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I'm sitting in the pressroom at Fuji Speedway right now as the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival comes to a close. There is a mouthwatering lineup of Toyota's Super GT and Formula Nippon race cars parked along the straight, an amazing sight to say the least. However despite the appeal of this yearly event it was the unveiling of the much-anticipated Toyota 86 that I focused on today, the car being publically shown undisguised for the first time. Toyota's president Akio Toyoda drove it down past the grandstands as fans cheered. And the best part of it all? I got to drive it!

So before I head back to Tokyo and no doubt get stuck in the unavoidable Sunday night traffic I thought I put together a quick gallery of images from what was a very memorable day. 

It's always very exciting to get behind the wheel of a car that has been anticipated for years. 

And I'm very happy to report, that despite the very limited time we were allowed behind the wheel around Fuji's tight short track…

…the 86 delivers all that Toyota promised us.

The precise and communicative steering coupled with a rigid chassis and a very low center of gravity gives the hachiroku true chuckability. 

It can be flinged around corners all day and it will never scare or bite you with unexpected surprises. Everything is progressive and controllable…

…but in a fun way, allowing you to really get a feel for how the car behaves rather quickly.

The design incorporates a lot of styling cues from Toyota's sports car history, from the 2000GT and the Yotahachi (Sports 800) without of course forgetting the AE86. It even manages to look like an LFA from certain angles!

Power comes from Subaru's 1,998 cc horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, featuring Toyota's direct injection system and a pretty high 12.5:1 compression ratio. The naturally aspirated motor revs smoothly past 7,000 rpm, developing 197 HP (200 PS) and 151 lb/ft. It's all very linear and despite its more than adequate performance, you can't help but feel like the chassis could take so much more. 

The front fenders are stamped with the Subaru logo hinting just how much of the 86 is built by Fuji Heavy Industries.

The best part is that Toyota wants to see owners modify their cars, personalize them to create their own bespoke vehicles and extract the potential the car obviously has. I think they are on to a winner.

What do you guys think? 

Toyota Japan

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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absolutely cool!


Yes! Finally they have let it out there!

Wonder if they'll ever make it down here to New Zealand?


Just awesome! Will be waiting for modified car snapshots=)


Looks. Good. Pretty faithful to the concept. I don't dig the clear tail lights though. Can't wait to see some modified ones.


Love this car. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for my next car in an affordable, light, RWD car. Now I get to pick from Hyundai, Toyota and Subaru?



I want one of these..

hopefully it will be sell in Indonesia..


I can not wait until i have to money to lease one of these!


i like the car but that badge is a bit bullshit... haha


I'll take one, please.


So, this is more a Subaru than a Toyota? :D


Change the rims and lower it a smidgen and I would be sold!


i think it looks like a cross between a Hyundai Genesis, a Toyota celica, and a pruis. it looks like total shit and yet again Toyota has disappointed me


Can't wait to see what these engines can handle.




are those BBSs i see in the last pic? I WANT ONE


Really great! A great base for tuning!


wrong engine, 3s-gte would have been alot better


Awesome! imo FRS > FT86 > BRZ


What tire size is that? The factory tire size looks tiny as hell for that body. hahaha


Its gonna be crap. the chassis is good but they mest up on the engine by making it direct injection if they really wanted to make the car for enthusiast they would have made it manifold injection because D.I. makes severe limits on the power u can make.


good to c em bein honest n have the subie logos lets hope nissan honda mazda will keep up! amen.


Nice! You are lucky Dino!!! I hope we will read more Toyota 86 stories on Speedhunters.


Toyota UK stellt die Europaversion des GT-86 vor Real-live Bilder Das Blau ist echt klasse :) Freut mich sehr, der hat das Potential


I can see an SR swap coming on...


Dino, nicely done as always. Will be interesting to see just how exactly tunable this car will be.


Some of you would find something to complain about if Jessica Alba showed up naked at your front door. Seriously, Toyota and Subaru are now offerring an affordable RWD sports car. This is a first for Subaru and something that Toyota has been lacking for years. Who cares if the car has a Subaru engine or that it is direct injected? Regardless if it is DI, there will be a huge aftermarked for this car.

This car never would have existed if Toyota and Subaru did not team up.

I drool of the idea of trading in my IS300 for this car.


Want one for my self!!!!


the TRD kit in last pic makes me fell funny in the pants ;)


@Silver turtle

Where ever you read D.I limits the power you can make is full of crock. D.I not only is more efficient but on a whole makes more power than indirect injection. The only disadvantage to direct injection is that it is more complex and in turn more expensive to design.

As for a case in point if Direct Injection was worse than Indirect Injection then Ferrari Porsche Mercedes BMW and most other major manufaturers wouldnt be designing all their new engines to use it.


Best thing i've read all year, ive been following this car for more than 2 years and im almost in tears


Absolutely love it. This car gives us hope. Car industry hasn't forgot about fun small cars. At least not Japan.. I just don't like the Lexus-like taillights. Should have been plain red ones to make it look a bit more on the cheap side, which it is and what I like about it.

Once more, thanks Japan!


Finally! I can't wait to see one at the dealer! I agree that the tire looks TINY! hopefully they have left some room to put some MEAT in there!


YES FIANNLY someone has answered the call for a car that is heavyer then the s2000 and has less hp!!!!!


Cheap, cheap design compared to the last concepts...what a shame...

But looks like it´´s great fun to drive


I was blown away when Toyota showed up it's FRS, and the spirit of a true sports car in today's time is alive once more. Looking at the production edition of the FT86, I'm afraid that it's too curvy, and lack the aggressive profile of what the FRS is all about. Taillight is very reminiscent of the first edition BMW Z4. Frontal shot, there seems to be something missing there. Perhaps I'm a bit nit-picky here, but kudos for the job well done for the two companies! Thank you for putting "fun" back!


The car looks really great, but from the front and back it looks kind of wrong. It needs much fatter tyres front and rear to fill out those guards then it will look truly mean!


When I first saw the FRS concept, I was truly impressed by its design and to think that Toyota based its next line of car, the FT86 on it, my hopes were high for the final production model. Sadly though, the design is too curvy, frontal shot alone makes you feel that something is missing there. The taillight is very reminiscent of the first gen BMW Z4, wish they adopted the one in the FRS concept.

Still, we need to be thankful for it's rare for car companies to put a fun-to-drive sports car in today's current situation. Kudoes for Subaru and Toyota!


Finally!! Well done :)


Oh my goodness. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for this insight and updates.


The fact that its coming out as a scion means that there will be a ton of poorly modded boy racer looking cars. That seems to be how all scions are


I'll wait till forza drops it in their game, test drive it in person, before i think about saying no


I love how toyota never fails to put a tumour-like bulge on their hood to perch their logo on, would love to see that small detail removed, but all around seems like a well thought out car.


I'm sure this will be good, but I'm waiting out for a remake of the Supra - hopefully something that will be in the same category as the Nissan GT-R, i.e. a relatively cheap supercar that can compete with the best.


I'd pay extra to get the Subaru version.


Can't wait to see it on the road here in the US.


More pics of the last one with the aero package please.

Can't wait to see what the tuner companies dish out.

This ones a keeper Akio!!!


It's been along time coming but it looks soooo good! Can't wait til they go on sale.


I'll take mine in red. With different wheels.


I agree with Jace. The car looks good, but looks weird from the front and back. and it could definitely use some wider tires.


WOW , im so glad its out ! looks awesome ! cant wait to test one.

Thank you sooooo much for posting!!!

Long Live the 86 !!!


At last! Its fantastic! And an opportunity for all of us who missed out on ae86, cant wait


I must have this.


I have to test drive one when I get back to Japan. Im also still excited to hear how it sounds.


Toyota has created the next iteration of a "miata" with an engine that has rally car roots and a chassis full of that grassroots hachi roku touge inspiration


I honestly think that Boxer engine under the hood is far from the "adequate." What is it trying to do, compete with the Miata? No one wants another Miata on the road. If they put a turbo in it, sure it could probably run a 5.5 0-60, but, even then it would only be matching what GM was on to with the Solstice 3 years ago.

Even then, GM got out of that game and focused on the Camero (which was dumb, with three years of improvements that car would have been awesome). The base line for automotive performance has been risen and Toyota is so far behind that they don't even realize it.

I agree that the chassis could take more power (so could my nephew's Power Wheels), but I also want to say this; this car looks way too damn good to have sub 200 horse power.


I want one.


Cannot wait, looks a bit less edgy as the concept (but that was expected) and if you guys say it drives like it should then I'm in!


im still sitting on the fence ... its allready outgunned in a straight line by the more powerfull s2000 (240ps 1200kg v 86 200hp and 1200kg) so unless it can outhandle a mx5 im afraid its not gonna be worth my money :/ kinda a shame i have been wanting this for awhile till they released the spec sheet :(


I WANT ONE!! This is what Toyota has been needing since they stopped production of the Mk IV Supra. Looking forward to a turbo kit for this too, but with 12.5:1 compression, I'm not sure if it'll help much.




love it and want to drive it till the wheels fall off


dang..... it doesn't look that great anymore....


Cool! Can't wait to see some 86s in Russia... I hope they will appear here shortly after a premiere,


It doesnt look NEARLY as ugly as the concept did.

Being an AE86 owner, i know exactly how Dino feels when he describes how it handles.

sounds like i need to test drive one.


If you're going to test a car at least stick a gopro on it... this is 2011 after all.


Finally Toyota made it!! cant wait to get my hands on one, expecting to get one in 2013


Really glad how it turned out compared to the concepts. It seems it hasn't been softened at all, only little tweaks.

Toyota/Subaru have gotten it right I think. Looks good


starts to like me


Awesome!! love the badging.


i think it is amazing. but the 86 in japan has the same look as the subaru brz variant for the US market. is the brz in america going to be the 86 in japan?


Awesome, quite a way to break the story Dino! Great write up, can't wait for the car to hit the states, although I gotta say the exterior design is a bit homely. Hopefully Subaru's will be a little easier on the eyes.


Looks like a slightly modified tiburon.


At last! The FT is just aroun the corner!

Too bad with our taxes in Russia its gonna cots like 50K =(


should have really nice mpg as well with that high compression


hole in one, looks like a great platform for the middle man in the totem pole. Lots of room for improvement, but a great platform off the bat. Only the BR-Z can show it up now.


i just hope it gets cheap quick


Anyone thinks the badge (second photo in this post) looked like BS?


the body reminds me of the ae111.

however unlike THAT car this is a true FR machine! it's what the ae series shouldve always been.

im glad that toyota actually want their customers to modify this! i can already picture it with widened fenders. the engine bay doesnt look as attractive as the old 4age tho


the body reminds me of the ae111.

however unlike THAT car this is a true FR machine! it's what the ae series shouldve always been.

im glad that toyota actually want their customers to modify this! i can already picture it with widened fenders. the engine bay doesnt look as attractive as the old 4age tho


I can't wait to see one on the roads in Aus. Not loving the rear end and thin wheels/tyres though.


I really like the body lines of the car. I do wish they would have kept the tail lights from the concept car. And I'm disappointed that toyota decided to put a boxer motor in the car. I would have rather seen and something more along the line of a of 2.2L turbo, in-line 4. Something more true to the original AE86. Over all though I still really love this car.


For those commenting on online 4 swaps, do you realize how much better this car handles with a boxer 4? I want to see an STI turbo swap. And a body kit that mimics the concept car.


Looks much better than the concept versjon. I like it now.


The rear end is super ugly


Great to hear it lives up to it's potential. It's not surprising that it feels like it could use more power, since it's obviously a car that is designed to be customised. I think we will see some amazing things from this car in the future. looks fantastic too.


Woow this thing is ugly.


The new 86 is a transsexual. you go ooo thats a sexy toyota, then open the hood-O GOD WTF IS GOING ON GET ME OUT OF HERE THATS NOT A TOYOTA ITS A SUBARU *runs*


bleh, I don't like it, the concept was better


Looks good. I'll think it's a nice package if it's under $25k fully loaded. lets hope the STi gets the 2.0 Turbo engine from the JDM WRX STi, but you know they will wait until the 3 year of production at least before they do that.


Now what is the point of a car that isnt going to scare you? haha.

Still not happy they went with subaru on this one


Ugggghhhh. Boxer heart really makes me hate this thing.


To bad they'll be way overpriced once they come to Australia (over 40,000) defeating the purpose of this car.

They ruined the rear also..


The designers thought long and hard about the tire size. They most likely chose skinnier tires so you can break the tail loose without much difficulty. Sometimes fun is more important than looks.


what happened to the ft86 that was on the billboard that said "do we have your attention now"? that thing was sexy. this final product has been watered down of it's edgy appeal that made it feel like the next best thing to come from toyota in a while. i'm disappointed with it's neutered styling. such a shame.

engine layout will be very good at receiving a turbo and front mount setup.D.I. will make this thing work very well with the turbo and high compression layout.


It's ugly. Compare the front end, this model looks bulky and weird. the concept was much better looking.


Not enough space for a 1J lol - I can't help but imagine this car with a 1J, wide tyres, lowered slightly just to give it that look (not slammed, slightly lower would do it), matte black, and a padded cage along with an exenterated interior with only the basics - gauges, 2 seats, wheel, and electronics. Simple stuff, no need for toyota to put 1 ton of extra junk in this car. Although I am not that fond of it, it looks like it has potential.


Type X tail lights and it would be more than perfect!


Dino!!!! More pictures! Would love to see better pics of the interior and get all the details! Redline at 8,000 then?

PLEASE Toyota! Release this as a Toyota in the United States. People in the U.S. love the Hachiroku because it is a Toyota. Toyota has a history with real motorsport. If you sell it as a Scion, everyone will rebadge it anyway!


People that are complaining it doesn't look as aggressive as the concept. You are idiots, you were the people that were complaining about the concepts being to crazy. It is called the 86 for fucks sake! Have you seen a stock Hachiroku.

Can't wait for this car. Super excited. Great job Toyota and Subaru. Honda are you paying attention here? Nissan? I expect a new Silvia by the end of 2012 damn it!

This is going to sell very well everywhere I think. Hope it motivates other Japanese manufacturers to follow.


Wow... I'm wating for this cars since they started to talk about it. It's look sooo great. I'll buy this car now.


I miss those taillights the FT-86 model had, but overall the car still looks pretty good. Besides, it's not supposed to be how the car looks, it's about how it drives and that's what I'm looking forward to seeing.


Great car. I like the the video with the tag line 'Passion is Back'. This is the car I'm waiting for from Toyota.




3sgte.... Yeah, that'll comply with emissions regs


To be honnest, this car would look much better, if the concepts didn't exist. The concepts were more agressive, this looks like a tamed up version.... but still looks ok...

The trouble I see with the boxer engine, is that it is dificult to to work on, and with compression that high, it will make the turbo way, more dificult... But then, probabily the boxer will sound much greater than a inline 4 engine, as long as it sounds like a subaru, so that's good...

And yeah, it need wheel or spacers...




I think automotive bloggers need to lay off of the word "bespoke". I'm seeing way too much of it, lately.

That said, it's nice to see Toyota back in the game.


lets see whos gonna put a Lexus V8 in it first?


It is funny to read some comments. Typical haters.

Anyway, looks like its going to be grear car.. something that is missing on the market.


so basically thats a subaru, thats y subaru have made exactly the same car, the original ae-86 is ten times better and it was made over 20 years ago.


Really looking forward to seeing this on the european roads. My only slight concern would be the price tag, which could get nasty.


hmmm although i like it some-what - i liked the concept pics a lot more - love the idea that Toyota want 'us' to modify this platform and create.. hard to act to follow it has got (Yoda voice) - the AE86 was and even more so now an icon, its hard at this stage to look at this in the same light.. but hey, 'never say never'. - Thanks


Cant wait for the modified ones


Im more interested in the steering angles and it sounds like the center of gravity is nice and low and with a small motor... . Basically they really did recreate the ae86 . Nissan better get the act together and start working on a cheap RWD power plant - resurrect s13 chassis . And cool it on the 350-370 developments.. Good grief now thats a soulless looking bunch of cars


Tom you surely are right my friend way to many cry babies and whiners. a rwd boxer is the part I like about this guess i'm gonna have to take one for a test drive when the hit dealers


When does it arrive to Portugal?! Finally Toyota has what it deserves, a great funny car for the petrolheads and not for the the masses


Great Car!!! Its far best than expected!


I want one and i'm a honda guy, i wish they would make something like this. direct injection or wrong wheels i want one.


I want the Subie version. 100 more horses? Yes please. Also, Andre, would you rather it cost $40,000+? No, I don't think you would.


im glad i started to put money away for this bad boy now i only need to choose subaru or the toyota version


The concept had way better lines and lights. I really hate it when a car company is capable of doing sumthing awsome but chooses not to just to save $2.... The rest of the car is great, but they made it look like a damn camry


What's the bet that the people complaining wont be able to afford one within 10 years of its launch date, and that half the people that say the original was better will never get a chance to drive either for comparison. "bring back the s13" lol


Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Take off those Prius tires asap!


FINALLY!!! Now hurry up and get it to the US so I can buy the Subaru version!


Think they did a pretty good job of everything but the looks put me right off. Much prefer the concepts. I know they always tone down the concepts to get to the street car versions but this adaptation really doesn't appeal to me in the least. Not surprised the chassis set up and suspension are top knotch. Weight wise it's not too shabby and power to weight for a base model isn't bad for a base model especially if it does deliver on being affordable. Personally would have rather seen the car have a revvy race inspired engine like the old 86 but oh well.


This makes me seriously consider selling my DR30 to make room for an 86!

I dont know why people are complaining about it not having enough power, if the chassis is as well developed / balanced as they say. Its still going to be much faster through corners then a higher powered Mustang / Camaro.

Even though I was hoping it would look something similar to the original 86 and have a straight 4 instead of a boxer, however it looks like they have delivered a really nice package with the new 86.


Looks great, whats even better is I just realized my dealership is deff getting a few of those and I will be thoroughly molesting them up & down gorge roadways.


i noticed that the last pic, the 86 has the front lip that the prototype had for racing. wish dino had taken a pic of the whole car. also i check the other websites and they do not have pics of the cars fitted with this lip. wonder if this is the trd version that was not allowed for test drive.


Basically, this is my reaction,

Can't wait to the Subaru version!


I do not see any styling ques from the AE86 Levin or Trueno... is it the color?


@Silver turtle

The only minor problem with direct injection is that it is more complex to tune and the process of upgrading the fuel system flow is much more involved. It doesn't limit the amount of power you can make, it just limits the amount of power you can make cheaply and easily. You can't just drop-in a set of cheap fuel injectors, put a cheap high flow fuel pump in the tank, and do some fuel map scaling/tweaking like you can with a port injection engine.

I think we're fast approaching a point similar to when fuel injection starting replacing carburetors, and the guys who were only comfortable with tuning carbs said "fuel injection severely limits the amount of power you can make"...


Thanks Speedhunters!!!!

As always you guys provide us with another badass story.

This car will be amazing, i dont get why people are already complaining about it when we havent had the chance to drive one yet and only then we can form our opinion about it. If Keiichi Tsuchiya has said that this car drives as well as a Bmw M series car, then i believe we have a real winner here.


No interior shots?

Mild mods will help this a lot.


ugly like a genesis, no turbo, no power, a teen car, fake sport car


Oh my F'ing god!!! this is too awesome!


I was excited until I saw all the Subaru badges. The least they could do is lie to me about it.


Teenage car. Toyota needs desperately to hire a car designer, the original Corolla had a distict look, this will be forgotten fast, it's a shame. Scion has more original look.


toyota have listened well to their enthusiasts and followers. and none of that bullshit you cant modify your car rule like the GTR has. Tuners have their blessing from toyota to unlock more potential out of their machine. now that is true passion and love from manufacturers.


can't wait to get one slammed and sliding around some corners.


i got 40 grand to spend.....what should a buy a corvette z06 or wait for this hahahah


I love the original AE86, and own a Subaru. Good job pissing on the 86 name Toyota. Companies need to stop reviving cars. Sure this will be a good car, no doubts about that, but no need to bring up an actual classic to sell these new cars. There is nothing 86 about it, quit kidding yourselves.


Cool,look so pretty and performance matches expectations.Turbo version come soon,I hope.Ya,Subaru,I forget....:-)


at first i didnt like it but the more i see it, the more im starting to love it. I can't wait to see the first mods going into this!


Just amazing! a beauty and the best part is that they made in such way that several modifications can be made, l wonder how it'd look like with some bronze color Volks to begin! DOES ANYONE KNOWS THE PRICE? OR MAYBE AN APROX # ?


Just amazing! a beauty and the best part is that they made in such way that several modifications can be made, l wonder how it'd look like with some bronze color Volks to begin! DOES ANYONE KNOWS THE PRICE? OR MAYBE AN APROX # ?


been following the design of this car since the concept first came out. i have developed different tastes now but i'm happy for toyota, it's been a long road!


FT-86 great idea, beautiful car, but a SUBARU ENGINE!??!?!?!? Toyota whyyyyyy???????

Did you need to reach out and save subaru? If they were not putting the engines in your new sports car flag ship would they have gone out of business? I would rather have seen a BEAMS 3s-ge engine in these 86's rather then a SUBARU engine!!!!! It's committing sacrelige! Please! Yamaha is a great engine developer! It's what makes a toyota a toyota, not going with a subaru power plant gahhhh. I would buy one of the FT's but first thing that goes is going to be the "bastard" son of what should be a toyota/yamaha power plant!

And all you wrx/suby owners flame away, but your cars are the "Mustang" of the import world Everyone has one!


I think the idea was good, the execution was even better...

... But the front bumper makes me want to throw up!

I don't want to drive a customizable sportscar that looks like a Prius!

Subaru BRZ, off I go!


This car looks uglier then it was in concept... At least there it reminded me of Lexus. Now.. It's just ugly. Tail lights are horrible. Badge looks like undreadable crap. From front it reminds me a mouse, donno why. And it's not wide enough to make the front lights do the trick

I obviously dont want to see this car in the street.. And the engine bay.. toyota subaru. Bla. That's one hell of a dumb car, I pity the fact THIS is called 86.


With direct injection as long the bottom end(side parallel end for boxers?;p) can handle the power you can turbocharge this engine with the 12.5 CR. No fear for detonation + per-ignition with direct injectors. Though we'll need to replace them with bigger ones, and the location of them would probably need the manifold to be removed to gain access. Also i don't know a company making uprated direct injectors. Neither if they use a standard like top/side feed ones..maybe SARD or Denso?


PS those clear tail lights are fugly.

And where's the panda paint job?


UGLY!!! GM make better looking cars then this....


I think a lot of people are missing the point of this car... A new S2k was 40-50k or something crazy... This car is supposed to sit in the 20's. Toyota is really helping to push the need for affordable fun to drive sports cars again. I think this is huge for them and the industry in general. It may not have as much hp as everyone wants, but if it had more, then in turn prices would start to climb I am sure... the potential is there, and compared to anything else in its price range I am sure it will suffice.

While the concept car did look better... lots of that had to do with it sitting lower and having a better wheel and tire package... Easy problem to solve. For a production car, I think it looks fantastic. It is significantly more agressive in styling then any car in Toyota's current line-up here in North America, and I can't wait to see it in person. Also, I am sure we somewhat have Hyundai to thank for this with their Genesis coupe, which I think this car looks much better then too.

Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these and take it for a spin.


Overall I'm feelin this, but... if the Subaru version is turbo I'll wait for that!


Hope to see this car in Panama!!!!


I can totally see Ueo driving one of these in D1 for 2012.. I like that Toyota built such an iconic car with modification in mind.


I'll wait and pick one of these up CPO after the aftermarket lights off. I WANT to love this car, but it just doesn't sound like it will have enough kick in pants action to leave me with that stupid little grin every time I get out of it.


LOL what tire size is that a 205?!


Within a year someone is putting a 2JZ or LS7 on it. at least theres more RWD options for me to choose form when these cars get old. cool car


I'm very happy with the response the 86 Preview post has been getting over the last 24 hours. A lot


I'm very happy with the response the 86 Preview post has been getting over the last 24 hours. A lot


I think we have our new NASCAR Nationwide series car...


i wanna see a 20v swap lol


the only thing that is wrong in the car is the subaru engine!!! should keep a toyota heart


GM.. Hahahahaha! XD


cant wait soo excited!


I will own one of these!! WANT!! Needs wider wheels for sure though, looks like its on stilts!


the FIRST FR-S Concept > this thing. They ruined the lines of the car and the ass has way too much going on.


How many seconds is time in Fuji Speedway?


Looks like crap. Should have kept the more aggressive ques rather than rounding the lights, does anyone else think the headlights look like a big sholng with balls?


I like it. I kind of wish this came out instead of my 07 tC.


Awesome, great job Toyota!




Give this car the brightest white paint job, and then spray the grey parts on the body with a really dark matte-black finish, do the same to a nicer, slightly larger set of rims and tint the windows a little bit, then lower the car, put some huge exhaust pipes on the car and a really small wing/spoiler on the back and then lower the car. That would be something nice.


Selling the MKIV Supra for this. Time for something fresh and what a good way to start! I can't tell by the pictures is this only a 2 seater?


The flanks are still a bit slabby for my liking, but that can be cured easily with a nice two tone paint job a la original AE86s. Red and black or white and black anyone?

As for all those wishing the 86 had a 3S-GTE, or pointing out that this two litre has less power than an S2000, please take a look at a calendar. It's 2011, not 1986 (which is when the 3S-GTE came out) so this engine needs to meet modern CARB, EU5 and JC08 exhaust emission standards. To get 200hp out of a 2.0 while meeting these limits is astounding - bordering on witchcraft.

Credit where credit is due - well done Toyota.

And don't worry, those who haven't yet learnt that "fun" is not directly proportional to "power" will always be able to undo the egg-heads' hard work and throw in an EJ20 with a big blower and uprated internals. The pre-registration tests are way more stringent than post registration/customization check ups.


In order to go turbo with this car, the compression ratio has to be lowered.

That means that AT LEAST the pistons have to be swapped for a more conservative 9.5:1-10.0:1 ratio.

A set of forged pistons run about $700-800 for a boxer engine. On top of that a $1500-2000 for a decent turbo kit (I've been very conservative with the #'s here). I'm 100% confident companies like HKS, Greddy and that shitty knock-off BC are gonna come out with a 2.2liter stroker kit, which obviously will cost in the $5000 range, which means fewer and fewer enthusiasts are gonna be able to afford it (considering the original cost of the car).....which brings me to the next issue....

If this car was designed for those drifters (many of whom are cheap bastards).....shelling out another $3000+ to convert it to doesn't look feasible.

Personally I love the super low engine and I hope the handling is amazing, otherwise this car has nothing going for it.


Not bad BUT there is already a 210 hp RWD Coupe on the market- The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. And with the R Package (Brembo brakes and LSD) it comes in at about $25K. Yet at that price and with that package that car is not much to talk about. Hopefully this Toyota, or Scion in America, is much lighter and agile otherwise it won't be much to talk about either. I'm looking forward to the BRZ. It is after all (mostly) a Subaru.


My 2 cents is its perfect. I mean, this is Speedhunters. Readers here want to modify cars. I know I do. I want a good base to start from. I see a nice flat front bumper to fit a splitter. The car obviously needs wider wheels and tires and to be lowered. Luckily the suby boxer has the intake facing frontwards to fit a nice intake to it. It will sound very nice with a catback exhaust.

For those crying "We want more power!", I think with rwd and the curb weight, 200hp (or 225-250hp with bolt ons and a tune) with a 7500 redline is just what a drivers car should be. With simple bolt ons, this will be a great car. If you wanna make it a crazy time attack or track car, turbo charge it (or motor swap it) and you have a giant killer.

I'd rather own a fun to drive, great to look at car than a Ferrari killer or GT-R killer. That's not what this car is meant to be. This is the average Joe's sports car. Period!


That fender doesn't flow very well with those random vents, even less so with that tacky '86' on there. While the spirit of an underpowered RWD car is appealing, it's not so much for a car with such futuristic styling. It looks like it should go faster than it does. Take a look at the Ap1 s2k. Just the right amount of power, great motor, modest styling. It doesn't look like it should be racing a z34, yet it could potentially. This is the opposite. It looks like it should be racing a vette, yet it has the heart of..some strange subaru thing. Essentially, it's a new mx-5 rather than a new ae86. That gay, bulky looking mx-5.

I mean, Stylistically, I like the car as a whole, just hate all the little details. Have you seen videos of the car driving? What is that CF dash trim? What are these subaru logos fighting for space on this "scion" badge with toyota emblems? What are you little car???

The car just has identity crisis written all over it. Literally.

But, I ask you

What would Takumi Fujiwara do?


still think toyota should be making there own cars rather than using other companies bits and pieces. especially since toyota can make such primo engines


I like the car, I think it will be good for toyota and modifying in general. I wish they would produce a tourbo version after the first or second year though. personaly i don't plan on owning one because it's just not my kind of car and I don't like the motor, but so far it seems to be a nice car and I think it will do well under any name.


I'm very happy with the response the 86 Preview post has been getting over the last 24 hours. A lot


I love the concept version more than this


hahah boxer engine. everyone would turbocharge it and put wrx parts in it. i think lol


I'm very happy with the response the 86 Preview post has been getting over the last 24 hours. A lot


As affordable as Toyota are going to make this, I assume the UK insurance industry will correct their mistake and make sure everyone who wants one cant afford it.


Shame about the rear lights. Interior looks decent and sounds like it will handle. Let's hope they do some good deals on it in the UK and give us an affordable new RWD. It's crying out to be modified too, maybe Speedhunters could mock-up some virtually modified cars based on these new images?


Can't wait for the Scooby version.

It's so great that we still have cars like this being made though. BMW have the 330i, the 335i and the 135i (Along with the ltd edition 1M), Nissan have the 370z, and now Toyota and Subaru will soon have nice, conventional RWD coupes available with a MT.


anyone got any footage of this event?


as 86 trueno/levin fan, i think that toyota will resurrect the 86's legacy with inline-4 cylinder 1.600cc like 4A-G. by looking the fact that toyota using 2000cc and boxer's pretty sad.

and also, bigger displacement makes 86 more expensive to buy (especially in my country) than smaller displacement like 1800cc and below.

dang Toyota...why?


I 100% agree with Mr. Tanuki & JDMized!!!

This car is no where an AE86!!! Yeah maybe it looks like a cheap drifting car (which is what the hachi is all about) but having some LEDs, twin exhaust, not so friendly engine, and a UFO looking body, this car I honestly donno where is going to! If toyota called it the new celica, then I might believe in so, but c'mon Toyota! An hachi should be nothing more like lil 4 banger lightweight with tons of modifications for cheap! Not a Lexus-looking thing!!!!

I'm not diss-ing or anything, but take an example the Suzuki swift, it intentionally produced as a cheap super mini market drives car, yet it was so balanced and potentiolable, and now you see those pocket rocket in racetracks, toyota must've done something like that! IMO

And to the guys who says that this thing handles better than a Mustang, dude!!! The new 5.0 mustang is as powerfull and balanced as the new BMW M3!!!! :|


I can't wait to see the customs!


I am happy to see the boxer motor in there because that guarantees I will be able to fit an LS1 V8 without much hassle! Righ ton Toyota, its been FAR TOO LONG since theyve had anything rwd fun on the cheap.. Lets make this work for the car enthusiast and I only hope that insurance rates stay low.


i read somewhere on jalop theyve made the motor mounts exactly the same as the other new subies so you could swap in the 265 hp ej255 in


The only thing I have against it, is that they say it is some spiritual successor to the AE86.

Well, I may be wrong, but the AE86 was not much different from a Chevette/Acadian/Kadett C/Escort mk1 or mk2/Talbot Sunbeam/Golf mk1 or mk2 and similars... A small and cheap family car, that you could use everyday to work, then take your wife and kids to grandma's house and that people ended up tuning because they have fallen in love with the car. It was not a sports car.

The Celica and the Supra are sports car... The AE86 was a Corolla.

Another thing that I don't like much, and it's not just the new 86, is the rounded, bulky and fat look that newer cars have. I liked more when cars looked smaller and less rounded... Like the NSX, the F355, the AE86, the Kadett C, the MK1 Golf...


I will have one ! ! :)


Give it two years or so for aftermarket companies to ravish that car and I just may drop out of school for one. I like how they didn't make it too powerful so it'll encourage upgrading. Can't wait for them to come to the states.


Paint it white and slap some RS watanabes.


I will buy this car if it come here in Brunei Darussalam, I'm currently owned 2 AE86 - Toyota Corolla Levin GT 1983 (Zenki) & Toyota Corolla Levin GT 1985 (Kouki).


Love the 86 badge.


I don't get whats up with the motor swapping comments. What I want to see is to see who can extract the max amount of power NA and then see how much power can be extracted boosting it (supercharge or turbo). Possibilities I think is endless. And I think that's what Toyota is intending to do. To make a big impact and to continue off where their great cars of the 80's and 90's last left it. It's time they take a piece of the market (it's been a long time). Anyone can drop a focken V8 these days. It's the easiest $hit in the book. But where is the passion? I dig cars with overall packages. Not max power only. That's gay $hit. The 86 back then was known for carving canyons, not drag racing. And I don't think that's Toyota's plan. If it was certainly they could of put in a v8 and send Nissan's 370z and Hyundai Genesis coupe packing. I think light and nimble will bring back the fun for folks that buy this car. That bang for the buck with every day driveability and back roads carving. Freakin idiots and internet dumb arses have no vision. And I laugh at guys that only love the old lines of cars from yesteryear. This 86 appeals to the young folks of today. To guys/girls that want a nice looking fun 2 door sports car. Something that mom/dad will buy for their first high school graduation present, etc. Sigh. Be passionate. If not, go and ride a bicycle instead. Idiots. I love this new 86! Thanks Toyota for allowing me to dream again (last time was when the Supra TT that came out in the early 90's. Damn, I was 12 years old then.


how well does it drift? my AE only goes sideways.


awesome cant wait to see these things in the flesh, if it lives up to all the hype i might have to start saving for one!


The AE86 was a economy car, not a "cheap rwd sports compact." It happened to be RWD because all toyotas were back then. Also, it was pretty ugly in stock form! I think a lot of people forget that because almost every AE86 you see is modified. This new 86/brz/fr-s is more of a Celica than a Corolla. But I guess Toyota decided the "hachiroku" had more of an exploitable image than the Celica -that died unglamorously. This car is 1.) ugly (especially the entire read end) 2.) too big 3.) needs a I4 to have ANY link to either a Celica or a AE86 4.) If it was marketed as a new CElica or just an entirely new line of vehicle it wouldn't be pissing everyone off.