Event>>sema 2011 – The Japanese Cars, Part One

The tuner and Japanese car market is a huge part of SEMA, and there's always countless fixed up examples to be found in the show.

Here are some of the interesting Japanese-branded vehicles we've found so far.

This rather cool looking Lancer Sportback was found in the Injen booth. It's one of many cars at this year's show sporting Rotiform wheels.

There's nothing wrong with being simple, as is the case with this G37 Coupe.

This airbagged Honda Insight caught eyes with its wide and low stance.

It might be a eco-mobile, but you have to admit those five-lug TE37s and pulled fenders look pretty sweet.

While on the subject of customized hybrids. here's a bagged Prius. It doesn't look like the US will ever match the Japanese hybrid tuning movement, but it's cool to see a few at SEMA.

Now we go from eco friendly hybrids to the in your face, 1500hp AMS Alpha 12 GTR. It was very cool to see this monster in person.

Here's a more luxury-oriented R35 found in the DUB area.

The Rally Sport Direct Impreza is fitted with some very choice parts. This is how you do it.

For every Impreza there's an equal and opposite Evo. This one was in the Rotora booth.

There was something special lurking inside this RX-8…

…Namely a quad rotor with a rather large snail hanging off it.

For a moment I thought I was at Tokyo Auto Salon when I saw this decked out Honda Stepwgn in the Amtex booth.

There was also a fixed up Toyota Vellfire being shown next to it. Now, if we could just get Japanese automakers to bring some of these sweet vans to the US…

A Civic Si sedan with a full FD2 Type R conversion. This one looks ready for the track.

Bisimoto Engineering was showing an extreme version of the 2012 Civic Si in the Honda booth.

The turbocharged K24 in the engine bay is making over 1000 horsepower. Simply insane.

Here's another example of a high quality Evo X.

You might remember this R35 from some of our past Cars & Coffee coverage. A very tough and very low street car.

Are we seeing Z34 perfection here?

I think even 50 years from now, Americans will be drooling over "forbidden" Skyline models like this R34.

Cusco came up with this interesting way to display their tuning products. I thought it was a big go kart for a moment.

Lots more from SEMA to come.

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Sweet, performance oriented cars are looking to be prepared accordingly now! Here's to function!


That quad rotor rx-8 is begging for a feature! Great coverage so far.


That bisiimoto civic is crazy


countdown to matte paint being played out in ...3....2....1


More pics of the 370z please! Looks very interesting, great coverage guys, keep it up :)


More info or if possible even, a feature of the Civic Si by UR please! Thank you!


oh my.. that z34 is just perfect.


Im interested in see what was in front of that red Evo at the end


That blue Skyline is a R32 with a R34 front conversion.


more on that z34!


K engine with 1000hp?!

wtf, amazing


cusco product display is bad ass. +10 for presentation


Mike (Garrett) this feature sucks ass, like many you've done so far. Let me articulate here:

In this particular feature you show absolutely nothing that could educating for the readers.

Just few examples here:

The AMS GT-R R35. It doesn't look anything special. I'm sure it has the motor to back it up, but you failed to mention its upgrade (engine, suspension, chassis, brakes and the like), not to mention that MOST likely this "Alpha" GT-R had major turbo lag and it's far from being a street car, which is fine, but why not tell the readers a bit more about this car?

Next issue, repping the Rotora EVO, YOU that lived in Japan (and are married to a Japanese wife) YOU should know better that knock-off Chinese companies shouldn't be advertised or even mentioned. They do nothing but hurt this market !!!

How about that black Honda Insight with red TE37? What about it? What's so special about it? Is it because it's slammed? Uh big deal, these days finding a slammed car with flush stance is so hard....not !!!

How about the Bisimoto Honda Civic, you give absolutely no spec about the car. None !!! "the audience shall know that the car has 1000 hp, that's it" WTF? No mentioning about what transmission is running, what brake pads is wearing, maybe some pictures of the interior? Showing the cage, how many point does the cage have? How fast does it go? Let's see the dyno sheet!

Going back to the Chinese knock-off crap; these days we keep hearing/ talking about how Chinese-knock off crap invade and ruin the tuning scene with their very-low-quality parts, and you feed fuel to the fire. Way to support the companies that actually put tons of money, research and development into their products, well done !!!

Going back to the white Lancer EVO, If you look carefully you'll notice that it sports a Mishimoto radiator-another shitty-Chinese knock off brand ! Don't feature those POS cars!

You get paid to do those features? No seriously....Need For Speed sends you home a check every month for this type of feature? Wow, I'm speechless.

"Speedhunters" I keep seeing a bunch of hard-parked cars at shows, and the rest of the time they're either drifters-wannabe's or hyped up people that do not contribute to this industry one bit.....remind me again where the "speed" is 'cause I'm lost !


@JDMized.... Love your work.


NEED more on the rx8!


I wonder if those slammed hybrids get any better mpgs


agreed JDMized. i see some crap here


Are R34's forbidden in America


JDMized was full of hater-ade lol. Nice coverage. That black gtr on the adv.'s is just perfect.


@ JDMized - cool story bro.


I think we need a feature on the beastly RX8!


@ JDMized

Relax it's just a light hearted article, it's not his fault that some of cars had 'inferior' Chinese parts on them, and who's to say that every Chinese modification product is of poor quality or not properly developed.

More on the quad rotor turbo please!!!


@ JDMized - thanks for the information and enlightening us regarding the knockoffs. I would like to see your SEMA coverage pics too if you could please provide the link ?


Not to mention, the R34 Skyline is rocking some fake ass wheels from Rohana. FAIL at non-JDM.


@ speedlurker: I do not advertise Chinese knock off. Those companies don't deserve a spot light.

I didn't go to SEMA for this particular reason.

(expect a coverage from PRI though).


@ Chi-Town Can you post of link of the originals? I'm really curious to see some originals. No really. Did you mean poor taste perhaps or are there original rims that look that ugly??


@ JDMized: That AMS GT-R was gorgeous, not to mention it is the QUICKEST AND FASTEST GT-R in the WORLD! Maybe you should do some research before you start trash talking.


cusco wallpaper please! and more Z34!!!!!!


Bisimoto all the way! K powa! Honda, are you listenin? Howbout a bisimoto line stright from factory!!