Car Spotlight>>the Derelict Chevy

At last year's SEMA Show, we saw a ratty, yet modernized Chrysler wagon known as the Derelict. The Chrysler was built by Icon (the same shop behind the Bronco posted yesterday), and this year at SEMA, they showed another Derelict – this one built out of a 1952 Chevy Business Coupe.

Like the Chrysler, this build combines a weathered, original body with a modernized chassis from the wizards at Art Morrison.

Power comes from an off-the shelf 430-horse GM LS3 motor package with a 4L65E automatic trans.

The raw finish on the Chevy's body certainly stands out among the shiny show queens under the lights of the SEMA show.

Behind the custom-built wheels are a full set of disc brakes.

Things get really crazy in the interior, which uses a combination of both alligator and buffalo skin. Exotic.

The whole time I was looking at this car I kept thinking about how fun it'd be to take it out on the 405 during rush hour just to see the looks on the faces of the Prius drivers…

Another job well done by Icon.

-Mike Garrett



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i like that!


boooohoo, they should've kept the original turbo inline four--- oh, wait, my bad



So if I pay the thousands of dollars to SEMA and park my ratty looking old car, with a brand new motor, a bunch of go-fast parts, big brake calipers, and nice seats, on their convention center floor, then my neighbors will stop nagging me about parking within sight of their homes and bringing down their property values, and all the kids will think I'm cool.

Now I understand how the world works.


Really?, SEMA is all about protecting your right as a car collector and owner. You don't necessarily need to give them thousands of dollars, but it would be nice if you supported their cause.


Looks amazing.


Would be great in The Walking Dead and for bootlegging


LOVE. Those custom steel wheels really set the whole thing off, just missed sleepers month!


I love it and would enjoy seeing a researcher sort out some facts about the Eco-friendlyness of vehicles like this compared to cars like the Prius. When you take into account the huge amount of power and resources needed to create a modern vehicle, chemicals, batteries and more it would be interesting to put a partially restored beauty like this, especially if it had a more economical motor, up against a hybrid. As this is a cruiser and not a sports car the LS3's probably not to bad anyway seeing it doesn't need an electric motor and batteries that need to be replaced backing it up.


Hey really:

It's not all about appearances, sometimes you gotta do something just to go against expectations. And tell the neighbors to fuck off.


Considering the Prius does its fair share of environmental harm while it's made, they shouldn't look so angry. Even if they do you can just push them out of the way!


HAHA@ turbo inline 4


The two active new customizing styles right now are clown-cars and found-abandoned-in-a-field.

Long live old school!


one of my favorits this year ! Awsome car...great job !!! good coverage and nice pics...thanks


Haha more like "Derelicte" ala Zoolander. Moar social tourism.


James...he's being pretty sure he doesn't like the car. Correct me if i'm wrong though.

Personally ... love the wheels ... very army truck like!


It would be more authentic if they left the weeds and small trees growing through the bumpers and floorboards.


James, SEMA: Specialty Equipment MARKETING Association.

Or more accurately: Specialty Equipment MONEY Association.

It's all about money, making money, and moving money out of your pocket and into theirs.

None of these people give a rip about anyone's rights except their rights to take your money.


SEMA protecting your rights?

Here's what SEMA has been doing while you weren't looking, James:

"The US Supreme Court recently decided to overturn 100 years of case law related to agreements to set minimum retail or resale prices. Learn from the pros about set minimum retail prices and how the developments can impact your future retail parts sales."

SEMA is teaching manufacturers how to enforce minimum pricing programs against retailers, so that you pay more for the parts you buy.


love that car.