Event>>sema 2011 – Euro Movement

With the SEMA show being so diverse, it can be hard to spot real trends among the vehicles on the show floor. This year though, we seemed to notice a lot of modified European cars.

Whether this was just a coincidence or a sign of a new direction in the US aftermarket, we’re not sure. Whatever the case, here are some of the tuned Euro machines we spotted this year.

The Rays booth is always a good place to see some high quality machinery. This year the centerpiece was this Vorsteiner-equipped E92 M3.

Here’s another view of the RWB Hoonigan Porsche in the Mobil 1 booth.

I overheard a lot of people who were unfamiliar with RWB talking about how cool both this car and the Fatlace car were. Such is the power of Nakai-san’s work.

Here’s a detail of the rear fender.

Chelsea DeNofa drove his competition-spec E36 drift car from Florida all the way to Las Vegas for the show. That’s dedication.

This slammed and stickered Audi was part of the extremely diverse line of cars outside the convention center.

We also noted the increased presence of Rotiform at SEMA in 2011. They are surely the “it” wheel company of the year!

Here’s a detail on the Audi’s sticker bombed window.

As you can likely tell from the coverage, the popularity of matte finishes is higher than ever.

While a matte wrap might not be the most original thing these days…

…you can’t deny how good it looks on certain cars. Case in point, this SL65 AMG.

Bisimoto Engineering does more than just Hondas. What a beauty.

Love this 5-series. Simple and clean.

One thing that’s strange about SEMA is the lack of modified Volkswagens. It’s strange, considering how popular VW tuning is around the world. This Passat in the H&R booth was one of the few that popped up.

On the subject of VWs, we already showed you this Mk1, complete with UK license plates.

What you haven’t seen is the TDI engine conversion under the hood/bonnet. I’m sure some of you will find this a challenging notion, but diesel powered cars are on the uptake in the Euro scene.

Our inner child was well pleased to check out the hand drawn artwork on this Star Wars themed VW Passat.

Not many Minis were to be found at SEMA.

We did find this lightly modified Countryman in the H&R booth.

One more shot of the 1M on Super RSs. Lovely.

We are still waiting for the Fiat 500 Abarth to go on sale in the US.

Until then, we’ll make do with modified versions of the standard car.

How about some Japanese-tuned Euro flavor with the ARQRAY 120i demo car?

Still wearing Yokohama plates!

We also had our eye on this clean E46 four door. That dark grey colour looks amazing against the dark bronze wheels.

A detail shot on its tow hook.

Underground Racing’s ridiculous Gallardo in the Nitto booth.

There was a constant crowd around the engine bay.

Customperformance Engineering debuted their BMW 1M project, known as the “Black Knight”. Sinister.

Some of you were annoyed we missed putting this stanced Mercedes into our VIP and Luxury post.

It’s a tasteful machine though and definitely deserves a look. We especially like the finish on those BBS rims. It’s a nice change from the typical chrome finish you see on many “low and slow” styled machines.

We are getting close to the end of our SEMA event coverage now, but there are still tons of Car Spotlights to come so keep an eye out for those.

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some awesome car right there! loving the 'Black Knight'......sinister indeeeeeed!


The Mk1 Golf is actually from England y'know... they're not just random plates lol..


Wow, great pictures. My brother is there lots of cool cars and events going on, as always.


That Bisimoto 964 looks sweeeeet!


Dat's a lot of matte!


can we get a desktop of the matt B5 audi RS4? loving these post! might try and make it there next year


More on that white W212 benz please...


Well that mk1 golf IS euro, sice it is from uk, belongs to one of uk's best auto painters, Greg Howell!!!



That second photo of the Hoonigan RWB is my favourite photo of the entire SEMA coverage.


More on Custom performance engineering. Love their kits


I wonder if speedhunters can go one day without honking about how "rotiformz be the hot new wheels yo, rotaform, rottiform, roteform!!!!!! herp a derp!!!!" They look like one of those dozens of crappy "billet wheels" companies that tries to sell to dumb southerners and midwesterners, usually for about $50 a wheel. Yo check me out I machined my flat wheels with 90 degree angle edges in my garage, each one took about 20 minutes! Sike, theyre rotiforms! Trend following lemmings unite! Rotiformz, sticker bombz, and matte finish! Dont forget the lame roof rack either, for maximum douchebag points.


Very nice... Hope for a full pic of the Star Wars themed VW Passat


I threw up on my keyboard...


More on that Bisimoto Porsche! Wow!


uhhh PLEASE more info on the flat black 911 with the Top Secret wide body? PLLEEEEEEEASE?


Florida baby!


more "black knight" PLeeeeease!)


Minecraft sticker win on the audi. Not that i know or play minecraft or anything..


Come on, no shots of the "BAWSS" S4 Avant slammed on air? :(


more "black knight" PLeeeeease!)


love all the 1 series especially the one on BBS and the black knight.. feature?


Maybe I'm really out of touch ... but didn't the Underground Lambo bite the dust at the Texas MIle? Did they rebuild the original car or is this a new one? Or am I wrong about the whole thing?




we already showed you this Mk1, complete with UK license plates. Erm yea because it ts from the UK? and PLEASE stop going on about sodding Rotiforms.. there OLD news and played to DEATH... Should rename this place Scene Hunters....


evo 7 spoiler on the 1series....


Spotlight on the "stanced" Benz please.


@scarface_au: That was a COMPLETELY different Underground Racing Lambo. To let you know, there are quite a few orange UR Superleggera's out there but the Superleggera wrecked in the Texas Mile was Richard Holt's 1500whp first generation Superleggera which broke 250mph in the Texas Mile the year before. The vehicle shown here at SEMA is Underground Racings new commercial car which is there to promote they're new release of their turbo kits for the LP570-4 Superleggera.


That Bisimoto widebody is the shizznit! I want one!


The greeen Audi is owned by JJ of DubKorps. You might be able to find more pics of his car on their forums.