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If you’ve been on the site recently, you may have read our two part story on the Ford Heritage Collection, which in itself is arguably one of the greatest collections you could come across. As a life long Ford fan, it was a huge privilage for me to be allowed access to this secretive department of the Ford Motor Company. It’s always an occasion for me when I get to see a super rare Ford but to be allowed unrestricted access to an entire workshop full of rare and milestone cars, I just can’t put the feeling into words.

As I was wrapping things up with John & Ivan, they handed me the two pieces pictured above as a gift. The book celebrates 100 years of Ford in the UK and includes a little something about each of the cars produced during that time. The 1/43 scale MKI Escort RS1600 in Le Mans Green was presented to the assembled press at the launch of the series two Focus RS (there were no diecasts of the new FRS at the time of the launch so some quick thinking was required to come up with a solution.)

It’s even the same colour as the FRS!

Paddy McGrath

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There are some great pics in that book Paddy, am sure you'll agree. Page 178 is a good one - Series One RS Turbo tearing up some dirt! Perhaps Speedhunters could share some with people - even some of the cool old pics like the Consul Classic 315 109E (page 94). Am sure I could find some digital files of some!


Awesome dude! I'm a life-long Ford guy too, I'm really jealous, but I've really enjoyed the pictures, thanks for posting them!!


Awesome! I like the model they gave you, in one of the previous posts at the Nurburgring store there's some awesome Escort models pictured if you look closely. Should start collecting them - but they're so expensive i think building a real ones probably going to pay off more - well until I wreck it around a pole


Now that was nice o'them. Glad you got it.

Probably a veruy expensive book too. I'd love to have it.

As for the model i'd slam it on its plastic pan in a heartbeat :D

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