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I'm very happy with the response the 86 Preview post has been getting over the last 24 hours. A lot of you seem to like it, while some not so much. But that is fine, such an anticipated model, in particular one that has such a big job to do, will always generate mixed feelings. It's obvious the "86" name has something to do with it, but while the original AE86 Corolla was a very special car, I think we have to understand that Toyota isn't trying to pass this new model off as a replacement. What they are trying to do here is tap into all those little things that made the hachiroku earn its legendary status and offer it up in a modern package. 

During the presentation yesterday, they told us that engineers attended grassroots drift and grip track days across the country in an attempt to understand what true enthusiasts and purists want. This is why the car is a four seater, you can carry four people when using it as a daily driver, but when you need to hit the track you can fold the rear seats flat so that the trunk can swallow up four spare wheels/tires, a jack and a few other bits of equipment. This alone makes me stand up and take my hat off to the development team, the engineers, Akio Toyoda and Toyota as a whole.

Finally a car company that has the balls to deliver what we, the enthusiasts, want. But that is only scratching the surface. The 86 goes far beyond that. From the comments, it seems that a lot of you can't digest or understand why they have gone with Subaru's EJ20. An extremely low center of gravity was to be the defining factor of the whole project, and admittedly no other engine configuration can match a boxer on this. Let's not forget the 1965 Sport 800 was powered by a flat-2 boxer, so the 86 truly does go right back to Toyota's affordable sports car roots. 

Design wise I can only say it's been a fair compromise between the aggressive styling of the concepts we have seen over the last few years and what a manufacturer can get away with on a final production street car.

The headlights are a defining factor of the 86, already a recognizable detail of the car.

The driving lights and indicators are positioned on the corner of the bumper, a nice touch especially when seen head on. I think tuners will have a ball with the 86, there will be so many aero variations and upgrades to transform the look of what even Toyota are saying is a base for the owner to build upon.

Yes yes it sits high and the offset on the stock 17-inch wheels could be far more aggressive, but everyone out there knows that suspension and wheels will be the first parts people will upgrade. 

In fact Toyota held a presentation of the car for members of the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC) a few weeks ago, probably releasing technical drawings, measurements and so on to allow tuners and parts manufacturers to get a head start in the development of the first few upgrades. With the 86 going on sale in Japan in March/April I bet some "pre-production" cars have already been given to the biggest tuners out there so that a few show cars can be prepared in time for the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

I quite liked the 86 in white.

Some of the cars had what may be a dealer option trunk spoiler. The profile looks cleaner without it however but that's up to personal choice.

The interior is nice and simple, like the rest of the car. Some of the cars had these nice red accents that brighten up the black plastics, which if a little on the hard side, do have a quality and resistant feel to them. Best thing of all for me however was how damn well I fit inside. At 6'2" the driving position of most Japanese cars is always way to high for me but I sank right into the 86's supportive seat, an instant thumbs up!

The instruments are simple and easy to read with the rest of the information being contained in the orange LCD displays.

All switchgear in the center console is intuitively laid out. 

If you want to have fun in the 86 you want to turn traction and stability control off via the buttons behind the gear selector. 

Yep, boxers aren't pretty to look at that's for sure. It might be a tight fit but I think a turbocharged EJ20 or EJ25 can slip in there…

This 100PS per liter EJ20 sucks air through an electronic throttle, which does introduce a bit of an artificial feel and lack of immediate response, but something you quickly learn to forget about.

Looks pretty menacing in black too.

I think close to 100 people participated in the drive event yesterday. I don't think anyone came away not liking the 86, everyone I talked to seemed to really appreciate what Toyota have done.

Despite its 197 HP the 86 doesn't excite for its straight-line performance…

…it's out through the corners that it comes alive. It delivers the kind of fun that you can't have in more powerful machinery. I know it sounds strange to say something like this but while you scare yourself silly in cars with tons of power you can concentrate on ringing the absolute maximum out of the 86…

…paying special attention to how the car behaves to your inputs and feeling for the feedback that comes in through the controls.

Sure if you are a professional driver you would be able to do the same with an 600 HP race car around the Nordschleife…but the reality is not many of us possess those kind of skills.

And there lies the little niche that the 86 will fall into. Much like the Mazda Roadster/Miata/MX-5 it entices the driver to perfect his technique, the car assisting him or her as a precision tool.

Tuning will help push the boundaries of the 86 as skills grow. I think the only thing that remains to be seen will be the price the car will sell for in various markets. If it's affordable enough its success is guaranteed. Now we have tons of tuner examples to look forward to, as well as special limited editions, drift cars, one make race series and of course the Subaru version of the car in Super GT from next year.

This is the beginning of something great.

Toyota Japan

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I followed the evolution of this car from the beginning and seeing it in Gran Turismo back in 2009, i knew that I need to get it.

I live in Germany and I am a little worried about the price tag, because we normally have to pay 20 % more for cars than in Asia or USA.

This car will start a new era of racing and I bet that tuning get more attention around here.


The 86 looks like a great platform to build on. I think the engine is the only let down. I'm interested to see what the aftermarket companies will create.


Dino thank you so much for this amazing article!

No doubt that this 86 will be a legend, i wan't even born when the Ae86 was fresh of the showroom floors. But this is no doubt an instant classic. Look at the Ae86, it wasn't the worlds fastest car, not the quickest, not made out of carbon fiber, not a limited production run of only 86 units, it's reminds me of the Mx-5. Its all about the driver and car becoming one, each grow with one another. Being a college student this car is motivating me to a whole new level so that i can get my hands on a new 86.


I like the clean and simple yet aggressive look it has and the led lights in the rear diffuser are a nice touch.

They've given tuners a refreshing platform to improve on and If sold for a reasonable price, i think we'll be seeing a lot more of the 86.


If the new Toyota sports car is not trying to replace the original, why the name? Definitely not to my tastes, and I totally disagree with Toyota trying to leech off of the AE86's popularity. But if Toyota just released as a new sports car, it would probably be something nice. Actually, I feel that the concept is closer to the S30 Fairlady Z rather than the AE86; build a sporty, capable chassis, ready to hold an available potent engine. The appealing points of the AE86 are in a different world in my opinion. Simple, TE71 carry-over chassis with GZ10 Soarer hand-me down, clean and refined styling, and the hi-revving, great sounding 4AG engine. I think the important element of the AE86 is being the David, it's no more than a Corolla. The new car is an agile sports car from the start. It's a completely different story.


So... what are the chances of getting some wallpapers of these? (preferably all of them :P...)


Havent seen any drift pictures/videos yet...


Slowy growing on me. One good thing is the tuning market has already got nearly 20 years experiance in tuning the ej20 so power up's will come quick. Got to give it up to Toyota for makng a car to tune.


I like it, and this will have a great aftermarket, but stock-for-stock, the Hyundai Genesis coupe is just better in every way.

...and the miata is convertible, if you're into that...


so let's see how ugly the US version gets...


Firstly the 86 looks much better on this pictures. I prefer it without the wing and i love the interior. Anyway the best thing i like about this car is not the way it looks but the technology in it. The 2 litre NA boxer might be underpowered but that means that you could drive it flat out even through the corners ju st like the old hachi, because of its great handling. And driving with your foot down is always exciting. Remember the old one become a legend with only 130hp. I wonder how much it weights/ Does someone know? I search the internet but i didn't find anything.




Well that's an awesome beautiful car and about the price well.... u guys don't need to get worried about the taxes here in brazil we would pay a f* lot more... an example a standart Camaro is 24K in US here is around 90K ... So let's stop to complain and well... enjoy...!!!! ^^


I have owned an ae86 and fell in love. the way you have described driving this car is exactly what i felt while driving the corolla... cant wait for a test drive


i absolutely love it!!! but i need to see the subie in its final trim to chose which one imma get.


Holy crap! The production model is MUCH better than what I expected from the prototype!

This doesn't happen very often!


I'd take the 86 anyday, but it needs a more kick ass engine. Tuner community UNITE! We must tune and build an 86 that beats all the competition!


and yet, I heard there was at least one supposed motor journalist (not you Dino) at the event who wasn't able to drive the car properly - and then tried to offer his unsolicited feedback to Toyota...what has happened to this so called "profession"? FAIL.

On a more serious note - do you know if there will there be any reviews by professional drivers in the future, so we can get to the truth on how good the car really is? In English too, please.


Is it just me or does the interior look very "Sti"???


Well, in the UK the release price is going to be £28000 which is far, far too expensive. The press over the past few years always said they were trying to bring the sale price in at under £20k, which would have been amazing. Then a few months ago, they started saying that £20k was a bit optimistic, £22-23k would be more realistic. Fair enough, £22k still is somewhat of a bargain. But you can get a new 370z for less than £28k so all of a sudden this looks like a pretty weak proposition. The age group this is being directed at has an average yearly wage of around £15k. Very disappointed with the price. Looks are good, but again, on a £28k car I would expect much better


Love it! A car made for tuners... guess my dream invention is already done by Toyota~


The bean counters sure got a hold of that concept.... It's hideous.


we will see in the future but I think thats going to be one of the most popular drift platform in year to come


Now if nissan would get off their ass and make a new S chassis....


i think i may be in love...white one it is!


I've never considered buying a new car before, but this car (or its subaru cousin, more likely) might change all that.


The EJ20 keeps getting referred to as the motor in this car. The motor in this car is NOT an EJ20, it is the new FA20 motor.


Absolutely stunning! This is one of those few cars that I would go out and pay for in full today if I was older than 18 and had the money to do so... I hope to be able to experience this car like I have had the opportunity to experience the original '86, the NA Miata, and my FC alike. I am in love with this car and I'm sure any other TRUE enthusiast will be too. Fantastic job Toyoda and Subaru, we need more manufactuers following suite!


I want. I'm actually really excited about this car, nice timing.


the mx5 is exactly what id compare this thing to. except it'll have/gain more cred among the tuner crowd.


the ej20 boxer motor. A set of uel headers and a nice exhaust and we have the fantastic subie rumble.


AWESOME! cant wait for it to hit the states..


I do believe that this car will be a good platform to build upon, but I can't help but feel that Subaru has Toyota by the balls on this one.. Just my thought.


Finally, Toyota is getting back to where they belong, lightweight RWD sports cars.


Looks like it has a lot of potential, might have to photochop a set of SL/TE37 , GT wing and low ;)


Awesome, Toyota and Subaru had babies!!!

I just wanna know how well it goes sideways!?


I should've just stopped at the part where the rear seats fold in so you can store wheels etc, because for a company to do that is just amazing. Car sounds amazing and this article has actually seriously sparked my interest in it, I kind of want to get one now lol. I heard prices around 20k new. I hope its around there, or less.


The car gonna be selled in the u.s and how much????


I am more than excited for this car, I just want take on the Duffy Lake Road in British Columbia... It would come alive!


I just died and was reborn.


I've enjoyed these past two posts on the new 86, and I always look forward to reading Dino's work, but I have a few questions. I'm very curious about the transmission, I'm assuming it's a 5-speed, but how does it shift? Are the throws quick, direct, and to the point like an S2000, or are they a bit longer and slightly vague like what we've come to expect from the WRX and STi? How are the gear ratios, is it a close-box that keeps the small N/A boxer revving and in its power band? How does the clutch feel, is it a descendent of the impreza's forgiving feel, or is it more reminiscent of something with less travel and a smaller sweet spot? How are the brakes and over all braking feel, linear or progressive? Do you need to burry your toe so deep in the floor that your heel can barely reach the gas, or is their sufficient braking power for the track day warrior? Did the brakes fade at all over the course of your laps? Did the steering provide a direct feel, how was the rack-ratio, how many turns lock to lock? The engine revs beyond 7k, at what RPM does the limiter cut in? Does the rear end look like something of Subaru heritage (Technically Nissan I guess), R160, R180, R200? And how does that engine sound, from what I understand there was a collaboration with Yamaha acoustics? I would love to know all of this, and I'm sure some others may as well. Like I mentioned earlier, I will always look forward to Dino's write-ups, I just want to get the most out of his experience with the new 86, and learn from the insight that only a man in his current position can offer.


Oh common we need SIDEWAY`S pic's


Great car!! engine lets it down, cant wait for a drift version, hopefully with a 2JZ-GTE...if it will fit


I agree with the most of the comments and i commend toyota for talking to purists not casual car fans. But i feel 28k is out of my reach. Still want to test drive it though. You don't have to buy it to do that do you know?


Reading these atricles just makes me want this car even more.

I do belive they have doen everything right this time both Toyota & Subaru.

Wrokig together on this project I think was essential for both factories, and what a result.

Thinking of comming options for this car is just the beginning and I belive this wil be an instant Classic.

And you do not see many of those around these days in this segment.

The new about this one is ofcourse this will be an instant new tuners classic with no regular looks.

Since probably most people will change the apperence anyway.

I personally have to strat saving up som serious cash for this car and may have to get rid of my Old Celica to give place for this one...


Dino, great photos BTW.


The long wheel base will enable the car to be predictable and easy to control during hard cornering, while the low center of gravity will make it feel stable. The 86 doesn't look that great honestly, but I'm sure that aftermarket companies will work on the appearance.

Also, those 17' look a bit too small for this car. Those arches look BIG !

I can't wait to see how it stacks up against the MX-5/ Miata, given the Miata weighs 2500lbs.


I absolutely adore the final result! Brilliant! Trully brilliant!


as with most things Japanese the attention to detail to like no other!

im looking forward to what the tuners are going to churn out in the coming year!


I think that THE engine is perffectly choosen. Come on, all JDM fans love small engines with big turbos, dont they? S13, S14, S15, AE86, RX7, RX8, MX5, MR2, EVO, WRX - this is JDM! How cool is 2.0 liter, boxer? A lot. If some people dont see it, they would probably better wait for a new Supra or NSX. Yhat if they have GTR R35 kind of money....


Well the looks are a bit of a letdown and remind me how far away a concept is from production reality. The lines look different with the high stance on little wheels and make the car look a lot like a new version of the Mitsu Eclipse. I'm sure I can fall in love with the 86 again once I see them tweaked by tuners, thats going to be easy for me. I am happy to read all of the info and be sure its a 4 seater with room for track tires, right on Toyota! Good write up!


Dino, thanks for putting this car into context. From reading the comments on various forums and even on here it's clear that alot of people just don't get it, so I hope this article clears things up for them. Personally, im just grateful there is now a new Japanese sports car which is affordable and fun to drive. Been a long time since this has happened and having grown up in the golden age Japanese sports cars, it's awesome to have one which I can now buy and own new.


I was a big fan of the first prototype but I don't like this final model, it seems to be a Hyundai....and they have "softened" it too much... Tuners : You have a good way to work....


I loved the looks of it and seems like a great base car definitely saving up for one.

Now what color?


i have to say the red rear lights look like a Ferrari...


Those amongst us who can only come up with frases like "it needs to be lowerrrr" do not understand cars at all.



Hehe you Germans don't know how good you've got it down there.

Just look north of the border. You only pay normal VAT on cars, and it's what? 19%.

We here in Denmark have to pay 180% of the cars value in registration tax. Manufacturers actually sell their cars at lower prices to the Danish importers xD

The 86 will probably retail somewhere between 80.000 and 100.000 in Denmark :P


Tomok you're wrong. Ae86/GT-S comaring to Corolla is like Lancer comparing to Lancer Evo. Completely different car, made for sport, not like "fabric tuned".


If tuners got their hands on the 86 already, I'm pretty sure we'll see a swapped one at TAS and I'm also sure that Dino will snap a picture or two of it to prove he was right. Man, I can't wait to get my hands on the Subaru variant!


I totally get this car. I watched the videos on an ft86 website where the main test engineer from Toyota talked about the design theories behind the gt86. I'm stoked about the high revving n/a 2.0L boxer and 6 speed. I agree with a comment above that said the original ae86 became a cult classic with 115hp and straight rear axle. I'm happy with the weight and size. Now its up to the price. I'll take the lower trim model for $19,999. ;)


^^ Cheers to that


already imagining it in white on a bronze RE-30's..


Are there any video's for this? I'd love to hear how the production model actually sounds


I am becoming more excited the more I read about it. It looks like it will be a solid drift platform which will be nice. I love the AE86 so the jury is still out as to whether this will ever compare to it, but I like the direction and am excited to see what kind of aftermarket support is going to be offered in the future and how the vehicle balances out.


Im really liking this car. The interior is spot on, simple and functional. The exterior is good, but those wheels are god awful. Easy fix though. Low power low weight is where its at, my 86 kills it all day at drift events with 100hp, i dont see why this wont with 200. Its not a supra, its a simple fun car, just like the 86. Now as long as they dont try to squeeze 30k for the price. Luckily scion is consumer friendly.




I like it. Is nice to see a Japanese car company, especially Toyota who are known for making beige Camrys bring out a nice simple sporty coupe again. I know that Nissan still has the Z but that's it. Back in the day all manufacturers had a sporty car but today that just isn't the case so it's nice to see Toyota bringing one out. Maybe it'll open the eyes of other Japanese car companies and we'll see some more fun enthusiast cars again. I know a lot of people say it looks like a Gen Coupe, but go back in history and look all the sports coupes of the 80's. They all kinda of looked the same, take the RX-7 and Porsche 944, they looked the same. So yes, I'm happy to see this car coming out.


@Subaru fan

"I wonder how much it weights/ Does someone know? I search the internet but i didn't find anything."

On a website from my country they say it's 1180 kg (~ 2600 lb).

(And they say it too, that it will cost around 28000 GBP in the UK.)


love this car so much, the headlights are definately signature, dont like crystal tails but they can work, will get use to them like the altezza. now I wanna drive one for myself


Put a KIA badge on, "I'LL BELIEVE YOU!"

Actually, KIA makes better looking car now days then this crap. This car is HOPELESS.


I have not been a huge fan of the car so far, but the more I see of it the more I like it. I love the interior, and I think with a good engine swap this car could have great potential (not a boxter fan, but thats just me). If the car comes in under 22k it will be a great car though, and I would like to take one for a spin.


It looks like a little LFA doesn't it?! At least the front does especially in white!


Haha looks great! I Love the instrument panel so much, I love that clean look. An actual meter with a needle not that fancy electronic bs


I absolutely love this car. Seem's like the the good old times are coming back.

"Finally a car company that has the balls to deliver what we, the enthusiasts, want."

See Ford?! one simple thing makes us drool like kids in a candy shop.

Now, don't argue and go make a proper rwd escort!! Go


All these people hating... what you hating for?? toyota just made their first decent car since the altezza and all you can do is complain. The first thing you people do when you see it is try to compare it to another car. its not another car, its a whole new car that perfectly depicts the feeling of driving the ae86, with alot more go ;) greddy is going to have a field day with this thing. Personally, i love the car and the fact that toyota actually wants it to be modified. To the guy who compared this to a hyndai genisis... are you seriously comparing toyota to hyndai? what hyndai from the 80's do you see still rolling today? Not to mention, we've already seen what the ej20 is capable of. 12.5:1 CR, no problem wiseco will have any CR you want. The heads on this engine must be amazing, making 200 NA! You know how many kids are going to wreck these things trying to drift lol? parts are going to be very available at junk yards. You all sound like the "average consumer"! We're on speedhunters, we build F ing cars! I look at this new 86 as a blank canvas, and builds go through my head of what it could be. N/a 330whp screamer with lots of weight reduction or 500whp turbo build? Im going to have to snatch one of these before the american dollar becomes toilet paper, hurry up and release in U.S. toyota!


I really like the look of this car, as long as the price is going to be good here in the UK. I much prefer the alloys shown in the bottom picture of the preview article though, and i agree that the tyres look skinny and it sits too high.

I'm sorta assuming Toyota left these things down to the owners in order to keep the price down?


It had no style :s


only thing i dont like is the tail lights. I would get some aftermarker red ones or something. Cool car, hope its under 2700 lbs though.


Great write up! I keep coming back to the last two posts and everytime I look at the car I like it more and more. The good news is that it should def be a very capable platform and hopefully the price point will be low enough to leave plenty for aftermarket goodies! Is the car going to come with a factory LSD?


Looks ugly. Scion city. Sorry not a fan.


Thanks for all the great feedback guys!


BTW £28,000 = US$43,500


For the price of Ft86, you can buy a 2 year old Subaru Wrx Sti. Thats the fact i don't like about the new toyota. It will be too expensive in europe as all models from Japan.


I think i'm in love.


I think Toyota just hit the refresh button on the aftermarket industry. If this car, directed at the "tuning enthusiast" can't do that, I don't know what will. It has plenty of appeal, and what I find interesting is tuners like Zero Sports (primarily a subaru tuner) can have at the 86, as well as TRD.. That is pretty cool if you ask me. I don't understand why people complain about the final design either. I can't remember the last car that contained ALL the details of it's concept version. Japan will get this great example, though if America gets some watered down Scion version, I feel it will not do as well. The Subaru offering will probably fair better in North America.


Pretty cool. I really want to see some of these in the Ebisu Drift Matsuri!


Simple and nice car. I like the front end of the car, especially those headlights. And those double exhaust pipes are good too. I would like to see some tuned ones.


Thank you Toyota! Thank you Dino!


I am normally a Toyota fan before Subaru, and I WAS psyched about the 86 release, but this production version is 'choppy' at best. The 86 front end has too much dead space between the center grill and the side fog lights, the body lines around the center "T" emblem looks ugly, and clear tail lights?! That was a trend years back IMO and does not look good at all. The ride height is too high as well. I know this leads to the aftermarket and all its improvements, but I expected more from Toyota initially. I hope the Subaru production materializes better, and considering the engine I would stay true to the engine and buy Subaru. Because of the lineage the 86 comes from and the respect it commands, its power plant renders it more like a step-son. If I ever got my hands on one, swapping the engine would on the list of mods.


YES!! I will own one. Time to start saving.


You should put this car and some other new ones in the DLC for Shift 2.


how long before there is a 2jz or 1uz in this engine bay?


Price is my biggest concern for this vehicle. I have no complaints about the power of the car if the USDM version sells for under $24k. If it sells for more than that, the main people who will buy this car are Toyota loyalists and not new buyers, since you can get a Mustang GT(which is as fast an an M3 around the track stock) or a Genesis Coupe Turbo, which will have over 270HP next year, when the FR-S arrives. Both these cars are heavier, yes, but they do handle well and have large aftermarket parts available and can be argued to look better, depending on who you ask.

This is the reality of it. The price will determine whether this car will sell or not.


its beautiful i cant wait to see it in the states


Can't wait for he subaru version.


^remember world economies mean that the price you pay is not a direct currency exchange to what we pay..


Schöner Bericht zur Präsentation des GT-86 mit Detailbildern


Now that the car did came out im having second thoughts.





well in Malaysia we will have to pay more than double for this machine due to our ridiculous tax.. sigh..


Indeed, so Nice to finally see it,in the flesh !, well sorta, real pics that is :)


This is what i called pontiac aztek86.



This thing screems out hate me in every angle.



I was really hoping they would leave the weird driving assists out. Extra weight and and needless complexity in a car supposedly built for enthusiasts/fun.




Some photos I'm like "Awright!" and others, I'm like "Yawn." I think the yawns will disappear once the first modified examples come to be.


An in line four 2litres would be the best option in powerplant... In general, iis a very clean car. It´s like a blank paper that you can use to create a great modified machine. I just wanna see what the aftermarket companies gona create for this car.....


if i was goin to buy a car brand new this would be the one i would buy. i like how there are traces of the late model celica on it


its beautiful i cant wait to see it in the states


im really excited to see this car, i think its what we really need and i can only hope itl be huge in the tuner world, and maybe inspire other makes too!


It's not an EJ20...


Original geschrieben von illusion2001 Schöner Bericht zur Präsentation des GT-86 mit Detailbildern
Auch wenn ich kein Interesse an sportlichen Gefährten habe...ich muss sagen, daß mit der Wagen gefällt.


Looks like a trd celica raped a impreza rs and this is what you have as the bloody aftermath. Hyundaish, cookie cutterish, rubbish. Will be a dime a dozen in the states just like the mustang gt. With every douchy car lover thinking they have a Damn LFA, and driving it like they just polished up a Four-pack of some cheap knock off fuzzy navel wine cooler, thinking there in fast and the furious 9. Sorry but just venting.


For anyone complaining about the stock stance, when have you ever seen a non-supercar without a big gap between the wheels and fenders? It's STOCK, and made to be daily driven. They aren't going to have it sitting on the bump stops at the dealership, you twits. Same for the wheel/tire combo. An N/A car with 200hp doesn't exactly demand a ridiculous staggered wheel combination with 335s at the back now does it? I'm shaking my head at some of these comments...use your brains, people.


200 horsepower.... weak.... I thought they would at least turbo it..


YES!!!! Finally, it's here! I want one BAD! Depending on the price :D


Thank you Toyota.


Sorry Dino, just can't get past that shite-boxter under the hood. This car could be the prettiest auto in the world and it all wouldn't matter because of what's running it. Think of it this way: Your out with a really HOT girl on a date and you lift the skirt to find your date is actually a Dude!

The EJ20, D-45, whatever you want to call it, is simply a "vertically opposed" OIL FURNACE. Yeah, I want to go through a quart of synthetic every 500mi. Now if it made 400HP, I could probably deal with it's oil appetite; but 200HP and a 3300lb curb weight? Wow.... a BIG whole .06, for comparisons the CAMRY SE is .08...not actually raising the bar are they? I wonder how awesome these potential "proud new owners" of this POS will feel when they get smoked by a "mom" in her Camry.

This "car" is a FAIL.


Already imagining 300HP naturally aspirated tuned versions of these cars racing in best motoring with Keichy Tsuchyia and the others,it's gonna be legendary :)


For the guys with open minds, I'm with you. For all the $hit talkers and bashers, go and suck on chuck. You guys have zero imagination. I bet you guys are the same net guys saying this and that, probably don't even own a f'ing car. And if you do, your $hit is nothing because you have no passion and really aren't in this for the f'ing cars. You're only in it to get some attention, you f'ing attention whores! Sick of reading comments from retards.


I agree with you, but please look at">yonex badminton rackets.


Ok, can someone tell us what is the performance specs ( 0-60 and top speed) for that 86? Looks like they want to keep it secret!! WTF i hope it's better then 7 seconds for the 0-60...


I'm going to be the first to swap a v8 into that 86.


Engine choice was horrible, why would you want a annoying to work on, oil eating, Naturally aspirated Subaru boxer engine, when Toyota makes plenty of inline 4 cylinders that could be mildly modified and produce alot more power... makes no sense to me at all. The only other thing that bothers me about this car is the ride height (might just be the pictures but it looks really high off the ground for a "sports car") and the wheel and tire choice, a slightly wider rim with appropriate tire would look 10 times better.


if they sell it for less than 25 grand then i'm interested.


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Seeing the new BRZ, I can say for sure that the 86 will be the star ant the other one the outsider...


whats up with the retro 'clock' controls? cool touch!

am soooo getting this car!