buy it? Well, I would if I could. I'm a HUGE Toyota fan, and own a Cressida and love it to death. This is just my thought on this car.


sorry to say this and agree or not but the body look too much like the Genesis coupe.


How long before people start trawling for JDM-yo! parts to make their BRZ-86 legit?


americans always complain about how they get the short end of the stick for the cars here. but its not like were mass selling any of our cars in japan so its not that bad of a deal


Word is not only did they mount the engine lower to keep the center of gravity lower but when they mounted it lower it allows clearance the the WRC boxer engine =D very cool...if you got the money to buy that engine haha


I am, by no means, new to press events. But to this day, I still find them to be a strange affair with


Here is my opinion of this car. First off I like it. I think the concept is right on, but my only issue is the motor. The boxer motor is a great motor but its an expensive motor to work with. The purpose of this car, like the AE86 is to be a fun low cost car that shows the true meaning of racing. Not a lot of frills, not a lot of power, not a lot of technology powering the car, not a lot of engineering behind it thats what made the AE86 famous. The biggest problem I have with this whole car is the branding and the name.I dont give a fuck what brand the car is or what its name is. Scion always made its cars for the tuner in mind which I believe suits this cars use perfectly. Who cares what its name is, it shouldnt matter what its called because we all know it plays homage to the AE86..


In the debate of Subaru version or toyota version: I will be choosing Subaru purely on the basis that I would trust a Subaru tech who has worked on a boxer engine many a time, over a recently trained toyota tech. Normally I would choose to do my own work, however I'd like to keep that warranty going as long as possible. Which raises another point, how lax are they gonna be on the warranty when it cones to racing them? I know that at the drag strip if they catch you racing your new ZR1, goodbye warranty.

Now hurry up WRX/STI turbo version..


I'd love to see a version offered with NO wheels whatsoever, haha, so you can save a grand and just bring your own to the dealership to drive it home (or to the track!). Looks good too, glad to see the fake fender vent is made more subtle on the FR-S and I hope pricing from Scion is close to $22grand.



Finally, someone with reason!


i'm sick of japanese car makers taking stuff off of the USDM versions.. maybe for once they should add a little something special to the USDM version.


Sad to say... The car isn't at all what I dreamed. I expected Toyota would at least take the Prius look off of the Scion!

Oh well... BRZ!