Event>>walking The 2011 La Auto Show Pt.3

Let’s continue right now with the third and final part of my trip through the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Up above we have a WTCC-spec Cruze that was being displayed in the Chevy booth. Having competition and street versions of the same model sitting by side by side always makes for good marketing.

Speaking of competition cars, here’s the very successful #73 GT2 Corvette gleaming under the lights.

Infiniti had a Formula One car in their booth. One driven by a fairly succesful kid from Germany.

I stood by the driving suit for as long as I could, hoping to absorb a bit of that Vettel aura. Didn’t notice any difference in my skills driving home though…

BMW can always be counted on for some forward-thinking concepts. This is the i8, which is said to capable of a sub-five second 0-60 while sipping fuel to the tune of 87mpg.

I was extremely impressed with the new Dodge Charger SRT8. It’s a fine package of big Hemi power, aggressive muscle car looks, and a surprisingly sophisticated interior. Nice job!

Fiat’s display was much larger than last year. After all, LA and its jammed freeways are the perfect market for this stylish compact.

Say hello to the US-spec Fiat 500 Abarth. Finally!

It seems like the 160 horsepower Abarth should have what it takes to suceed in the US market. I can’t wait to get a chance to drive one.

As usual, Porsche was there with an entire display room to themselves.

The new 2012 911 was being shown of course…

…along with the Panamera GTS, which saw its world debut in LA.

Mitsubishi’s latest electric concept comes from a future where front and rear ends are ambiguous…

One of the more interesting cars of the show for sure, the Mastretta MXT from Mexico. It wouldn’t look at all out of place among the exotics that populate places like Beverly Hills or Newport Beach.

This strange looking little vehicle is called the Doking XD. If you’re looking for an electric commuter that will do 0-60 in about four seconds, this is all you.

The unmistakable face of the Aston Martin One-77.

Every year the LA Auto Show includes a separate area for aftermarket tuners, custom cars, and consumer goods. Lots of bling down here.

I did some spot some really cool stuff though, like this retro style ’55 Chevy.

On the other end of the spectrum, an extremely aggressive wide body Lotus.

No way was I into these Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Everyone knows we are more mature than that. Right? Right?

I’ll wrap things up with a cool take on the new Chrysler 300C by Liberty Walk Japan.

From the latest in EV technology to the Muscle Cars with more horsepower than ever, another edition of the LA Auto Show comes to an end.

Until 2012!

-Mike Garrett

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That new Chrysler 300 is looking pretty good. Definately the best chrysler ive ever seen in my opinon.


Sweet. I went yesterday. Very disappointed I missed the grilled cheese truck, and kind of surprised in the poor taste in the aftermarket section.


No Nissan? I'm a lil upset but there looked to be some pretty impressive car.


The grey Lotus is 680 whp compound charged with dual staged fuel injection alcohol/gasoline.....

27 mph at 70 mph and 680 whp on demand...


After being in a Fiat 500 for a month, I hope that the abath's 160 hp versus the S models 101 hp can make getting into SoCal traffic less terrifying. Every time you want to get into traffic you scream at the top of your lungs, while the minivan that was 400 yards away quickly grows in your rear view mirror. 160 sounds good, but 200 would fix the problem.


If that Cruze WTCC is the same one as displayed at the autorai this year, it is purely for display and does not have an engine :) Absolutely love the Elise, that looks incredibly mean!!


I stood by the driving suit for as long as I could, hoping to absorb a bit of that Vettel aura. Didn't notice any difference in my skills driving home though...

LOOOOOL!!!!! keep up the awesome coverage!!!


The 55 Chevy looks like the Bob Falfa car from American Graffitti. Only with a good paint job.


The Charger has a Mitsi' Lancer nose from that angle.


there's a Ferrari enzo next to the lotus


Wow, that lotus looks great with a widebody!


Wonderful cars... you can at least buy some Hotwheels as souvenirs


is that a enzo next to the lotus?


The Lotus is driven hard and will never be that clean again..Check out my YouTube channel



Seriously, if Mitsubishi moved the rear wheels on that bubble thing slightly forward and ditch the tri-spokes because they never were and never will be cool. Then i might stop pointing and laughing at most electric concept car ugliness.


The Mitsubishi electric car kind of looks like a modern BMW Isetta.


Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but when i first saw the picture of the new Dodge Charger SRT8 i thougth it was a mitsubishi lancer...