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SEMA Show. For those involved in the automotive and aftermarket industry, the word has different meanings. For some it’s the rush to complete a build before the start of the show. For others it’s about seeing the latest products and connecting with customers and suppliers from around the world. For many SEMA means late nights partying on the strip followed by hungover days on the show floor.

With so much activity happening in just a few short days, SEMA can be an exhausting experience no matter what side of the industry you come from. From a Speedhunter’s perspective though, I love it. Each year there are hundreds, if not thousands of new cars to check out – many of which have never been seen in public before. Everything is fresh at SEMA.

With that said, let’s begin our journey through this year’s show. In addition to myself, Charles Kha and Andy Blackmore are here in Vegas to take part in Speedhunting at SEMA. Rod Chong has also joined us in after a long journey in from Sweden. As I write this they are still wandering the show, but I’m going to go ahead and share a few observations from my first day of walking the show.

One of my first stops this morning was at the Falken Tire booth to get a look at the Fatlace/RWB Pandora One Porsche in the flesh.  It’s been nearly four years since I first came across one of Nakai-san’s monsters at Tsukuba Circuit. To see the evolution of RWB since then has been absolutely amazing.

Elsewhere in the Falken booth, the always beautiful Falken ladies sign posters for showgoers. That brings to me to another reason people come to SEMA – the swag.

This tough looking Audi S5 on red Rotiforms is also being shown in the Falken booth. As I mentioned during my sneak peek post yesterday, Euro is big SEMA 2011.

That’s not to say American iron is hard to find. I caught this very mean and very functional Corvette in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge area.

Another muscle machine which I liked was this second generation Barracuda fastback. Color-matched steel wheels and dog dish caps are always a good look.

Or maybe you fancy yourself American cars of the modern era? Tons of those at SEMA too.

Over at the Scion booth I took a closer look at the iQ built by Tatsu.

How cool is the idea of a mid-engined, rear-drive micro car like this? It would certainly bring some excitement to your urban commute.

A V8-swapped S13 in the Kenda Tire booth. No matter which side of the debate you take, V8 S-chassis are here to stay.

Back outside, Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes some lucky showgoers for ride-alongs in front of a massive crowd. When engines scream and smoke is in the air, the people come running.

When the normal Audi R8 just isn’t cutting it for you, don’t worry. The folks at PPI are there for you.

DC Sports take on the STI sedan.

Even though the Toyota Yaris B-sped racer barely breaks the 100 horsepower barrier, you can bet it’s a blast to throw around a track. Long live the underpowered compact.

Yes, I just posted a decked out Mercedes SLR immediately after posting a Toyota Yaris. That’s SEMA.

While we don’t really get into the off-road scene, it’s worth nothing that these machines have a huge following at SEMA. There’s an entire display hall dedicated to them.

There’s nothing quite like a proper Mopar muscle machine.

Also in the Mopar area was the pursuit version of the new Charger. Coming soon to a town near you.

A set of BBS Super RS wheels give the new BMW 1M a bit of old school flavor. This was found in the H&R booth.

If you’ve been following our Facebook updates from SEMA, then you already saw this radical wide body Caddy CTS-V Coupe in the Toyo booth.

Fans of vintage Japanese cars will like what it’s in the Enkei booth this year. An absolutely pristine Datsun 510…

…modeling the revived Enkei Apache wheel.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. SEMA wouldn’t be SEMA without outrageous cars like this.

Stepping in an entirely opposite direction, we have a simple and mint RHD Mk.1 Golf.

At first glance I assumed this wide-body FD3S would have an LSX under the hood.

Instead, I was surprised to find a single turbo 2JZ occupying the engine bay.

Mix up 50 years of Corvette history and you have this – a hybrid of a 1958 and 2008 ‘Vettes.

It’s just about time that I head out to meet with my fellow Speedhunters so I’m going to stop here for now.

Much much more to come from the halls of SEMA.

-Mike Garrett

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My town had picked up their 3 new charger police interceptors about a month ago. Have to say the first time I saw them all lined up I had no clue it was a charger. They look pretty cool in person.


nice freudian slip about the trucks


Dear Santa

I Want the white Caddy CTS-V Wagon


Man, that CTS coupe is SAWEEEET


You might want to go tell the Enkei Booth that the left front tire of their 510 is on backwards lol. Cant tell about the other 3, This is SEMA!!!


Great coverage.

I cant wait for more!


The sema show always has a nice variety of cars. Need more highlights of each vehicle especially the older ones!


enkei should train there guys which way tires are supposed to roll. Im pretty sure that 510 has tires facing one way in the front and the other out back.


that fuelculture rx7 looks like shit


More SLR Maclaren pix please /drool


The people responsible for all of the cars in that first photo deserve to be shot. Ricing/stancing a Civic is one thing, but a Murcielago and an SLR? Wow.

I'm digging that retro-style 1M though.


when i first saw that widebody olive drab caddy, i was like great, who the fuck put a cadillac body kit on a lamb


Maybe its just me but i dont like lot of the cars seen on these photos,they are modded without any taste whatsoever...Just look at the two cars in first picture...The wheels on Lambo and even on Benz are disgusting.I dont know why they are beein on display,they should hide it instead...Just take pictures of old customs,hot rods muscle cars,jdm whatever,but something with real craftsmanship in it,not with ridiculous wheels fugly as hell bolted on...


So jealous... keep it coming hope you guys have a great time.


So far, I'm in love with the SLR, CTS-V Coupe, and LFA(even though it looks stock).


Dear Santa

I also want the CTS-V wagon. Since ive been really good this year i want the RWB Porsche, 510, Mk1 Golf, Barracuda, LFA, and if you see a nice 458 one of those to.


im not a stance/fitment guy but is it me or the 2jz RX7 looks like its rocking a BN Blister kit with cheap 7 inch rims?


Greg Howell's MK1 Golf kills it. Good to see the UK keeping up with the Big boys


Must have more truck coverage! The biggest thing about SEMA is the vast selection of vehicles


That yellow ford raptor is a $750,000 dollar prerunner, bad ass machine.


bloody hell.. we know that MK1 Golf well here in the UK!, nice to see such a diverse show - wonderful pics too


AWSOME coverage...the bmw 1 m looks great !!! plaese give us more


That 50's corvette is Will. I. Am's


jizz. in. my. pants. on the 2nd pic. more info!?


I dont know what's more beautiful?

the lexus or the girl presenting it........


where to begin, lets start here. the STI is siccckkkkk, the SLR is killer, the color on that car is ridiculously wicked, the wide body caddy is good, really good, the 510 is perferctly done (I saw the comments about the wrong rotation of the tyres by the way) and the LFA, critic or fan, who wouldnt want a LFA


Lot's of nice pictures but matt black RR doesn't work at all.


I spent a good 30 minutes looking up Enkei Apache's....the details are so subtle.


I just wanted to see the American RWB. Pandora gush.


I'm dissapointed to see that RAUH-Welt associated with that bunch of f.ags from "illest".


I'm dissapointed to see that RAUH-Welt associated with that bunch of f.ags from "illest".


what's the point of that mid engined iQ?

"Hey, that car looks like a copy of a Smart. Lets make it more true to the original."


you've hit the nail right on the head with your description of the Raptor displayed. Trucks are good for two things, hauling things at work, and hauling my racecars to the track. most of the trucks in that hall couldn't do either unless your job is running the Baja 1000 or unless you're paid to ride around looking rediculous on the side of the road because your 30" wheels on your Escalade just went flat.... again..... due to impact failure. great dime though. =]


i would say it's definitely appropriate that you reflect upon the RWB's presence, Mike, since I would say that you were instrumental in popularising Nakai-san's creations here in North America, with your work on Auto-Otaku and here on SH while you were still in Japan. I hold a dear place in my heart from your early shots of Idlers games. I had a bit of Porsche fever running through my veins before, but when i saw those shots, the passion was ignited!