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Each day our inbox gets hit with emails from all over the world. This morning was no different, and one of the emails came from Indonesian Speedhunters reader Edward Hadinata, who sent through photos of his dioramas.

Having long had an interest in model cars, Edward decided to try his hand at a couple of home-made dioramas. The first is this Evo specialist garage. If you look closely you’ll spot some cool papercraft items like the magazines, KFC box and laptop. The yellow hoses on the wall are made from drinking straws.

On the other side of the hoist is a work bench. Edward was almost apologetic that the tools are 1:24 scale when the cars are 1:18. I don’t think any of us mind though!

The stairs and mezzanine level can be removed to allow access to the customer waiting room. This is one area that Edward is still completing. The LCD TV is made from multiplex, and on the shelf is a scale model car. Or should I say scale scale model?

There’s a Christmas tree with decorations that are made from clay.

Edward collects diecast cars which he then tweaks with a few mods. The white EVO VII is an AutoArt model that’s been modified with OZ Racing wheels, different steering wheel and a bucket seat for the driver.

Another diorama that Edward has made is this Japanese parking garage. “To be honest, this theme was influenced by a Speedhunters article I read about garage meets in Japan” Edward said.

This diorama is slightly longer than the garage, measuring in at one metre wide. Both of the dioramas feature LED lighting.

Keep the readers’ submissions coming!

– Charles Kha

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WOW thats crazy...very detailed


tools = 1:24 but cars = 1:18??!?!?


seriously, amazing work though. the last two look almost real.


where can i get these model cars from


great stuff yous guys should do more articles on stuff like this


Keren sumpah


Edward, I bow to thee.


The article mentions about Auto Art, I've been a long time fans of Auto Art's Die Cast model,

check this out and you can find your baby!!


I mean, nothing against the toys, but I didn't come here to read about them, I came here to see real cats


It's just fantastic!!!


I got excited about these model cars as much as I do real cars in a normal feature. Amazing!


two thumb's up!!


Sweeet love dedication like this. Hey when you can't buy the cars or open up your own garage might as well buy the diecast's and build your own scale garage.


wow niceeee nicee..:) i need tutorial for making christmas tree in that scale..:) but too bad the scale of the cars are off.. should use model kit 1/24


Amazing work, really like these dioramas especially with all the details that have been put into them and the Japanese cars featured inside. Well done!


Very good job!


It´s unbelievable how some people can be such dedicated to build cars and garages on scale and never use them!!

i´ll never understand this, but hey props for you guys!


Nice one brother!


This small car looks like Hongwell 'Cararama" Lancer 1:72. I have one :)


Anothers hardworks makes the peacefully shight.. ;)

Awesome job Brother !!


This showroom cool!

BTW are you from indonesia?


This is really great and all. But, where is all the plastic? Last year you guys did great with spotlighting built plastic model cars, but this year, not so much!


Krenn abizz