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A lot of you requested some desktops from our recent Ford Heritage Collection stories – one person even wrote that they’d never forgive me – so I thought it best to not disappoint you. I’ve included four of my own personal favourites including the Ford GT, Lotus Cortina, an overview of the workshop and a close up of the bonnet of Hannu Mikkola’s World Cup Rally winning Escort RS1600.

I know some of you complained about the images being in black and white and I admit that it was a tough decision to make. I actually had all the images prepared in colour and ready to upload when I changed my mind.

You would have seen most, if not all, of these cars somewhere before so I wanted to really try and capture the atmosphere of this incredible collection.

I tell you it’s not easy being a Speedhunter. We take a lot of flack from all directions – some deserved, some less so – but having the honour and privilege of shooting and sharing something like this is a constant reminder of why it’s all worth while.

Paddy McGrath

The Ford Heritage Collection on Speedhunters

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WOW, this story/these photos are amazing. Your truly lucky. Thanks so much for sharing!

-typed from my cubicle....sigh


No RS200 desktops? I thought that picture of it hiding under the plastic cover was awesome.


is the windshield on the ford gt cracked, or am i seeing thins?


Is it just me or are they really low res???


Awesome Photos. Got to love all these old Fords. Any chance of some MK2 Escort Desktops, a Works RS1800 perhaps? Also, the black and white really makes these photos, shows off the polish and the lines of all the cars really well.


any escort vans hanging about. most excellent and the black white was spot on.


Thanks for the desktops just some people don't get the theme of things wouldn't be the same in colour.


I like them in Black and white. Thanks for doing the wallpapers I really appreciate it.


Nice to know you read the comments section :P

Black and white suits the set as well IMO, if we wanted standard boring uneditied photos all the time we could go to other blogs.