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It seems that by far the most talked about car at the LA Auto Show  this year was the BRZ STI Concept in the Subaru booth. While we are just a couple weeks from the debut of the production version at the Tokyo Motor Show, this is our best look yet at the BRZ and a glimpse of what an inevitable STI version might look like.

Overall, the car looked very much like something based in reality. No dreamy concept here.

Coated in a new version of Subaru’s famous World Rally Blue, this BRZ would look right at home next to an Impreza STI.

Among the STI additions on this car is the rear wing, along with a big diffuser and quad exhaust tips.

The front spoiler was also built by STI.

The wide, sculpted fender arches are filled with traditional STI BBS wheels. By the way, I wonder what bolt pattern the BRZ/FR-S will be? 5×114.3 or 5×100?

Hopefully this wide stance is something we’ll see making its way to the production version.

It seems that some Subaru fans aren’t too fond about the idea of naturally aspirated car with STI badges. Would you be OK driving an STI without boost?

We’ll know shortly what the real Subaru BRZ will look like, but based on this last concept I’d say things are looking quite good.

Now I just wonder how many people have swayed to the Subaru side of the BRZ/FR-S sibling battle?

-Mike Garrett

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no hood scoop... i like

big wing ... i dont like


brz = ft-86



- I'm not feeling this Subaru, some how, this car reminds me a Hyundai Tiburon wide body with VW Tail lights -




I like it (and am an STi owner).


it just looks to much like a copy of the gtr, no creative design whatsoever


There will be a whole bunch of after market tuners rubbing their hands in glee, designing bolt on turbo kits for the BRZ.

I do wonder if the new front mounted turbo on the new Liberty would squeeze in, seeing how "the news out there" say that the rear mount wouldn't fit.

Oh, the wheels are Enkei BTW.


i personally think an sti should have a turbo, especially if u can get a na version from toyota. it needs something to set it apart from the frs


I am really fond of the styling of the BRZ. I was crossed when it might be a scion, but now i'm set with the Subaru BRZ STI. Can't wait!


STI's need boost. Looking good otherwise.


How do you open the doors? :o


I think no boost is exactly what this BRZ and FR-S need. It needs to be a fun, flickable rwd FR sports coupe, light weight, economical. I'm looking forward to a lower trim model, that is light, cheap and yet still has the 6 spd, lsd and 200hp flat 4.


toyota's version looks 10x better


I'm still with the FR-S, however, this is looking to be a good track-worthy base model


Spiritual successor to the 86?... just bring me a gc and a busted Sti and ill do the rest.


no hood scoop because it doesnt have a top mount intercooler there, thar be NA. Dunno about saying its based in reality though, i'd want door handles imo.


STI+ No Turbo=fine



Ten years of prototypes and they still can't get a production model, but they know what the STi version is going to look, like.

What a load of BOLLOCKS!


F**k the engineers, i'll install a turbo! hehehe


Much prefer this over the Toyota version. Lose the wing or get a proper STI style closed loop wing that actually matches the rest of the car and then it'll look alot better though.

And I seriously hope those wheels are 18s. That will at least mean 19s will look half decent; I hate how new cars are getting bigger and bigger wheel arches. I remember the days where 17s were enough to fill the arches of most cars.


Looks like 5x100 from that picture..

Idk.. for some reason I don't really like how Subaru is breaking their tradition and not making this car AWD like EVERY car they are currently making.. also no boost?? *sigh*

Looks good though.


it doesn't look anything like the gt-r.....



it took forever to come out, and I definitely feel it's outdated before its even out.

Definitely won't go down as a classic design... rather lackluster/bad. Both the versions. Pity.


I actually like this better than the Scion.


Sexy ass car :-O


I have experience driving an n/a 3.6L Subaru Outback. I've never experienced such a smooth, powerful engine. I'd love to see a high output n/a 3.6L engine in the Sti version of the BRZ. With the FR layout, the car would be insane.


I still think this is a mistake for Subaru. That car looks like anything but a Subaru, and without AWD and a turbo, it should not carry the STI badge at all. It dilutes the brand and becomes another "me-to".

What Subaru should have done is take the platform and build a proper WRX/STI replacement on top of it. It would have kept the economies of scale and also given something different than the FR-S.


I'll still pick the other one...


this is AWESOME. i didn't really like all the concept pics that have been going around (of the toyota. i didn't really know scooby was doing one until kinda recently) but this think looks mean and ready to kill some streets. i don't care how it breathes, as long as it screams.


behind the doors that car is ug-ly. those lopsided camaro knock-off taillights, those camaro-like rear fenders, and that cheapazz hexagon plastic "grill" in the trunklid. yuck.


They really think the spoiler works? Looks stupid.


Boost Gets You Laid..


Someone WILL make this AWD and turbo.


looks like its wearing a retainer


Nice but the wing does not fit with the overall design. It looks like an afterthought.


I don't want all of Subaru's models to be AWD. I don't want the weight distribution that comes along with that. I don't want something to have a turbo just because it's what the other cars in the family already have. I don't want something that neatly falls into the same box that everything for a last few decades already occupies.

I want something different, something like this.


I support Toyota FT-86 better!


new sti = 5x114 ... ft86 = 5x114 premusably brztsi = 5x114 logic !?


it's sad...


dont like the rear wing, and no turbo! come on!


I like it, with the 3.6l Boxer as NA-engine and a bit moor Power it would be fit to the rear-wheel-drive!!!

I wish I had one... :(


I'm just curious which format of the D4-S we're going to get. If it is truly direct injection only, the injectors become the limitation for volume and thus we're left to bump lift pressure. As being an old school Subaru guy, I laugh when people complain about it not having AWD. That wasn't standard stateside until 97. As for the power whoas of the car, that is easily fixed. NA is fun but 200hp just isn't enough.

The bigger problem with injectors aside from volume and getting larger replacement injectors is getting calibration codes and that Denso works with no one who isn't on the OEM level. Unluckily for me, I'm only connected with Delphi, Siemens and Bosch =/


Its more than likely going to be heavy car with all the airbags and ABS shit that are probably going to be in it, and with no Turbo its going to be horrible, the 350z would have been a lot better car if it wasn't so heavy, its just underpowered for its weight, and the same thing probably will happen here


I can see the front ends of this Subaru and the Scion FR-S getting swapped from each other like all the guys do on S chassis like the onevia, silvia, sil80 and what ever other combination. I would like to see the reviews on the car prior to making any final judgements.


STi minus the AWD plus an NA 2.0 liter equals weak,,,at least give it a bigger engine...input from a proud WRX owner ; )


According to the FT-86 Manual the wheels are 5x100


personally i think that this car is really ugly... it needs a body kit or something


They better get cracking on the 25th Anniversary Edition. At the rate they are going, that will be the debut model.


No turbo in the STI? What the hell! Car and Driver's review of the BRZ said they kept the base version NA so that they COULD install a turbo in the more powerful models. I mean there'll obviously be a plethora of aftermarket turbos to add on, but I like the idea of this car putting out almost 300hp stock a lot better.


just doesn't look quite right right. i think a few adjustments it will be perfect. no1 lose the spoiler. a little carbon flick spoiler would be better and the rear wheel back a tiny bit


boxer vs. i4, such a tough choice...aftermarket boost for the subaru flat 4 or individual throttle bodies for the toyota 4? damn i just want to see the production versions already!




I don't see a turbo version unless down the line Toyota comes out w/ a boosted TRD version. A boosted version will take to many sales away from the Scion. Personally, I can't wait for a high horsepower n/a version


New wing and a vented hood and your set! Turbo is a must - c'mon Subaru! I can live without the AWD for the sake of RWD...


@ Mike Garrett, you are generating unnecessary hype. Now, I'm not sure if you're doing it on purpose, or "it just slipped", but what you wrote is not correct: "we are just a couple weeks from the debut of the production version at the Tokyo Motor Show."

The TAS is scheduled to open to the public on January 13, 2012. That is roughly two months away from today, not two weeks.


BRZ worth the money, I will not be buying a FRS, but will likely be picking up a BRZ!


sexy sexy sexy

Maybe they might have two versions: turbo, non-turbo?

After seeing all the complaints about the BR-Z not having it, it's actually possible...right?


It is no Impreza, no Legacy or somethin else... it's a new car and so it must not have AWD and an Turbo. You doesn't have to buy it!

(sorry for mistakes)


pstar shut your hole. This car is a thing of beauty!


I don't think we'll see it coming out with FI anytime soon (if at all), that is unless they've already been working on it. You'll notice that Subaru isn't running FB or FA engines with forced induction on any models. The boosted engines are still EJ-series engines. The amount of rework, development costs, emissions certifications, OBD work, etc...(yes, I'm a performance and emissions engineer and know this headache all too well) I just don't see it happening soon, considering they just took a semi-large hurdle of putting direct injection on a new boxer platform.

I foresee them getting through teething issues before anything else happens on this engine platform. I also don't think they'll make an engine that pushes the power levels of the STI (head of the 'fleet'). Same reason Porsches slowed the Cayman,


Is the side view mirror a camera?


Am i the only one that sees a huge amount of Scirocco in that thing?


Wait... So, initial reports that the Toyota version would be N/A and the Subaru version would be turbo were wrong? They're both N/A?! WHAT THEE HELL IS THE POINT OF THIS?!?!


No point to this without power.......

Why buy it over the toyota?


I agree with you, but please look at">yonex badminton rackets.


No turbo and no awd? Then what's the Subie got on the Toyota?


Subaru has released a couple images of the production-spec BRZ just ahead of the car's debut at this week's Tokyo Motor Show. This should hold us over while we wait for Dino's coverage from the show floor. Overall the car looks very similar