Car Spotlight>> Passionately Pink Camaro

I’ve noticed a resurgence in 70s Chevrolet Camaros at recent SEMA Shows, and this year’s event was no exception. One example was this clean 1972 Camaro that has been owned by the same family since the late 70s.

Jerry Fernandez Sr has owned this Camaro since the last 70s. When he started a family, he decided to store it rather than sell it. A wise move as it turned out. Once his first son came of age, he took over the Camaro. Over the course of the last ten years, the Camaro has gone through four engine swaps before being reborn into what you see here. It’s named ‘Passionately Pink’ to raise funds and awareness for the Susan G.Komen’s Passionately Pink for the Cure organisation.

The original concept had more pink elements on the car, but the final car has this toned down with subtle keylines on a metallic grey base. The brake calipers and interior trim are pink, along with the suspension arms.

Under the hood is a supercharged 408 cubic inch LSX engine that has been developed by Victory Race Engine. It produces 500 hp.

The exterior is a clean, modern take on the 72 Camaro with much of the original trim and decoration removed. A new wire-mesh grille, headlamps with an LED outer ring and Monzter Motorsport CNC-machined housings dominate the front end. Note the Spectre Camaro in the background, which we featured earlier this year.

At the other end of the car, the car features new rear lights. The wheels are Fikse Profil 10 wheels. I haven’t seen these before.

The interior is a mix of leather and alcantara. The seats are black with pink inserts while the dash has carbon trim.

All in, it may have been one of the more subtle Pro-Tourers at SEMA but it was also one of the best on show.

More spotlights to come including a different take on a Camaro.

– Andy Blackmore

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Is it just me, or is the right front tire flat in the 6th pic down?


I see it too. Amazing Camaro though.


Nice, that is a supercharger isn't it??


more on the black one next to it with the super wide tires


Trump supreme


Nick - it says it has a Supercharger.

The black Camaro behind looks awesome too and a nice feature on that one. Great work Speedhunters


eso es modicar un auto


that black one in the back is a speed by spectre car. front clip is carbon. it was featured in hot rod earlier this year.


it looks like both front tires are flat, whoopsie


Stunning, Almost perfect, I dont like the headlamps but everything else rocks


saw it while coming through the thread too, thought it wanted more air as well. its a sweet car, would probably go 1 series up on the tyres size all around though.


yeah i see the flat tire too. was i the only one to notice that this car has a push button transmission and what looks like paddle shifters on the steering wheel? thats so badass.


Not feelin the pink inserts too much but amazing Camaro overall.


No, it's an intake manifold with a pulley attached to it so it can spin the air inside it and fart rainbows out of the tailpipe.


With the Breast Cancer theme or support to it I wish it had just a bit more pink to it. Other than that one lil minor gripe its a sick ride


And now for something completely different... One of the best things about SEMA is the eclectic mix of


Hello, everyone and thanks for all of the kind words, and yes the tires were low, that pic was the first day and the Fikse 3 piece wheels weren't sealed properly, so that night we took the off after the show and had them fixed by a local shop in Vegas, but all good now. And yes that's a mastershift paddle/ push button trans setup, in all honesty SICK!! Thanks again for all the nice compliments.


Only 500Hp?

guessing its an erod motor package or something. seeing stock headers and all

Advanced Performance Interiors

Does anyone know what happened to the car??? All this press and no word of how much it sold for at auction and how thankful Susan G Koman breast cancer people were for the money.
I did the interior on it and turned out great, they never paid me for it, not even the expenses to come up and work on it in Michigan to get it done in time for SEMA as promised.
Did they just keep the car for themselves, ????? ANDY /ERIC is that what you did??? Stole from poor women with cancer and ME??? Someone let me know what has happened to this, If they have seen the car maybe the pink repainted as blue for sale??? All the other sponsors need to get on this lie too!!!