Event>>walking The 2011 La Auto Show Pt.2

Let’s go ahead now and continue with our look at the shiny new automobiles of the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

We’ll get started in the Ford booth, where all the talk was about the new 2013 Mustang lineup.

While there haven’t been any drastic changes to the car, Ford has given the Stang a solid refresh for 2013. Changes include a more aggressive front end treatment, inspired by the GT500.

The popular sequential taillights have also been redone with a new look.

The big news is the the 2013 Shelby GT500. Its all new supercharged 5.8 liter V8 makes 650 horsepower. Yes, 650 horsepower from a factory Mustang. Unbelievable.

Thanks to its new powerplant, the GT500 will be able to hit 200 miles per hour,

If you like your Mustang with a little more agility, look no further than the 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

Hop into the snug Recaros, grip that round shift know and feel your inner Parnelli Jones come to life.

Not all of the high performance Fords had pony badges. Here’s the production version of the Focus ST.

Our readers in Europe and elsewhere have had the hot Focus models for a while, but us ‘Mericans are quite happy to finally get our hands on this!

The competition version of the Focus ST, the ST-R, also looks very promising.

An ST version of the Fiesta should also be on the way soon too. Here’s the concept version, which looks very production-like.

Staying with the compact theme for a moment, here’s MINI’s take on the popular B-spec race car.

It’s been built to compete wheel-to-wheel with other B-spec racers from Mazda, Honda, Toyota, and more.

The Mercedes booth always has cool stuff to see. For example, the C63 AMG Black Series.

It looks like very much an aftermarket tuner car, but all this madness is OEM!

Would you sacrifice the signature gullwing doors to have an SLS AMG without a top?

My personal favorite in the Benz booth though was this E63 AMG Wagon.

Imagine the fun you could have with this 518hp bi-turbo V8 in such a mature looking hauler…

At the 2010 LA Auto Show, Honda showed a concept version of the Fit EV. A year later here’s the production version all ready to go.

After I finished checking out the 2013 GTR in Nissan’s booth, I was treated with a gourmet ice cream sandwich…

…as well as a mac ‘n cheese sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Truck.

It’s all part of Nissan’s delicious plan to market it’s NV to the booming food truck market, and I like it.

On that tasty note I’ll finish up part two. Back soon with more from Los Angeles!

-Mike Garrett

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haha love that the Boss 302....KIA motors!! lol


Those new mustang lights will be the new must have item for every mustanger.


Food Trucks are my life.


the new Mustang models are coming with amazing power especially with the gas mileage available. If I ever swap the motor out of my marauder its good to know I can another mustang engine with more power naturally than what was available in 04.


The 2013 Mustangs Look Sick!!


The C63 AMG looks amazing. absolutely perfect. more info on that SH?


You post pictures of an ice cream sammich, but none of the 2013 gt-r?! WHY????


The Ford ST is very cool, but the ST-R is horrible


Not huge on stangs but wow, im loving that. Looks really good and must be fun to beat on. Tires would probably last me about a day.


"2013 Mustang" - that'll be out early 2012 then..silly Americans


check out the singer porsche


I'll be blunt about this, post pictures of cars and not the food you ate


GTR??!?!?!?! COME ONE WHY NO PIC????


i want those 1 piece basket wheels off the gt500, they look sick and should be 5x114.3 meaning they fit a lot of cars.


Ford has some nice offerings there, Focus ST-R factory race car and the new Mustangs YeaH!!!!

B-Spec Mini is cool too.


@unknown: I'm always blunt....and this is why ! Who gives a shit what Mike Garrett ate?

This site is loosing point faster than I can blink my eyes.

2/3 of the pics are about Ford and their mediocre cars/ technology, the rest is just blah.....

Yesterday was Saturday and no updates, today is Sunday and no updates. Clearly SH staff doesn't like to work in the weekend.

I'll stop ranting and go back to Auto Blog.


Hey JDM if you dont like what SH is serving go get your own photos and stories..you make me sick what a crybaby!


It's nice cars like a 650hp gt500 came out... But, the boss 302 is a good as a mustang will get. Sorry but that chassis strugled to handle 500hp, let alone 650... That would be a car for straight line racing... but then, i bet it will struggle to win over a 505hp Z06 in straight line, and with that the mustang would come as a looser, because it will fail to outrun cars with quite less HP, the same way the older 550gp GT500 strugled to be faster than some 4XXhp cars.

Looks a bit like a car for rednecking burnouts

Boss 302 is the car for me.


That Wagon <3

Ohhhhh yeah, that was beautiful. The Fiesta ST seems dopee too.


@JDMized, it looks like you give quite a ****, otherwise you wouldn't bother writing out a comment to let everyone else know how much you hate coming here. :)


The E63 is called an Estate not a wagon ;)


Those cars must be mind blowing to see in real life. i hope on part 3 you cover the Mastretta MXT. that car is spectacular especially that it is made in Mexico.


Let's continue right now with the third and final part of my trip through the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. Up above we have a WTCC-spec Cruze that was being displayed in the Chevy booth. Having competition and street versions of the same model sitting


@ Mike Garrett, I do give a shit, and I don't hate (per se) coming on here. Cause I care to read juicy info, and I know you can deliver those info (as much as other SH photographers). It upsets me that you post pics of cookies and tarts. Me, like many others, don't care much about what you ate or why you got a cookies. Most of us come on here to check out fast cars. If you want to stay true to the Speedhunters motto, "Car culture at large" at least stick with cars and show what's important.

Out of all pictures you posted; there are a bunch of Mustang pictures. The question is, is it necessary? What is it that is so important to you that you have to post so many pictures about Mustang? If you like Mustangs so much, at least explain to the readers something that we don't know. In other words, make it juicy !

The above article, about the racing tips, THAT'S juicy !

I hope my bluntness and criticism help you to understand where I come from.

Cheers !


Those Mustangs are beautiful!!! Especially the blue & black.


Mustang- The 302 bos in my opinion the best mustang in decades, finally track focused car from the factory not dumped with overbig engines etc.

E63- really i am trying hard to image the fun but cannot, dont understand the purpose of those cars and i am european. I think the fun will not be much bigger than the e320cdi estate i drove last month.Maybe even worse since the v8 biturbo will be sure heavier and thirstier so more frequent gas stops needed.

for long distance autobahn driving i dont think there is much diference between the two. But yes if its your thing to humiliate porsche drivers after pasing speed limited sections or on overtaking, its sure great machine. On the other hand C63 black series is completely diferent animal and sure will be fun.