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Before we move to part two of our Porsche Museum tour, I’m going to take you for a quick look around their gift shop.

It’s filled with all sorts of Porsche rarities and is perfect fodder for any serious Porka memorabilia collector.

The entrance to the Porsche Museum shop contains what must be the coolest 1/43 die cast display on the planet. See those graphical lines?

They contain a complete collection of mini Porsche machines.

I’m a bit of a predictable creature as my camera is always drawn to the Group 5 cars.

Yep got that one…

Erg… Don’t have that one!

This is much more than a place to get rare Porsche die casts.

Here you can find paper models.

Porsche themed stickers, vacuum bottles and notebooks are also on offer.

There’s even a 917/20 Piggy Bank! How cool is that.

Porsche shaped ice cube trays? You know you need these.

Of course the shop has a dizzying amount of die casts on offer.

Pretty well every single type of Porsche presented here in one form or another.

This section was just 908 variants.

Group 5 cars were mysteriously low in number. I DO regret not buying this 935J though!

One wall of the shop was devoted to Porsche related hard cover books covering all aspects of the marque’s history.

And for any 911 owners out there: chocolate versions of Porsche’s most famous car.

I hope you enjoy this quick look through the Porsche Museum gift shop!

Back soon with more Porsche Museum goodness.


A Visit to the Porsche Museum

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What a lovely place!


I've never been happier to see November end. I love you guys, and your site, but Holy Hell was this special feature idea bad.


what the hell is up with all the damn "collectibles" lately. Maybe its just me, but I have absolutely zero intrest for looking at pictures of overpriced matchbox cars and RC cars. I am getting really turned off by the flood of this content. Dospeedhunters really have nothing better to write about?


I need one of those 908 Die casts!


I bought a pink pig there a few years back.


Looks less gaudy than the Ferrari store.


I almost bought the 917 piggybank earlier this year from a Porsche dealer booth at Road America!


They also sell Lacie Porsche design Harddrives too:)

Eye candy at it's best!


That chocolate...


i agree with nick. i came her a while ago and enjoyed all of the motorsport coverage, spotlights and what not, but all of this rc car, collectable crap has to go, its ruining a good site.


Oh man I want that bank!


Amazing collection ,,, and great reading tho


Really? I loved all the collectables!


Some people really enjoyed this feature. We thought it was coooool!


Polizei 993!! I want that!


That is awesome! Porsche's diecast models do deserve recognition, there is something special about a pint sized 911 from various years : )


Love the piggybank. I'd love to spend a few hours in there though my wallet certainly wouldn't.


Yeah, we don't get to see this type of stuff. So why not just show it? It's still cars.


Very interesting... I want Porsche ice cubes